CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #174 (12/05/2009)
Recapped: 01/16/09

Bio of Pólvora, including footage of him wining Tigre Blanco's mask. A lot more effort to get footage from weeks prior to this one on this show than I usually see on 52MX.

Dark Angel interview, throughout. I'll leave you alone about it.

Match 1: Euforia, Pólvora, Virus © vs Ángel de Oro, Fabián el Gitano, Rouge ©
Arena Coliseo, 11/29/2009

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 3:23
Rating: patheticlly short. Cancerbros have some nice ideas, at least.
Notes: Full entrances. Fabian's listed as being trained by Blue Demon Sr. and Satánico (but not Solar?), and his biggest win is winning some cibernéticos. I don't recall, but I guess that's for the best. Angel de Oro needs new music ASAP. Name Check: Rouge is Rouge here. Cancerberos has screaming people in their music. His debut is unknown! He arose from the sea! He's a five time champion, which I forget if it's right or not. Polvora's debut is a similar mystery. Euforia actually has an origin. Their entrance is cool.

Mach is picked up with Rouge stomping down Pólvora. There's a feud. Rouge off the ropes, senton misses, Pólvora rushes out of the way. Pólvora tries a shoulderblock, but Rouge pulls him down by his hair. Chop, whip, leapfrog over, and over head belly to belly suplex on the next pass. Dropkick sends Pólvora out. Euforia knocks Rouge down with a back elbow before he can do any more. Oro in for him, Euforia's clothesline misses, Angel de Oro tries a spinning headscissors, seems to get stuck half the way, but Euforia spins him around the rest of the way after an awkward pause. Euforia goes out, Angel do Oro follows with a tope con giro, and Rouge goes the other way out with a tope. Down to Fabian and Virus already. Virus knocks down Fabian, off the ropes, waved by, back with an armdrag, Fabian holding on and pulling Virus into a seated double wristlock, enough for the fall. Virus just got beat via submission by Fabian el Gitano, how embarrassing. Replays of the dive. Announcers are calling Rouge “Rush”, of course.

Euforia bio, by Julio Cesar

Smoke machine for the card girl? OK.

2: Rudos are somehow in control as they rejoin the match. Fabian comes in, and is dropkicked into the ropes. Whip, double backdrop, Virus with a nudo variant, Fabian's shoulders pinned – one two three. The clock is going to read :47 seconds on that one, but they only showed the ring for the last :30. Absurd. Angel do Oro in for his run. Corner whip, Euforia double chops him down, and catapults him into a Pólvora dropkick. Nice. Triple submission, and pose, that's it.

As they show replays, the doctor is checking on Rouge, who's seated down far from the ring. Looks like it's his shoulder again, and both Rouge and the doctor walk to the back Replays last nearly as long as the fall

Almost skipped past Magadan talking about Angel de Oro

3: Rouge is back, but missing a corner charge on Virus. Virus headbutts him from the apron, but misses a slingshot senton on the way on. Rouge covers, Pólvora tries to break it up with an elbow drop but gets his leader, Rouge cover,s and Angel de Oro lands a slingshot splash. Rouge start to help cover, and then gets off to kick Euforia (who's making a halfhearted attempt to come in – which matches Rouge's effort on that kick) and Virus and Pólvora throw Angel de Oro out of the ring on their kickout. Euforia pulls Rouge down by the hair, and the other two suplex him. Euforia splash, one two three. And that's the match! This may be a new record. Fabian walks in, from wherever he disappeared to, and is immediately chest slapped down.

Fans boo, and I hope it's this match. I am sure I've never seen a 3 minute 3 fall match before. As they replay Euforia's splash, they show the same inset action (Fabian resting near the apron, doctor checking on Rouge) as they showed in between the second and third fall. Someone screwed up.

Julio Cesar talks about Wagner/Solitario mask vs mask match

Match 2: Blue Panther, Místico ©, Volador Jr. vs Averno ©, Ephesto, Mephisto
Arena Coliseo, 11/29/2009

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:05
Rating: good for the time it got, but not particuarlly memorable
Notes: Blue Panther's age is unknown? He has a name, he had to mention his age when he lost his mask, you can work it out. I like how the TNA X Cup is still one of Volador's bigger achievements. Intentional success! Watching the edecanes try to dance sexy to to Mistico's music is something to be seen. Místico is 30? I guess he is, I just never thought about it. Averno has apparently accomplished nothing but appearing in CMLL.

