CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #243 (07/17/2010) 
Recapped: 07/17/10

Julio Cesar actually hypes this next match as Oriental's last appearance masked in the building. Guess they're not doing the voiceovers live.

Lots of hype for the cage match feuds throughout.

Match 1: Ángel de Oro, Ángel de Plata, Fabián el Gitano vs Maniaco, Monsther, Oriental
Arena Coliseo, 07/11/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:35
Rating: just ok
Notes: Your referees are Tirantes and Rodolfo Ruiz.

1: Opening matchups are Plata/Oriental, Maniaco/Fabian (for real!) and Monsther/Oro. I believe a good third of Maniaco/Fabian is Fabian selling one ill timed powerbomb. Oro doesn't last long before Monsther is dropkicked out, and dropped with an Asia Moonsault. Maniaco manages to foul himself on a missed dropkick. I don't understand, either, but he's hurting before getting up for his next spot. Maniaco chops, corner whip, reversed, Fabian charges in, Maniaco gets his legs up, Histeria grabs them, Fabian pulls him off the corner, and gravity drops Maniaco. Jackknife cover is an adventure but unsuccessful. Plata gets Oriental with a crab – Plata is confused, because he was actually going for a inverted campana, but Oriental is hurriedly taping out of time, and Tirantes forces Plata off.

2: Oro/Monsther is mostly Monsther holding Oro in the corner and going after his mask. Oriental massively whiffs on his sunset flip escape dropkick to Plata and the crowd boos him after every move after. They don't get out of the exchange without an armdrag spot going bad, and a troubled quebradora spot. Plata goes after Oriental’s mask, and Maniaco and Fabian run into break it up and get involved. Oriental and Plata go out, and the other our all end up in. Rudos quickly get control, for not perceivable reason. Maniaco clothesline Fabián, does a top rope senton con giro, and then a top rope sort of senton, and then puts on a half crab. A bit much. Monsther's finish is just pulling Angel de Oro's mask and covering him. They blur out Oro's face this week. Ruiz was taking care of the other pin, and Tirantes just happened to be distracted at the wrong time.

3: Highlight of the beatdown is Oriental and Maniaco taking Oro down, and having the big guy run the ropes and do repeated rolling sentons. Monsther is good at them, too. They look like Rey Bucanero ones, or maybe Rey Bucanero's sentons looks like Monsther's. Rudos not on the same page even before the double chop goes wrong. Maniaco and Oriental mange to get it together long enough to screw it up again – Fabián el Gitano is still too wily for them. Fabian tope takes on Maniaco, Plata tope gets Oriental. Oro escapes a Monsther corner charge and tries to flatten him with a plancha, but Monsther catches him and swings him around into a side slam. Both refs are looking at the fight outside while Monsther adds another senton. Monsther leans over Oro, Oro yanks his mask off and cradles him, one two three. Oro forgot to hide the mask until after the pin, and by then Tirantes was already pointing at it. Finish is not overturned.

Match 2: La Máscara, La Sombra, Último Guerrero vs Héctor Garza, Terrible, Texano Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 07/11/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:34
Rating: amusing to see UG as a técnico, but nothing much new
Notes: No introductions? Announcers explain Ultimo Guerrero is on the rudo side, which is confusing for all involved. His team don't have much time to deal with this, because the rudos jump them. Referees are Tiger Hispano and Rodolfo Ruiz.

1: 4 on 3 beatdown, with La Comadante holding the técnicos on the outside for shots from the others. This is a good beatdown for people who like hamstring kicks. Texano unties Ultimo Guerrero's mask. The other two put on kneebars, and the referees seem to a wave off the fall, though they're slow on the fall graphic. That was nothing.

2: Rudos still in charge. Sombra takes the slingshot/legdrop. There's the required biting. It's not really about the biting, it's about the uncomfortable length it lasts. UG tries to make peace, still gets hit. Sombra is tossed INTO a chest kick. Ultimo Guerrero – breaks thru? Ducks? - a double clothesline and does something to knock down Garza, all of which is screened off by La Mascara standing in front of the camera. Mascara stepped in the way. Técnicos come in, clean out the other two, and turn them over with ropes. Garza begs off from UG, but no go. UG chops him, whip, spinebuster, UG starts putting Hector in the Guerrero Submission Special, Garza flips to his stomach, UG just ties up the legs and pulls them back for the submission.-

3: Técnicos actually have a moment to breathe. Técnico crowd chants for Sombra, then chants for Guerrero when he's in with Garza. UG is baffled, starts to wave it on, then is kicked and mocked by Garza. Texano comes in to help, and runs right into UG's boots on a charge. Headscissors/armdrag spot fails - UG can't get Texano, who takes the bump anyway. Double clothesline knocks them both out of the ring. UG wait, runs up the corner, and manages a top rope plancha to the floor. Crowd approves – they don’t just boo him for that missed move, like they'd do most. Chest slap fight between Terrible and La Mascara is not going La Mascara’s way, but Terrible still tags out to give Texano a try. Texano seems to be in great pain on the chops. Off the ropes, over, under, and Terrible runs into dropkick La Mascara. Terrible and Texano pose and/or howl. La Mascara kicks Texano away from the apron, and then uses him to boost into an armdrag on Terrible. Texano gets caught in a headscissors momentarily, but dos not take a phantom bump. Mascara manages to armdrag Texano, but is topped when Terrible slaps him on the butt and bites him. Terrible holds Mascara, Texano kicks and gets his partner in the head. Exactly like Garza does it, he’s clearly been losing. Terrible complains gets a headscissors out, and Mascara stops to take off his shirt. Garza in, faking listening to the crowd to sneak in a kick. Clothesline misses, Garza gets him with a headscissors. Mascara off the ropes, slides out, Comadante grabs him, Mascara turns, and Comadante takes a kick in the backside. Mascara grabs Comadante by her hair as she limps around in the pain. Mascara lets go, and Texano gives her a hug. Garza hugs a little lower, Comadante is not down with that. Sombra waits in the ring for them to stop fooling around. He's going to be waiting for a long time. Garza back in. Garza gets in a kick, so he can finally take off his pull away pants. Whip, Sombra does his flipping run, but too late, and gets caught in the ropes on the back flip. Crowd boos him, and Garza kicks him in the midsection as he hangs in the middle rope. Shot for UG on the apron too, to get the crowd back to booing him. Corner whip, Sombra runs up the corner and comes down with an armdrag, which crotches Garza. Garza walks bowlegged to the corner while the other two rudos work over Sombra in the corner. Corner charge misses, Sombra is spun around into a headscissors on Terrible, bodyscissors escape armdrag for Texano, moonsault to the floor on Texano. Mascara flips Terrible to the apron, Terrible knocks him away, but Sombra trips Texano off the apron. Mascara tope con giro onto the pile. Garza tells Everyone to get up, when he realizes Guerrero is behind him. UG off the ropes, Comadante trips him up. Garza chest slaps UG, points at the dive victims (referees paying attention to that?) fouls UG, pulls of his mask, and small packages him. One two three. Way to mix up the finishes!

Replays and we're done.