CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #250 (09/04/2010) 
Recapped: 09/06/10

Lots and lots of Anniversary promos on this show – which is completely pointless for a show airing the afternoon after the anniversary show. During commentary, they do push the 09/17 show instead.

Match 1: Delta, Fuego, Metro © vs Euforia, Nosferatu, Pólvora ©
Arena Coliseo, 08/29/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:27
Rating: okay
Notes: Every time Nosferatu teams with Euforia, they bring up them being Infernales. They never seem to bring up why they're not actually teammates now. Especially since Nosferatu practically wears Cancerbero gear.

1: Joined in progress. Pairs are Delta/Euforia, Dancin' Fuego/Pólvora, and that one bleeds right into Metro Nosferatu. Which itself doesn’t last long before everything breaks down. Delta has troubles on a boosted dropkick, and the Infernales have trouble catching Fuego on a moonsault to the floor. Delta topes Nosferatu, who doesn't really catch him either. I'm not sure if they’re supposed to be do countering the dives or not, but the rudos are first back in, attacking Metro after he lays out Pólvora with a faceslam. Técnicos end up finishing things up.

2: Delta looks good against Euforia. Metro lifts Nosferatu on his shoulders, which is no small feet, and drops him forward for a Fuego plancha. Nosferatu moves, Fuego rolls thru, Pólvora clothesline him, and Metro is helpfully enough to stand there doing nothing so Pólvora can slap him too. Nosferatu spears the paper boy and the rudos clear the ring of the flying guys. Rudos hold up the count on Metro to getting more. Rudos load up Delta to Pólvora on the top rope, for his middle rope inverted powerslam. One two three. Nosferatu uses a neckbreaker of all things on metro for the other finish. Almost never see that in Mexico.

3: Beatdown. Fuego star the come back off a missed corner charge, and wipes out Pólvora with a tope. Metro does an awful missile dropkick onto Euforia, who's dropped by Delta's blind moonsault to the floor. This leaves Nosferatu and metro in, and Metro gets the German suplex for the pin. Others are counted out.

Match 2: Averno, Negro Casas ©, Rey Bucanero vs Charly Manson, Olímpico, Psicosis ©
Arena Coliseo, 08/29/2010

  1. Invasors

  2. Team CMLL
  3. Invasors

Winner: Invasors (2-1)
Match Time: 8:32
Rating: short but good
Notes: No promos today. Invasors are already beating up on team CMLL when they join the match. Referees are Bestia Negra and Tirantes.

1: Invaders quickly come together in the ring, for multiple trip-dropkick bits. Double suplex on Bucanero, Olímpico pulls him into position for Psicosis middle rope senton. No need for a fast count there. Meanwhile, Charly makes Negro gives up to a hold I have no name for. There's never a good shot of it, because they have really good shots of the Psicosis senton instead.

2: Psicosis nearly throws Rey Bucanero thru the ring card girl, but disaster (?) is averted. Rudos content just to toss people around this fall. Negro mange to turn around a whip and starts kicking Psicosis, but Psicosis happens to notice enough to put a stop to it. Invasors come together to clothesline Averno in the corner. Negro consults with the Parrot. Bucanero whipped in the corner, side steps Charly, ducks the clothesline from the other two, and tosses Averno into a dropkick on Charly. Averno’s partners forced the other Invasors towards the corners, and Averno poses before running, then rolling to the ropes. Pescado! Psi & Olímpico whipped into each other, spin each other around, and get dropkicked and tripped up. Casitas all around, one two three. Note that Bestia Negra counts both pins, while Tirantes looks elsewhere. We hear the Parrot as he gets in the ring to celebrate.

3: Seems joined in progress. Psi and Negro start off, neither able together each other down, until Psi takes out Negro with a dropkick to the knee. High five to Charly, who lights up Negro with kicks to the chest. Pose. Charly running boot, but Negro stops to pose. Charging, boot is caught, Negro spins him around, kicks him in the chest, and gets into a high kick war. This time, Negro wins with a couple spinning back heel kicks. Charly belatedly starts to call a foul, but hasn’t to going to work. Tag to Averno and Charly. As always, Averno is so happy when he gets to be a técnico and have the crowd cheering for him. Olímpico kicks him in the corner, snap mare sends him out, and follows with a nice neck snap. Olímpico drops the elbow, and flattens Averno out for another. Chop, tag to Charly. Crowd chanting for Averno. Chops. Off to a neutral corner. Whip, reversed, Averno charges in, Charly flips him into the apron. Averno blocks Charly’s punch and knocks him away, up to the top rope, pose and off with an armdrag. Charly dropkicks Averno into the ropes, but he stays in. Charly charges, Averno backdrops him to the ropes, Averno charges, slide under, Charly teases dive, and Averno trips him off the apron. Negro and Olímpico quickly in, Olímpico's dropkick misses, Negro’s doesn't. Out goes Olímpico, in comes Psicosis and chipping. Negro ducks him and hooks him for a DDT, but Psicosis lifts him up and stands him up on the apron. Psi chops Negro towards his own corner, then tries to run him off the apron, but the Parrot grabs a hold of Negro. Psi is confused why Negro has stopped moving, then kicked the parrot to knock him free. Negro runs of his own volition, whipping out Olímpico with a silla. Rey in, sliding out Psi on his chest. Rey runs, rolls, and pulls apart the ropes – Parrot headscissors! Rey gets a tope con giro on Psi for good measure. Charly in, but panics when he sees Averno as his opponent. Charly does not like this matchup. Averno waved by, over, under, under a clothesline, tilt-a-whirl, Charly escapes a tilt-a-whirl, Averno kick, Devil's Wings, Tirantes trips Averno up halfway thru the move, which is supposed to cause Charly just to land on top but almost causes Charly to get dropped on his head. Charly crawls o top, and Tirantes counts a fast three count for the win. Charly is pleases.

Negro sends the Parrot running to the back, and wanders around talking to the fans. I think everyone's waiting for a microphone that won't show up. Replays of the third fall, dancing, done.