CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #255 (10/09/2010)
Recapped: 10/09/10

The whole show is Block A of the #1 contenders tournament for Arena Coliseo Tag Team Tournament. There's lots of Ras de Lona filter, and a few matches are clipped.

I refuse to count the battle royal as a match, but there eliminations are

Leaving Molotov & Nosferatu as the final pair. Tigre Hispano is presumably only in the ring to keep them apart, and does manage that.

Maya took out himself and Skándalo with a bodyscissors on the ropes, but did hit the ground first. Lots of lame brawling to kill time here. Pegasso did take a hiptoss from Escorpion to the floor, and Angel de Plata did roll on the floor after being dropkicked out (by Molotov) but this is mostly a waste of time.

Match 1: Nitro & Skándalo vs Ángel Azteca Jr. & Guerrero Maya Jr. in an Arena Coliseo Tag Team #1 Contenders tournament eightfinal match
Arena Coliseo, 10/03/2010

Winner: Nitro & Skándalo
Match Time: 5:56 (including countout)
Rating: okay for time. Everything is the sliding scale of short matches.
Notes: Appears to be complete. Rodolfo is the referee.

Maya and Nitro start, with Maya slipping to a waistlock and in inside cradle for a quick two count. Tournaments matches are usually short, but not that short. Standing chain exchanges end with a Maya jumping snap mare. Armbar reversal lead to a Maya armdrag, and tags. Azteca seems bigger, in the Aguila way. Skándalo manages his own jumping snap mare on Azteca, and takes an Azteca armdrag just to clothesline him down. Azteca gets Skándalo rolling with a rebound armdrag. Skándalo flips Azteca to the apron, Azteca waits for him to turn back around and headbutts him in the chest, grabs waistlock, and runs up the ropes for a flipping armdrag. Skándalo hides behind the post to evade any dive, and Azteca just does a handspring instead. Back to Nitro and Maya, who escape each other's charges for a bit until Maya lands the quebradora. Running up the ropes armdrag, Nitro out, Nitro looking back at something in the ring – oh, guess Skándalo got Maya. Nitro clears Azteca off the apron and comes back in to help. Drop toe hold, double elbow drop, double dropkick. Nitro sort of puts Azteca in a hold for a dropkick from Skándalo. Maya back in, and escaping a backdrop on his feet, but Nitro stops him with a heel kick. Tope takes out Maya. Azteca springboard back in with an armdrag. Azteca and Skándalo block each other for a bit, Azteca kicks Skándalo back into the corner, corner charge, Skándalo lifts him up, loads Azteca onto his shoulders, and walks to the center of the ring. Skándalo changes his grip, takes to Nitro about something, then drops Azteca with the Skándalo driver. One two three. Cut away before they finish the countout.

Match 2: Ángel de Oro & Ángel de Plata vs Artillero & Súper Comando in an Arena Coliseo Tag Team #1 Contenders tournament eightfinal match
Arena Coliseo, 10/03/2010

Winner: Ángel de Oro & Ángel de Plata
Match Time: 3:00
Rating: not as good as hoped
Notes: Joined in progress. Referee is the referee I can never identify.

Comandos have just had enough of the mat wrestling and jump Angel de Oro as the match picks up. Corner clotheslines, corner shoulder to the midsection. Double backdrop for Plata. Oro slapped in the chest very hard. 3D variant is a mistimed. Artillero gets there late, switched to a bulldog instead. Plata held upside down for a dropkick. Oro elbowed to near death. Plata is able to backdrop his partner to safety, and rudos kick him, Oro gets Super Comando with a plancha, and Oro takes out both with a backdrop and an armdrag. Oro gets Super Comando with the mercedora as Plata pulls Artillero in to the reverse campana, and that's the match.

Match 3: Pegasso & Rey Cometa vs Durango Kid & Escorpion in an Arena Coliseo Tag Team #1 Contenders tournament eightfinal match
Arena Coliseo, 10/03/2010

Winner: Pegasso & Rey Cometa
Match Time: 2:09
Rating: fun for the time.
Notes: again, joined in progress, guys laying out other guys. Tigre Hispano is ref.

