CMLL LATV GdR - 04/11/09 (#140)

Open: Felino, who shows of his Peste Negra-ish armpits.

Match 1: Sahori, Lady Apache, Marcela vs Hiroka, Amapola, Princesa Blanca
Arena Mexico, 04/03/09

  1. tecnicas
  2. rudas
  3. tecnicas

Winner: tecnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 10:43
Approx Rating: slightly above average
Other Match Notes: Entrances, which means they totally had enough time for the lightning match. Amapola has her belt and seems to be in a happy mood. Marcela has the belt – rare 2 for 2.

1: Hiroka and Marcela start up, Hiroka obliterating Marcela with a boot, but Marcela coming back to catch her with her head sorta down too soon for a faceslam. Dropkick knocks Hiroka into the bottom rope, another one knocks her out. Amapola comes in, Marcela tries a rope grab headscissors, and gets pulled off into a face first powerbomb. Double chop in the corner. Corner whip, Amapola leisurely walks to the other corner, and Marcela stops her with a middle rope dropkick. Amapola wildly misses a clothesline, and Amapola take a middle rope headscissors. Marcela kick to the midsection, lifts Amapola up to her shoulders, and throws her off onto her knees. Tags to Sahori and Hiroka, Hiroka's charging clothesline caught into an armdrags. Hiroka growls, and knocks down Sahori on the next pass. Whip, Sahori back with a spinning headscissors in a spinning armdrags (?) camera follows Hiroka and I think we miss Sahori faking the dive and getting kicked down by Blanca. Blanca stomps Sahori and celebrates a bit. Chest slap. Corner whip, Blanca charges in, Sahori gets her with a headscissors. Sahori off the ropes, Blanca misses a big boot, Sahori charges her near the ropes, Blanca backdrops her out right into a plancha on Hiroka. Lady Apache in and bouncing Blanca around, then catching her with a waistlock cradle. Amapola breaks up the pin with a big chest slap, but the ruda champs miss a double clothesline and Marcela hammers them with a missile dropkick. Camera work isn't so good – they're on the wrong person a noticeable amount here. Marcela gets Amapola with a double underhook piledriver, while Lady Apache has to work for a inverted figure four on Blanca.

2: Women get going far in advance of the ring girl and the whistle (which I never actually hear). Lady Apache has a showcase against Amapola and Blanca, with a big rebound double armdrags to finish it off. Rudas start the beatdown rather than let Sahori show off more, a fine idea. Double boot on her to send her out fast as the others are held down. Marcela's thrown around by her hair until she slides out. Lady Apache is hung over the top rope for Amapola's dropkick. Marcela tries to run in on the rudas and is disposed of as Sahori's stomped around. Sahori's slapped by all down to the mat, then held for Hiroka's missile dropkick. Them women sure do love the dropkicks. Marcela thrown around by the hair some more. Back cracker for Lady Apache to eliminate her. Cristo for Sahori to get the fall, though Blanca finishes off Marcela with a leg lock of her own.

3: Rudas seem to go right thru the break. Tecnicas quickly turn it around, tripping up Blanca and Amapola while Sahori turns it around Hiroka. Rudas boot Sahori out, but Marcela and Sahori get them with big moves. Rudos are whipped in to each other, but spin each other around and drop the tecnicos. Both go up, Princesa Blanca taking a little while longer for it, and both missile second rope splashes. Marcela and Blanca dropkick out the rudos, then Lady Apache helps Marcela leap to the top rope for a plancha onto both. Lady Apache slowly climbs to the rope, to stall for someone to get up – tope con giro to the floor is quite something. Hiroka and Sahori back in, Sahori reverses a clothesline to an inverted gory stretch, and Hiroka gives. Sahori drops her and covers, because she has no idea. Ha. Tecnicas do make it in before the countout and they actually hold of awarding the fall until they get to twenty!

Dancing too, though it doesn't go long.

Promo: Ephesto (“HEY!”)

Match 2: Mascara Dorada, Hijo de Fantasma, La Mascara vs Felino, Ephesto, Hijo de Lizmark
Arena Coliseo, 04/05/09

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 14:31
Approx Rating: need less Lizmark Jr.
Other Match Notes: Entrances here. Dubbed entrances here, though you can still here the live ones underneath. Trios champs have their belts. Hijo del Fantasma does the promo for his side. Lizmark Jr. wears his mask to the ring and does the promo for his team, pushing the young vs experience bit.

