CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #260 (11/13/2010) 
Recapped: 11/14/10

Match 1: Dalys la Caribeña, Lluvia, Marcela © vs Amapola ©, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei
Arena Coliseo, 11/07/2010

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Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 12:01
Rating: not horrible
Notes: Refs are Rafa el Maya and Bestia Negra.

1: Singles matches up are Amapola/Marcela (good!), Blanca/Dalis and Lluvia/Sujei. Sujei takes Lluvia very lightly, ends up taking a flying armdrag and a casadora armdrag out. Lluvia follows with a running plancha off the apron, landing a bit oddly. Better than another silla. Other two quickly finish things up.

2: More of Marcela getting the best of Amapola, with a middle rope headscissors and her double underhook backbreaker. Beatdown starts with Dalis in. Lots of usual double teams from this trio, nothing wrong but nothing noteworthy. Dalis takes a triple kick to the upperbody, including a Blanca kick directly to the face. That's the end of her. As Amapola has Lluvia in her hold, Sujei runs over to shake Lluvia by her hair.

3: Lluvia gets tossed around by her hair a lot. Marcela sidesteps an Amapola charge, and Amapola goes spinning around the pole on the way out. She does that as well as anyone. Marcela gives her the always carry backbreaker on the floor. Beatdown dies down quick into one one ones. Dalis has a new side backbreaker, which goes sort of well. Rudas clear her out, técnicos come in bout they both get dropkicked out to set up the dives – Blanca double jump plancha onto Marcela, Amapola thru the ropes con giro on Lluvia. That leaves it back to Sujei and Dalis. Dalis manages a kick and goes for the casita, but Sujei rolls free, trips Dalis up, and beats her with her own casita one two three. Marcela tried to dive back in to break it up, but Amapola squashed her with a stomp.

Match 2: Hijo del Fantasma © , Rush, Sagrado vs Mephisto, Taichi ©, Yoshihashi
Arena Coliseo, 11/07/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 9:20
Rating: beside the point
Notes: Entrances are shown for the first time in a while, because they'll have some time to fill here. The ladies can't figure out how to dance to Sagrado's Gregorian chants. Mima is out with the Japanese duo. Taichi has his dog! Mephisto has a Toluca Diablo Rojos jersey.

Lots and lots of Ras de Lona filler here.

1: Fantasma and Taichi start, but Taichi bails before long. Rush and Mephisto have a fast paced battle of trips that keep people down for no time. Sagrado and Yoshihashi, a combustible mix, seem to have trouble with the first spot they try. It gets better, but they're only together for another one until Taichi buts in to try and with with kicks. Sagrado kicks him around, then drops Mephisto with a quebrada. Mephisto escapes the second, still eats superkick. Fantasma jumps in and jumps out, toping Mephisto up a seating aisle. Other four in, Japanese celebrating not being dropkicked a little too much. Rush whipped to a corner, Sagrado whipped in after him, Rush flips Sagrado to safety and kicks the Japanese, Sagrado planchas both, and it's finish time. Rush's senton set up is a spinning back suplex this week. Always have to get in the senton.

2: Taichi takes apart Rush with kicks, out Rush powers back, flipping Taichi with a belly to belly. Mephisto is taken out with a double dropkick. Yoshihashi tries to get in a shot from the outside, and Rush kills him one one chop. Poor Yoshihashi. Yoshi, still with no offense in this match, comes in to take on Fantasma. Fantasma headlocks, shot off, back with a shoulderblock. Fantasma chops Yoshihashi, and Yoshihashi asks his partners for help. Whip, reversed, Yoshi clothesline misses, and Fantasma takes him out with a headscissors. Fantasma chops Taichi off the ropes, but Mephisto gets him with a chest slap. Mephisto stomps Fantasma into the mat. Fantasma stood up on the corner and slapped down. Corner whip, Mephisto charges, Fantasma moves, Mephisto jumps to the middle rope and comes off with a swinging headscissors. The back of Mephisto's head brushes the mat as he comes off, but it doesn't look violent. Both Mephisto and Fantasma are down. Bestia Negra immediately is walking over to Mephisto. Sagrado 's in and turning him over for a (totally unnecessary) pin. Taichi immediately rushes to pound Fantasma while he's down, while Yoshihashi rushes to break up the pin, only to be pulled back by Rafa el Maya. He ends up fighting with Rush, and Sagrado messes with Taichi. Japanese have control, but now seem confused about what's going on. A doctor is already in the ring, and they sprint out the backboard to carry Mephisto out. Mephisto seems to be still unconscious, and they hurry him to the back.

Slow motion replay of the move looks much worse than the live version. Mpehisto's head and neck just get crushed underneath his body. Maya noticed iit right away, pointing towards Mephisto. Also, it's noticeable that Taichi chokes Fantasma while leaning down towards his mouth, probably trying to communicate on what just happened.

That's the show.