Durango Kid has a new outfit – or maybe he just took his shirt off this week? The top looked not fun to wrestle in, but Durango does have a giant Dragon tattoo on his back and another tattoo on the front. Pegasso is able to evade the corner charge, leapfrog over another charge, and flip him with a run up the corner front flip armdrag. Durango stays in, eats a casadora armdrag. Durango still in, but a dropkick sends him out. Dive? Tornillo! Escorpion and Rey Cometa in and exchanging shoves, then chops. Off the ropes avoidance, Cometa with a nice behind the back headscissors. Escorpion gets up, and Rey Cometa is beautifully flipped by a clothesline. Whip, under a clothesline, back with a spinning headscissors. Cometa up top – top rope tornillo, two spins on that. Pegasso and Durango back in, Durango dropping the técnico with a top rope tornillo. Durango 'rana – no, Pegasso powerbomb. Going up, 450 splash connects. One two three. This time, they show the countout. Escorpion's on his feet by the end, but chooses to argue rather than come back in.

Match 4: Euforia & Nosferatu vs Molotov & Sensei in an Arena Coliseo Tag Team #1 Contenders tournament eightfinal match
Arena Coliseo, 10/03/2010

Winner: Euforia & Nosferatu
Match Time: 5:17
Rating: good
Notes: This one shown from the whistle. Rodolfo is referee.

Molotov and Euforia start. JCR reminds us the rudos used to be the Infernales and made it to the finals last time around as the luchadors exchange short lived holds on the mat. Stalemate. Sensei and Nosferatu is a bit more tilted to the técnicos, Sensei getting a jumping snap mare and an armdrag to send the rudo out. Back to the first two, with Molotov evading and armdragging. A couple of quebradoras, and Euforia gets caught in the ropes and kicked free to the floor. Back to Sensei and Nosferatu, with Sensei showing off his flashy kicks before they start off. Nosferatu is not impressed. Nosferatu tries a backwards roll and Sensei drops him with a double legdrop. Pump kick sends Nosferatu out, Sensei runs for a tope, and Euforia kills him with a well timed kick from the apron as Sensei is coming thru. Euforia takes out Molotov with a back elbow too. Sent over to Nosferatu, shoulder powerslam/big boot combo. Double boot for Sense. Molotov tries to surprise the rudo with a springboard dropkick, by the move and he hits the mat on his own. Nosferatu finishes him with a double armbar. Sensei manage to fight Euforia off with a swinging kick and Nosferatu with a top rope armdrag, but his springboard is caught – and turned into the Infernal Twist! That'll do.

Match 5: Ángel de Oro & Ángel de Plata vs Nitro & Skándalo in an Arena Coliseo Tag Team #1 Contenders tournament quarterfinal match
Arena Coliseo, 10/03/2010

Winner: Ángel de Oro & Ángel de Plata
Match Time: 3:35
Rating: OK, minus that one part.
Notes: Rudos are already working over the Angles. Ref is Anonymous.

Skándalo works over Plata in a corner and throws him out, while Nitro whips Oro around. Skándalo joins him for a double backdrop, then holds Oro's legs open for an elbow drop by Nitro. Corner clotheslines for Plata, and Nitro holds his legs open for Skandalo's running dropkick. I don't know if you want to be getting in all your stuff in the second to last round, that bodes badly. Sure enough, Oro ducks a double clothesline, puts his foot in Plata's hand plant for a flip and – uh, falls down. Tremendous botch! Plata slumps his shoulders, rudos stomp Oro, Plata fights them with kicks. Everyone pairs off and heads opposite direction. Skándalo whips Oro, who spins while running but still dropkicks the big man out. Plata dropkicks Nitro out, and the double tope goes well. Skándalo didn't break Oro's fall at all – I think that was supposed to be a tope into an armdrag, except the armdrag didn't go so well. Anyway, everyone's down but Skándalo, who stumbles around a bit to find something to do. Referee counts everyone out as Skándalo takes a long walk around the ring. Everyone go to their corners, and Oro and Skándalo exchange chops in the ring. Clotheslines knocks Oro down, but he flips to the apron a whip, and superkicks Skándalo from there. Quebradora is good for two. Skándalo grabs Oro for Nitro to hit, and that works as well as usual. Nitro knocks down Oro, Plata gets Nitro with a plancha and a quebrada for one pin, and Oro gets Skándalo with a 'rana for another pin.

Match 6: Euforia & Nosferatu vs Pegasso & Rey Cometa in an Arena Coliseo Tag Team #1 Contenders tournament quarterfinal match
Arena Coliseo, 10/03/2010

Winner: Euforia & Nosferatu
Match Time: 1:24
Rating: good
Notes: Match picks up with the rudos walking to the ring – and being flattened by Cometa and Pegasso tope con giros! They are not messing around. Ring announcement goes on, ignoring all of this.

