CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #288 (05/28/2011) 
Recapped: 05/28/11

Match 1: Guerrero Maya Jr. ©, Hombre Bala Jr., Super Halcon Jr. vs Puma King ©, Rayo Tapatío I, Rayo Tapatío II
Arena Coliseo, 05/22/2011

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  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:56
Rating: OK
Notes: rudos have jumped the técnicos as they pick up. Puma shows off his jersey. Referee is Maya, who has no control.

1: Puma content to grab Halcón’s leg and let him punch well short. One Rayo Tapatío beats Maya around the outside while the other goes after Bala's mask. Puma and Rayo II (I think) double shoulderblock Bala, though Rayo manages to wipe himself on it. Maya's mask is pretty well ripped by the time they get to the ring. Técnicos are getting pretty well destroyed. Puma casually hard kicks the middle rope as Halcón tries to get back in. Rebound hiptoss, first into double boots, then again into the mat for Hombre Bala. Rayo and Puma try a combo dropkick/superkick, but Puma is a bit too fast for his friends. Had to get the superkick in! Bala is whipped into a Puma snap kick. Announcers talk about his mom. Maya is catapulted into a double dropkick. Puma and Maya have a discussion so the Rayos can set up something, but Maya reverses to a springboard plancha. Rayo misses the elbow drop, Maya covers them both, they both kick out, Puma grabs him. Rayos swing and hit their partner. Bala in, and Maya boosts him into a dropkick. Rayo out, Maya and Bala with ropes – thought a bit of hesitation because they Rayos weren’t quite in the right spot yet. Halcón and Puma in. Avoidance spots, Puma flips Halcon with a clothesline. Figure four - no, Halcón small package one two three. There is nothing more dangerous to yourself in CMLL than a leg lock! Técnicos get their hands raised, then rush out of the ring to brawl more.

2: Ring is suddenly smoky and the rudos fans are loud. Bala dropkicks (I think) Rayo I out to start. Halcón and Puma end up back in together, and Puma wants a handshake. Halcón is not dumb enough for that. Off the ropes evasiveness, Halcón lands (or comes close to landing a jumping toe kick) and Puma bails. Halcón chases him around, but Puma calls a time out. Maya kicks Rayo II with a running kneelift to the back, as Rayo is looking at the corner. He goes flying out of the ring, but Rayo I slaps him down. Whip, reversed, Maya with a quebrada. Puma in, Maya goes for a walk up the ropes armdrag, but Puma just kind of lets him fall. That was odd. Spine kick. Superkick to Bala, Halcón slapped off the apron, as the Rayos come in to take care of Maya. Triple dropkick to the head for Bala. Halcón slapped around, triple dropkick for him. Maya's turn, but Bala and Halcón trip up a Rayo and a Puma, and Bala gets a quebradora on the other one. Halcón back in, tope con giro on Puma. Out the other side, Bala tries a pescado, but that Rayo pulls off Bala's mask on the way down and hides it. Ref is busy with Maya going after the other Rayo's mask and misses this, but the crowd does not. Ref turns around to find out what happens as Guerrero & Rayo start going. Guerrero Maya springboard plancha, Rayo II blocks his strikes, Maya pulls the mask, both guys go down. Ref turns back around to see the scene down. Guerrero rolls away from the ref to conceal the mask, and I guess he's selling a foul. Rayo I comes in to argue, and I'm not sure what the call is here. Should be a draw. Ref looks like he's giving it to Rayo II, Rayo I keeps arguing with it, Rayo II rolls out and runs to the back for a new mask, and ref gives the match to Guerrero Maya. That was just weird.

After a break, Guerrero Maya, laying down and selling a foul, challenges the Tapatios. The Tapatios are celebrating with Hombre Bala's mask, so I guess they're not concerned. Maya wants mask vs mask, of course.

Match 2: La Máscara ©, Máximo, Super Porky vs Héctor Garza, Mr. Niebla ©, Volador Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 05/22/2011

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:11
Rating: eh
Notes: Zacarias is with the rudos, who also jump the técnicos before we pick up. Volador especially pounds La Mascara. Rafael el Maya is back as referee.

1: Highlight is Volador trapping Máximo in a camel clutch, so Niebla can do Máximo's usually creepy crawl to a kiss. Máximo is totally disgusted. That gets a replay. Porky is finished easily. Everyone works together to finish Mascara. Garza sets up Máscara for the Zacarias 619, then pulls Mascara out of the way at the last second, causing Zacarias to tumble to the floor. Garza is amused.

2: Beatdown goes on. Cameras miss it, but Garza holds La Máscara in a camel clutch for Zacarias to hit, except Zacarias hits Garza in the face to pay him back. They argue about it. Máscara eventually sidesteps a corner charge and superkicks Volador to start the comeback. Mascara tries to duck a Garza clothesline next, except Garza is kicking and kicking him right in the face. Garza brushes it off, and gets shoved down in the corner by Máximo. Niebla shoves him, but Porky belly bumps Niebla into the corner, and the other técnicos whip in Porky for the big sit. Técnicos flip him and set him up for another, but the rudos run off. Niebla tries the sunset flip on Porky, Porky just falls down instead of sitting, that's good enough. Máximo pins Garza in the usually way. Máximo chases Zacarias around and trips him up. Técnicos and rudos get in a tug of war with Zacarias, which ends up with Zacarias splattered on the floor. Garza makes sure to get in a kick after the fact.

3: Mascara and Garza includes a near tights pull and a superkick. Niebla gets in his dance after slapping Mascara around. Volador evades Máscara by going outside, back in and kicking Mascara as he comes back in. mascara comes back with a spin kick. Flying armdrag sends Volador out, quebradora con giro on the floor. Máximo harasses Garza and screams a lot and bites Garza on the backside. Crowd is very into this. Volador offers Máximo a kiss. Máximo leans in, and Volador kills him with a superkick. This is reduced in awesome by Máximo popping up one second later and quickly sending Volador out with a butt bump. Niebla takes the kiss. Porky and Niebla have a sumo charge, and Niebla does not win. Try again, fail again. Headlock headscissors spots needs a lot of help. Volador and Niebla find other ways to fail as a team. Garza makes Porky cry, and takes a middle rope splash for it. Garza does not bother to cover, because his team is not winning. It breaks down with La Máscara in, with Garza and Niebla going out and Máscara and Máximo doing topes. Volador and Porky end up in, and Volador tells Porky to back off so he can dive. Volador turns around to run, and runs right into Porky's fat, knocking him out of the ring. Porky tope goes about six inches, but there’s a pile of men waiting for him there. Mascara and Volador back in. Volador unzips his shirt, gets in a messy superkick, backcracker, cover way into the ropes, ref doesn't care one two three.

That's it.