CMLL LATV GdR - 04/04/09 (#139)
Recap: mid April

Open: announcers talk with Terrible


Match 1: Leono, Flash, Stuka Jr. © vs Loco Max, Arkangel ©, Skandalo
Arena Mexico, 03/27/09

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:09
Approx Rating: OK
Other Match Notes: Entrances. Leono wears his old Leono mask to the ring – I didn't know he was ever masked, but there you go. Flash & Stuka apparently share music. Or someone just doesn't stop playing Flash's. Guerreros Tuareg enter as a group, but they don't have a group video, so they just cycle thru the individual ones.

1: Not clipped to start. They seem to have lots of time this week,. And not many people in the seats. Loco and Stuka re in quick (or I whiffed on a clip.) Arkangel/Flash is more Flash doing flips (on his own moves and on clotheslines) than Arkangel's mat work. Flash has his face pointed on his back, maybe so he can see behind him. Flash springboard dropkicks Arkangel out, and lands on him with a twisting pescado. Skandalo and Leono, with Stuka helping out to do one of the elbow drops of Leono's elbow drop flurry. That's one pin, Stuka care of Loco for the other. Rowdy tecnico fans have Stuka and Flash signs. HMMM.

2: No one on either side really in a hurry to get this fall going. Longer Stuka/Loco Max sequence to star, including Loco Max taking his required monkey flips. Stuka sends Loco out with a flying armdrags, flips to the apron, to tease the dive, cartwheel off, backflips for no reason, and finishes with a headscissors to the floor. Leono/Skandalo are mostly boring except for when Leono almost messes something up. Rudo finally start the beatdown with Flash in. Not finally because I'm looking forward to the rudos being in controlled, but because I'm looking forward to this match being over and we have to get thru the beatdown before that. Stuka actually gets a comeback, somewhat added by everyone not being hit standing around and watching, but Loco Max reverses something into a spinning DDT and that does it. Skandalo Driver on Stuka for the fall.

3: Rudos still in control. Inverted facelock/dropkick combo not as cool as the minis. Flash moves out of the way of a charge, Arkangel clotheslines Loco Max, and the comeback seems to start with Flash clearing Arkangel out, but he stands in place so the rudos can elbow him down. Flash has issues taking a drop toe hold, and ends up on the bottom rope for a Skandalo sit. Loco adds a nice springboard somersault senton as Arkangel works over Stuka on the outside. Beatdown continues with the generic stuff. A Skandalo corner questionably low dropkick gets replayed. Rudos set up a double armbar on Leono near the ropes. Loco turns to stop Stuka from coming, but Flash springboards in from the other side and sunset flips Loco. Loco reverses it, and is sitting on top for a second before Skandalo even starts to accidentally kick him. Arkangel just turns and kills time with Stuka while Leono kicks Skandalo out of the ring. Flash helps Leono to the top for for a moonsault out of the ring. Arkangel grabs Flash and whips him, but he turns it into a tope on Skandalo. Stuka and Arkangel left in, Stuka spinning backbreaker and headed up. Arkangel is up a lot quicker than Stuka must've figured, and he crotches Stuka on the top rope. Arkangel sets up Stuka, then climbs up behind him. Flash shows up from nowhere on the top rope, super 'rana on Arkangel. Stuka gets down from the ropes, hurries to another corner, and climbs up to do a move. Flash has no idea, and does a standing moonsault for the pin, but Leono alerts him to get off so Stuka can add the deadman's splash. One two three.


Match 2: Hijo de Fantasma, Sagrado ©, Mictlan vs Terrible ©, Ephesto, Hijo de Lizmark
Arena Coliseo, 03/29/09

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  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:22
Approx Rating: not good!
Other Match Notes: No entrances? Huh. We do get the pre-taped promos from Ephesto and Hijo del Fantasma we'd see during entrances.

1: JIP. Fantasma and Terrible are fast thru the usual opening exchange, with Terrible adding a big dropkick to end it. Lizmark comes in to help, and it all goes bad from there – Lizmark boosts Fantasma into a dropkick on Terrible, Lizmark whips Fantasma into a tope on on Terrible. This is why no one wants you on their team, Lizmark! Sagrado rushes in and gets backdropped – actually, he gets backdropped to being crotched on the ropes, that's not what's supposed to happen so he just steps to the apron like everyone was okay. Oh, Sagrado. Springboard dropkick on Lizmark, Ephesto accidentally adds a senton, and Sagrado gets the pin there while Mictlan wraps up Ephesto with a 'rana.

The usual pre-commercial “isn't Fox Sports great?” bumper is with Mr. Niebla, who's makes this notable being as insane as he usually is.

2: Mictlan gets to wrestle here. They match up Sagrado and Lizmark, which is a recipe for disaster. Lizmark gets Sagrado with a good superkick, which Sagrado sells by being dead, getting up, and falling down again. Sagrado is fine to flip to the apron the next pass, and shake the ropes like a mad man. Crowd not particular excited for his comeback. Terrible evacuees a Fantasma handspring to start the beatdown - Fantasma was never actually close to hitting him, but whatever. Nothing more inspired about this beatdown, lots of the same actually. Terrible hits the top rope splash on Sagrado for the fall. Lizmark has no idea who the captain is and pulls in Hijo de Fantasma as the refs are trying to raise the rudos arms.

Video Package: Místico spending time with a kid, as part of the Teleton (I think.)

3: Beatdown continues. Rudos seem to get bored with the slow pace in the ring and turn it into a brawl on the floor. They take 26 seconds setting up a Sagrado corner whip, which kinda gives away where there's going with it. Someone decides that if they change enough camera angles, the match will be exciting. Nope, and they miss Sagrado actually starting the comeback. Terrible take a backdrop to the apron and to the floor from there, and everyone kinda walks thru the comeback. Ephesto gets in the “you slide out for no reason, I tope you” spot. Mictlan planchas the tall guys, Sagrado piles on top, and they both kick out anyway. Please finish! Terrible Clash, spinning side slam, that's it.