1: Joined with the rudos working over Blue Panther. Ephesto's going to wrestle in his shirt, and Mephisto in his Diablo Rojo jersey. Volador is whipped in a boot. Looks like Místico and Volador are wearing matching half masks. Mephisto carefully slams Blue Panther on the ramp. Careful is the way to go. Ephesto goes after Volador's mask. Averno clears some room in the ring, and finishes Místico with Devil's Wings. Mephisto adds a middle rope splash right after, one two three. This wrestling show, not actually big on the wrestling.

Julio Cesar talks about the family history of Volador Jr.

2: Rudos still in control, they didn't edit that out. Mephisto and Ephesto hold Místico for Averno to hit, but Místico jumps free, right into a headscissors on Averno. Rudos mange to boot down the técnico before he can do any more. Averno rips his mask to make him pay for that act. Mephisto's ditched his shirt at some point between falls. Místico crawls out, Panther in and chopped around. Whip, double clotheslines is too high, and the other técnicos come in with springboard headscissors, Panther shoulderblocks Ephesto out, so all the rudos are out on the same side. Triple dives – Místico and Volador with tope con giros, Panther with a straight tope to Ephesto. Everyone's laid out by the entrance ramp. Técnicos all make it back in, though a little tired. Ephesto comes in, double drop toe hold by Volador and Panther, 619 by Místico, Mephisto on, superkick by Místico. Averno eats a superkick from Volador, making it in past the apron. Místico get a full head of steam, and hits the ropes on the way thru with his knee, and just makes it to his target on a tope. Ephesto and Panther left in, Panther trips Ephesto in the ropes and holds him there for Volador's springboard guillotine legdrop. That's one pin, and Panther takes down down Mephisto and puts him into a nudo lagunero for the other. Two whole minutes!

Hey, a Místico bio. Good, this guy really needed some one explaining who he was it's been such a mystery.

3: Match is picked up with Místico giving Averno a headscissors on the ramp. Averno runs for his life. Totally different scene after the fall graphic, with Ephesto complaining about a foul from Blue Panther, while Averno and Mephisto discuss something or other. They come together on Panther. Corner whip, Mephisto whipped, in but Panther sits on the second rope and kicks him away, then gets Averno with a headscissors. Panther off the ropes, sunset flip on Mephisto, and locked on the farmer's roll. Around and around they go – one and half rotations, and then Mephisto just continues to spin on his own! A perpetual motion hold! That there redeemed much of this show. Panther covers, one two Ephesto breaks it up. Volador (mask noticeably unbuttoned) in for his side. Místico over, waved by, flipping run, clothesline misses, headscissors does not. Other two in, both their clothesline misses, and Averno tosses Volador into a headscissors on Mephisto. Volador back off the ropes, double rotation headscissors on Averno! Averno out, Volador fakes the dive and aborts when Averno runs 3/4ths the way up the aisle. Místico in, to confront Mephisto. Mephisto shows off his biceps. Místico signals to the Crowd, who are way into him. It seems near universal support. Mephisto goes to his knee to show off his biceps more. Místico observes, and makes a “needle injecting into buttock” motion! Holy crap. Mephisto's offended, while Místico points to his head, then he takes off his shirt. Mephisto slaps Místico hard in the face. High five for Ephesto. Ephesto in, but Místico goes out to apron to confront Mephisto for slapping him. Averno tells him to go face the legal guy, but Místico's still checking his face. Off the ropes, over, and Averno cheap shots him from the outside. Averno is very proud of his cheap shots, celebrating on the middle rope, hopping in place, pose for the fans - and eating a kick to the back of the head. Ephesto charges and misses the clothesline, Místico off the ropes, Ephesto boots him out, Místico pushes off from Averno and swings back in with a headscissors on Ephesto. Mephisto back in, and they slow it down again to appeal to the crowd. Místico slaps him in the face, and Mephisto slaps him back. Whip, clothesline misses, Místico off the ropes, reverse headscissors sends Mephisto out. Místico's still holding his face. That must've been a heck of a slap. Averno in to take him on. Averno misses a clotheslines, Místico fireman's carry escape headscissors, and Averno goes out. Místico the apron, Asai moonsault connects, Místico landing on his feet. Other four in, técnicos miss dropkick, rudos grab onto headlocks and charge, rudos shoved off into each other, Volador off the ropes, panther boots him into a dropkick on both. Volador to the ropes, Panther off of them, Volador boosts his partner into a weak looking pescado on the rudos. I've seen better ones from Luna Magica, that's kinda sad. Rudos don't catch him right, but kick him up and hold the – allowing Volador to knock the whole pile over with his own tope. Averno and Místico left in. Averno is strangely excited for this, despite the last five year of history here. Místico off the ropes, over on the first pass, flipping run on the second pass, La Mistica on the third. That's it.

Replays and they're done.