Everyone pulls themselves to their corner, and Nosferatu quickly gets control on Cometa. Cometa is quick enough to slip out on a charge, and Pegasso hops in with a headscissors. Nosferatu starts to roll out, comes back in, and there's off the ropes avoidance until a Pegasso headscissors sends Nosferatu out for goof this time. Pegasso all the way up top – a 360 plancha only sort of connects. Back inside, Cometa shows off with a flipping run and a nice spinning armdrag. Quebradora is caught, but Cometa spins around and headscissors Euforia anyway. Cometa jumps to Euforia's shoulders, and barely stays on. They both grapple for possession, and Euforia just pulls Pegasso off into a powerbomb. That's one pin.

Pegasso up top, plancha knocks down Euforia. Off the ropes, up and over - no Euforia blocks him, no, Pegasso recovers and goes over. One two three! Tied up. That might have not be meant to go that way, but it looked pretty natural.

Pegasso is raising his hand in celebration when Nosferatu runs him over like mack truck. Whip, Pegasso springboards, reverses plancha, Nosferatu catches him cleanly and plants him with a side slam. One two three. Nosferatu is exhausted, but he won.

Match 7: Euforia & Nosferatu vs Ángel de Oro & Ángel de Plata in an Arena Coliseo Tag Team #1 Contenders tournament semifinal match
Arena Coliseo, 10/03/2010

Winner: Ángel de Oro & Ángel de Plata
Match Time: 6:24
Rating: good
Notes: Everyone's tired and recovering, so this has been going for at least some time. Crowd is into it. Rodolfo is referee.

Oro tries a 'rana on Nosferatu and get it, but Euforia breaks it up. Oro flips Euforia to the apron on a charge, then dodges a Nosferatu dropkick that gets his partner instead. Euforia sent to the floor, Plata boosted into a dropkick to send Nosferatu out. Técnicos run towards the ropes, but don't dive. Euforia already walked around to the another side of the ring. Plata slides out, turns to Nosferatu, and tries a 'rana, but gets caught and slammed into the ring post. Oro watches this from the apron, and spinning in to get Euforia with a headscissors. Oro goes for an Asai on that side, but Nosferatu urns and kicks the rope out from under him. Oro tumbles to the floor. Nosferatu brings Plata in, and he's slapped down. Euforia suplex, Nosferatu top rope splash, one two three!

Nosferatu never as much laid on top of Plata as knelt on all fours over Plata, and now doesn’t remove from that position. Euforia talks to him about something. He must be dead tired. Oro tries to dive into the ring and break it up, but no help. Euforia stomps him and Nosferatu slowly gets to his feet. Did he grab his hip? Euforia whips Oro, tosses Oro, and Nosferatu powerbombs him. One two no. Crowd behind Oro. Whip, spinebusters, Euforia two hand press cover while Nosferatu poses - but wait, Euforia pulled him up. Nosferatu returns to have a short discussion on it, and Euforia explains he wants to do one more. That seems fair, he hasn't gotten to do his move yet. Whip, backdrop. Crowd shot. Euforia posing on the middle rope, Nosferatu ties up Oro's legs in a figure four and reaches down – and of course, Oro rolls him up, one two three! Never bend over like that over someone's, it's bad for you back and (for winning.)

Euforia slowly turns around, sees Nosferatu rolling out, sees Oro celebrating, and is distraught over his partner's screw up. This is what you get for not teaming with Pólvora! Oro moves just out of the way a dropkick, Euforia shrugs off a rebound hiptoss. Clothesline blocked, Euforia pumphandles the arm and scoops Oro up – Euforica Special! Now we're done! One two NO! Now we're not done. Crowd not nearly as excited about that near fall as I am, but they do start another healthy Oro chant. Euforia scoops Oro and sets him down. Euforia going up? Well, this has been fun. Euforia thinking this over deeply as he stands on the bottom rope, stands on the middle rope, and climbs back down to cover. One two NO. Cover again. One two no. Oro shaking to get support from the crowd. Plata is waving the crowd on occasionally, but he really need to pound the mat with the chant or something to help his partner. Shoulder powerslam, and Euforia going to the apron this time. All the way up. Wasting less time - but missing! Senton con giro comes up empty. One two NO! One two no. Oro kicks Euforia in the head, tries another, Euforia grabs the leg, Oro 'rana, one two three!

Plat races in and carries hi bother around the ring. Plata sets Oro down, and he collapses! It's been a long day. Técnicos celebrate and the crowd approves.