CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #291 (06/18/2011) 
Recapped: 06/18/11

Match 1: Blue Panther, Hijo del Fantasma, La Sombra © vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Shinsuke Nakamura ©, Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 06/12/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:54
Rating: good
Notes: Entrances. Referee is Rodolfo Ruiz.

1: Panther and Nakamura have a battle over wristlocks and armbars. Sombra kicks the ropes when Nakamura gets his foot on to escape, and Nakamura backs him down in the corner. Panther and Nakamura end up going for three and half minutes without annoying gaining a long edge. Dragon Rojo & Fantasma are next and fighting over chops. They settle into quick reveals, which Dragon Rojo annoyed in the way Fantasma poses after bouncing to his feet from a pinfall. Sombra and Volador are last. Dueling flipping runs, Sombra headscissors Volador out, slides out after him, but Volador slides in. Sombra tells Volador to come out, Volador tells Sombra to come in. Sombra falls for it, and is dropkicked as he slides in. Volador pounds him on the outside, as the other rudos take the ring. Dragon Rojo is very light with Panther but gets the submission. Nakamura hangs Fantasma on the ropes to land a running knee. Headscissors driver on Sombra finishes it.

2: Rudos still in control. Dragon Rojo back biting toes thru boots. Volador drags Sombra on the ramp and powerbombs him there. Volador returns to he ring to chop Panther a bunch then stands him up so he can superkick him as well. Dragon Rojo stands up panther again, and Nakamura high kicks hims him in the chest. Sombra slips in the ring, but is stopped by Nakamura before he can get in anything. Corner charges for Sombra. Volador distracts Fantasma with a handshake offer, and Dragon Rojo slides in to dropkick. Nakamura watches the rudos stop a handspring and kick Fantasma down, but Sombra is still able to springboard back in and get the rudos with a dropkick. Nakamura dropkicks Sombra, Panther runs Nakamura down with a shoulderblock, Dragon kicks Panther, then steps back as Fantasma topes Nakamura. Volador superkicks Dragon Rojo when aiming for Sombra, goes for a frontcracker on Sombra, and Sombra powerbombs him. That's one, and panther finishes Dragon for the other.

3: Fantasma strips off his shirt, and Dragon Rojo chops him as he's taking it off. Fantasma's chop makes Dragon Rojo collapse. A jumping shoulderblock and a superkick flatten Dragon Rojo, and a headscissors sends him out. Nakamura is almost too tall for Fantasma enziguri, but he manages, and both he and Panther knock down Nakamura on a whip. Nakamura does his one kick misses, next does not bit. Shoulderblock leads to dancing, but it also leads to Panther coming back. Clothesline sets up Sombra springboard splash. Volador breaks up that pin with a kick, then taunts the other técnicos. Volador want a handshake again. doesn’t get it, so he takes off his own shirt. Now a handshake? Sombra accepts, Volador hugs him while pointing to the crowd, raises Sombra's arm. Volador raises Sombra's arm, the crowd boos, Volador tells them to be quiet, and slaps Sombra . Whip, toss spot goes awry, Sombra lands on his feet, Volador kicks him in the head. Whip, chop misses, Sombra springboard headscissors sends Volador out. Sombra off the ropes, Sombra full speed tope con giro. Nakamura kicks Panther, both rudos kick Fantasma. Fantasma whipped to Panther, Panther flips Fantasma to the ramp, and Fantasma goes off running. Panther with a double faceslam on both, Dragon Rojo gets up, and Fantasma lands the Phantom Lariat. Panther finishes off Nakamura, and that's the match.

Match 2: Último Guerrero vs Rush for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 06/12/2011

  1. Rush bridging Indian Deathlock (4:08)

  2. Ultimo Guerrero inside cradle (:15)
  3. Ultimo Guerrero front superplex (7:04)

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero
Match Time: 11:27
Rating: eh
Notes: Entrances. Metro is Rush's second. Dragon Rojo is Ultimo Guerrero's second. UG has the right belt for this match! Tiger Hispano is ref.

1: Rush charges Ultimo Guerrero, UG catches him in a fujiwara armbar Rush tries to get to the ropes, UG briefly traps the arm. Rush rolls on to his back, but isn't getting anywhere. Rush flips UG on all fours, spins around his back, and cradles him for a pin, one two kick to break it up. Fall graphic. There's the belt. UG has the legs tied up as they return to the match. Rush gets one leg free, spins around, and underhooks UG. UG sneaks free, armbar, Rush armdrags him away. Crowd behind UG. Lockup, UG with a single leg, tight grip on the knee. Rush escapes and goes for a cross armbreaker, but blocks his arm from being full extended. Quick back and forth on the mat ends up in an UG small package one two NO. Lockup, reversals, Rush with a pumphandle armbar and armdrag. Boos. Lockup, UG flips Rush under his hip, slips underneath, and armdrags him away. Rush almost slipped there but they held it together. Lockup, Rush drop toe hold, legs tied up, mask grabbed. Headlock on the mat, UG slaps free. Corner whip, UG charges in, no home, Rush spinebuster, rolling knee, and around to – an Indian Deathlock? Rush bends back to finish the Pierrothito special, can't quite get the chinlock, and just yanks UG's face a bit. That's enough to get the submission. Fans boo.

2: Crowd still booing. UG down, Rush going for the double stomp, UG rolls out of the way, inside cradle, one two three. The card girl has not even made it to the back yet.

There's a scroll during the La Mascara interview to indicate it happened before the mask match.

3: UG is down in the corner, with Rush pacing the opposite corner. Charge, UG flips him to the apron, Rush chops him down and heads up. Flying elbow smash one two NO. UG waving for support. Both up slow, Rush up first. Kick, corner whip, UG corner sunset flip one two NO. Dragon Rojo is hopping around on the outside. Both taking their time getting up. Crowd behind Guerrero. Whip, Rush 'rana one two NO. Sloooooow. Crowd not into this enough to make the slow bit work. UG backs up to the corner, and Rush charges in with a flying clotheslines. Boos. Corner whip, reversed, UG charges in for the knee bump to the floor, and Rush goes full speed into a tope con giro. Replays.

Both back in after the replays. UG is firing up. Off the ropes, clothesline, and Rush won't go down. Boos. clothesline, Rush bent back but not down. UG a third time, and Rush clotheslines him first. Crowd loudly boos. Rush poses. Rush tries a 'rana, UG powerbomb, feet on the middle ropes, one two NO. Hey, it's every UG match ever. UG up first, but kicked. Corner whip, Rush charges in with a clothesline. UG set up top. Rush climbs up join him. Top rope 'rana is easily blocked. UG spends a moment making sure Rush is set up right, and drops the superbomb, one two NO. Rush was counting the pin on his fingers, how odd. UG slams Rush and heads up, but Rush is already moving as UG climbs slowly. Rush up there to join UG. UP on the top rope, top rope superplex. One two NO. Tough to believe a fall will end before they do the fall inset talking bit. Slow. Rush kicks UG, scoops him up, and drops him in the corner. Stomp. Boooo. Rush poses on the apron. Rush up top, senton con giro, but the pools is empty. UG covers, one two NO. UG slow up but looking full speed once's he's up. Hooked for a suplex, but Rush blocks it and drops UG on his own. Boos. Rush up top – moonsault? No, UG crotches him, hooks him up, and pulls him off with the Guerrero Special. One two three.

That's it.