CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #289 (06/04/2011) 
Recapped: 06/04/11

Lots of mask vs mask hype.

Match 1: Guerrero Maya Jr. ©, Hombre Bala Jr., Super Halcon Jr. vs Hooligan ©, Rayo Tapatío I, Rayo Tapatío II
Arena Coliseo, 05/29/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:42
Rating: good
Notes: Fight is going on outside when the match is joined, but it looks like the técnicos got the best of the rudos for once. Ref is Tiger Hispano.

1: Halcón works over Hooligan on the outside, while the técnicos go after the Tapatio's masks on the outside. Everyone has their entrance gear on, though everyone but Rayo II gets free of them while fighting. Rayo II takes a double backdrop in his jacket and is chopped out of the ring. It's tough to know what's supposed to be part of Hooligan's ear's, but he takes a double back elbow. Rayo I is swarmed coming in and take corner charges. I have no idea what Hombre Bala was trying to do with a cartwheel, but neither does. Rayo II is slapped around a lot. Hispano finally has the técnicos to the corner when Maya pulls Hooligan down and Bala comes back in for a dropkick. Rayo II and kicking the técnicos, but Maya cuts him down and he and Bala get him with a double spinebuster. Double backdrop, spun around and Halcón lands a flying – chin into Rayo's feet! Uh oh. Maya and Bala react, and and Hooligan & Rayo I get them with backcrackers! One two three. This turned quick! Rayo II gets Halcón in a leg lock for good measure.

2: Beatdown. Bala quickly takes a low blow dropkick. Maya ducks a clothesline, but still gets chopped down. Rayo I and Hooligan hold him up for a Rayo II top rope splash. I think the announcers briefly mention Super Halcón Jr. is now Halcón Jr, but it still says Super on his tights. Rayos hang Halcón on the ropes and dropkick him in the head. Bala ducks a clothesline, spins out of a hooligan tilt-a-whirl, but still gets chopped. Hooligan charges, Bala ducks down, and Hooligan tosses himself out of the ring. Halcón gets both Rayos with a missile dropkick, and the other two land topes on the Rayo. Halcón and Hooligan in. Armdrag, armdrag, Hooligan kicks Halcón in the corner, but charges into a drop toe hold and faceplants on the middle buckle. Moonsault is way overshot despite Hooligan's best efforts. Bala rolls on top for the pin.

3: Everyone in their corners for the first time. Bala gets Rayo I with a springboard flip into an armdrag and a dropkick, which causes the Rayo to claim a foul. Rayo II takes Maya's armdrags and quebradora, and also claims a foul. Maya messes with Hooligan before tagging out. Halcón gets a run up the ropes flip armdrag on Hooligan goes to send him out, and throws himself into a tope con giro to follow. Other four in, and it's immediate to the técnicos – Shoulderbreaker on Rayo II, 'rana on Rayo I.

Match 2: El Alebrije, Psicosis, Shinsuke Nakamura © vs Blue Panther, Strong Man ©, Super Porky
Arena Coliseo, 05/29/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:14
Rating: okay
Notes: Ref is Tiger Hispano.

1: Nakamura and Panther have a battle over holds (including Panther inadvertently headbutting Nakamura in the nose) until Nakamura decides to get in kneelift. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Nakamura looks tall here, on the rare moment he stands up straight. While they're showing a replay of that, the rudos hit the ring and start the beatdown. Cuije included, trying to choke Panther. Strong Man gives Alebrije a big gut punch. Nakamura has no idea what's going on, but realizes he's got to help the strange bug man take care of Strong Man. Alebrije leaves the Japanese man on his own, and that goes badly for Nakamura. Rudos get it together. Corner charges on Strong Man. Corner whip, corner charge, whip out into a Invasor double suplex. Cuije runs over the top of Strong Man, and gets the big press on top. Rudos cover. One two three.

2: Porky somehow corners Psicosis, but the rudos get control and boot him out. Super Porky nearly falls on a young woman in the front row, comically. Double drop toe hold on Panther, and Nakamura adds a kneedrop. Porky leads chants, is whipped to the corner, Psicosis whipped in, Porky grabs him and changes places on Alberije's corner splash. Strong Man clothesline Nakamura and Panther slap Psicosis out of the ring. Nakamura is left in with all the técnicos., and takes Porky's corner charge. Strong Man torture rack slam for the pin that counts, but Porky sits on Psicosis and Panther throws whiled punches at Alebrije, almost falling out of the ring in the process.

3: Panther and Nakamura start again, this time Panther getting in a backdrop and a diving clothesline. Panther goes for more, but Nakamura freaks out and rolls out. Porky and Psicosis in. Porky doing a lot of pointing at people chanting for Porky. Big crowd today, they're actually showing people in the upper section. Psicosis does a lot of charging and Porky does a lot tossing him when he comes near. Alebrije and Cuije try to help, with Alebrije being unfortunately stuck in the corner when Porky is swinging his backside there. Cuije and Psicosis try a whip abut also try a double dropdown, and are squashed. Cuije convulses on the mat before being rolling out. Alebrije is busy checking on his little friend, but turns around to see Strong Man waiting for him. POSE OFF. Lockup, Alebrije down. Alebrije not liking this. Lockup, Alebrije down. Strong Man with a gut punch, an easy target to find. Corner whip, Alebrije going in chest first and falling down. Strong Man pump splash, one two Psicosis stops the count, then slaps Strong Man on the back. Strong Man up, Psicosis rethinking this. Clothesline and back elbow misses, but goozle locked on - chokeslam. Nakamura in and leg kicking. That seems to work. Kick to the chest too. Oh, no, Strong Man has him in the goozle. Into the corner for some chops. Corner whip, Strong Man charges, no one home. Psicosis and Nakamura kick Strongman, suplex – no, blocked, blocked, Strong Man double suplex. Strong Man roars, but Alebrije kicks him in the back. Alebrije poses, off the ropes, shoulderblock by Strong Man sends him out. Strong Man to the outside – plancha off the apron wipes them both out. Panther and Nakamura back in, Panther stomps his feet and fires up. Panther running back elbow connects. Chops. Whip, quick reverse Nakamura knee lift, high kick misses but swinging around with the other leg works. Nakamura fires up, Bom-Ye connects! Panther shakes, passes out. Three count there. Psicosis gives Porky a spinebuster, and Alebrije holds the técnico in place for the top rope senton.

The doctor checks on Panther, who may still be out. Rudos are not concerned. Porky and Strong Man are worried about their own problems. Panther is awake, but they're checking his jaw.

Replays. Magadan maintains that Nakamura accidentally knocked Panther out. Other announcers are not so sure. Panther is still recovering after. One more replay. And another from the opposite angle. Panther is back on the mat.