CMLL FSE GdR - 10/19/08 (#115)
Recap: 10/20/08

Stop aiming the camera into lights! They're so doing it on purpose during the open.

Outside the Ring: Super Nova! He still does work here, who knew. We see his room at home (still living with his parents) and meet his mom. Texano Jr. does not crash it, sadly. Actually, Nova says his favorite wrestlers is Texano Sr., so maybe this is one of those weeks where we're not supposed to know he's related.  

Match 1: Satanico (c), Nosferatu, Euforia vs Leono, Fabian el Gitano, Stuka Jr. (c)
Arena Coliseo, 10/12/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 6:15
Approx Rating: okay
Other Match Notes: Odd to see Fabian actually wrestling in a match. I liked it more the other way, you know. Stuka remembers who he beat and what he won, even if no one else does. Satanico recites his opponents names at 100% accuracy. Yay, Stuka captain.

1: JIP. Fabian and Euforia in, Fabian oddly controlling Euforia on the mat with a wristlock before he switches to an armdrags. Tags, and Stuka wants Nosferatu. Lockup, shoved down. Lockup, Kick, right, off the ropes, over, waved by, Satanico gets in a kick form the outside, and that starts the rudo towards the beatdown. Leono takes corner charges, is set up on the top, and pulled off for a powerbomb. Triple pose pin. One two three. Stuka remembers he's the captain and rushes in, only to get beat. Satanico spinebuster slam, triple full nelson stretch! No one can possibly survive that. Rudos stretch Fabian even though the fall is long over. 

2: Rudos still beating up tecnicos. Fabian ducks a double clothesline fifteen seconds in, and that's the end of Nosferatu. Fabian manage a dropkick on Satanico, but Euforia grabs him and corner whips him - into a top rope climb moonsault onto Nosferatu! That looked better than usual. Leono gets Satanico in a grounded octopus hold, and Stuka gets Euforia with an inverted bodyscissors cradle with a back bridging pin for the fall. There are some slight boos. Replays last almost as long as the match.

3: JIP. Satanico has Stuka in an armbar, when Leono rushes into break it up. This involved Leono getting attacked first, and then being utterly destroyed in a chest slap battle with Satanico. I guess you have to give him credit for trying, Corner whip, Satanico charges into boots, Leono rushes out for a sunset flip, Infernales come in to break that up, other tecnicos come in and get them with cradles, and there's kicks (and people in the ropes all around.) Rudos go for the never quite successful triple bulldogs in the center of the ring, tecnicos shove them off into each other, Crowd boos as the tecnicos lock on the star. Will the rudos give up? No, they hit their ways free. Everyone picks a partner and the rudos pretty much dominate. Leono and Stuka re dumped. Fabian left in, whip, lifted up, spinebustered down, double bow and arrow by the rudos, Stuka slips in the middle to cover, one two NO. Satanico was busy with Leono, and is still messing with him as the rudos try once more. The tecnicos are are lifted up and rammed backfirst into each other, then dropped. Tecnicos arms are all tightened up, and it's at triple double armbar - and that's it! Wacky. Mixed reaction.  

Match 2: Terrible, Mr. Aguila, Olimpico (c) vs Mictlan, Maximo (c), La Mascara
Arena Coliseo, 10/12/08

  1. tecnicos
  2. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 10:00
Approx Rating: eh.
Other Match Notes: Maximo does the promo for his side, Terrible for his. This rudo team is probably not going to end up too well. La Mascara has a paragraph written on the back of his long sleeve shirt. "La Mascara tiene un Brazo de Oro y una campana td corazon"

1: Olimpico and Mascara start, but I'm still trying to read the shirt. I think it'd be funny if Olimpico got him in a waistlock but got distracted trying to read it, but they battle for holds instead. Monterrey quickly gets a suastica, rudos think about coming in, Olimpico gets out of it on his own and takes down to the mat, where he's in control for a time. Action picks up with a jumping snap mare, a headscissors, and an exchange of zero pin covers. They finally give a quick shot of the whole back message, just before heading to break.  

Tags. Well, Maximo tags in, but Mr. Aguila wants no part of him and demands Mictlan to come instead. Once Maximo is safety on the other side of the ropes, Aguila taunts him, which leads to a face off. So they'll wrestle anyway. Maximo cartwheel over, Aguila backflip pass. Maximo off the ropes, spinning headscissors sends Aguila out. Terrible in, Maximo faints into Terrible's arms. Terrible tries a clothesline, Maximo ducks that, blocks everything, and kisses him. Terrible loses his mind. Mictlan in, this time actually for real. Mictlan off the ropes, over, under, rolling over, and knocked down by a Terrible back elbow. Terrible celebrates, then turns and swings at the tecnicos. They show Mictlan, so who knows what happened. Terrible works over Mictlan in the corner with, chops and kicks. Corner whip, reveres, Mictlan boosted to the apron but fights back, and in with a flying armdrags. Dive tease, pose, and Olimpico runs him over with a boot. Mascara gets Olimpico with armbar, Maximo sends him out with a flying butt bump, and Mictlan knocks him down with a tope. Maximo gets Aguila with a double jump butt bump, Mascara with the CMLL combo on Terrible and that's it.  

Terrible's held for one more kiss. Maximo goes for the tongue, Terrible responds back by sticking out his own tongue, and that grosses out even Maximo. Replays and replays.  

2: Mascara and Olimpico evade each other off the ropes for a few runs, and then it gets no better for Olimpico. Headscissors, rolling dropkick, Olimpico goes out, Mascara chases after him, and Terrible attacks him from behind. Perros jump Maximo and Aguila. Aguila gets in his jumping heel kick, Terrible kicks Maximo in a circle and beats him. Olimpico stomps Mascara on the outside while wearing a funny hat, which is always the way to go. Double boot for Maximo. Double backdrop for Mictlan. Double drop toe hold for Mascara. Rudos are bating up Maximo with a corner clothesline when Mictlan comes in - and gets booted. Mascara does better getting Terrible with a plancha. Olímpico tries to dropkick Mascara, but gets Aguila. Another try, and he gets Terrible. Olimpico misses a punch, Mascara cradles him, Mictlan and Maximo help, and that's the fall. Wow.  

Olimpico doesn't know how that happened, but offers his partners a handshake. They accept it, then beat him up greatly. Figures.

That's it.