1: Hijo de Fantasma start off with chain wrestling. Fantasma tries to head into the zero leg trips, but Felino cuts him off and makes him small armpit. I'm all for that. Felino punches Fantasma a bit, corner whip, reversed, Felino boots Fantasma as he charges in, sunset flip, Fantasma reverses it, and Lizmark attempts to superkick him. Fantasma is standing by the time the kick gets there, which may have thrown it off, but it gets no higher than Fantasma's belt line. Oh, Lizmark Jr., Beatdown form there. Lots of brawling, not much combos at first. They get it together at first. Triple boot for La Mascara. Triple shoulderblock for Fantasma, which causes Lizmark to dance. Headbutts for Dorada. This is about what is expected. La Mascara makes a run for Lizmark Jr. and gets taken down. Corner whip after a lot of talking, but Lizmark's handspring elbow still hits. Ephesto clothesline, and puling Mascara out to be tossed by Lizmark into Felino's clothesline - that actually worked good this time. Fantasma actually comes in to and seems to break up the resulting pin (because Felino missed cutting him off) but they count three anyway.

2: This is going to be quite the lame fall until the comeback (so I'm hoping for something like one minute.) Lizmark slaps Fantasma down and then does jumping jacks. Then he points at Ephesto, who's doing nothing in particular. Then he bows. Beeps are back! Felino holds Mascara so Lizmark can aim and kick him inside the right, then mock the pain. Lizmark is too busy doing jumping jacks to notice. Mascara Dorada dropkick him from behind, but Felino betas up the kid. He yanks on a knee, while Ephesto messes with Fantasma. Running kick to the head by Felino. Slightly better superkick by Lizmark on Fantasma. La Mascara back in again, with all three rudos posturing and waiting for him to move. He doesn't, so eventually the attack him. Lots of discussion on the whip, walking Mascara from one side, then back to the other, then back to the original (Lizmark screwing around with Mascara.) Finally, a whip, double clothesline misses, and La Mascara dropkicks him. Rudos regroup, but Dorada gets them with a plancha, then they accidentally chop Lizmark, and Fantasma clothesline him out. Mascara follows with a tope. Felino goes to the middle rope to dive, but sits down when Mascara does his. Dorada decides it's a good idea to handstand on the ropes, to join Felino and then flip onto Felino's back. Essentially, he loads himself into a gory stretch, perfect for Felino to superbomb him. Felino says okay to this, but Dorada reverses it nicely into a 'rana, just as Fantasma gets a standard one on Ephesto. Fantasma picks up that pin, but Dorada goes back up to add a beautiful moonsault, one two three.

On the outside, Lizmark meditates on the outside.

3: Rudos aren't in a hurry to start, again. Dorada and Lizmark start, and it's fine. Lizmark throws himself out on a missed dropkick. Felino rushes in too many armdrags, until they stand around looking at each other. Dorada decides this is a good time to look around. Pausing shoulderblock, double jump to the top rope, nice armdrags sends him out. Ephesto in, Dorada tossed up but comes down with an armdrag. Dorada slings to the outside of the middle rope for a big somersault 'rana to the floor. Very nice. Mascara and Felino in. Felino wants a handshake, but Mascara's not going to do that after Felino rubs his hand on his own his behind. Chops, Mascara whipped, Felino head down too soon, Mascara kicks it. Mascara waits for him to get up, ducks the clothesline, superkick connects. Mascara calls Lizmark in, who permanently kicks him in the head. Back to the jumping jacks. Open hand slaps in the corner. Lots of them. Mascara turns it around for ones of his own, and Lizmark asks for a pause so he can yell at the crowd to shut up Oddly, it doesn't work, and they keep up. Corner whip, Mascara gets flipped to the apron but comes back with a swinging kick. Top rope armdrags back in, Lizmark out, Mascara with the dive fake. Ephesto shoulderblock him, but Mascara knocks him out with the rolling dropkicks and chases him to the floor to finish him with a twisting backbreaker. Just Fantasma left. Felino bounces around with shoulderblocks and taunted with fake handshakes. Reversals lead to Fantasma's big spinning DDT. Ephesto in, but missing a corner splash. Ephesto's sequence includes a weird edit to a headscissors. Pose off with Lizmark. Fantasma ducks the big boot, ducks the clothesline, and enziguris Lizmark. Lizmark goes out, Dorada does a running leap to the rope rope, and jumps off with a tope con giro. Fantasma kills Ephesto with a bullet tope. Felino and Mascara left in, Mascara lands a plancha, Mascara hits a plancha, rolls thru, bodyscissors into la campana. That's the match.