CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #242 (07/10/2010)
Recapped: 07/10/10

Rayo de Jalisco interview from Ras de Lona


Talk about guys in the next match.

Group dance: cheerleaders

Shot of the edecanes walking away, before the match.

Match 1: Fabián el Gitano, Pegasso, Rey Cometa © vs Hooligan, Nitro, Skándalo
Arena Coliseo, 07/04/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:25
Rating: a rudo showcase; different but not good
Notes: No captain announcement, match is already going when they show the graphics for the teams. Referees are Rafa el Maya and Referee I can not identify – maybe Besita Negra

1: Opening pairs are Fabian/Nitro, so excited that I spend most of it trying to figure out the non Maya ref and wondering whatever happened to Adonis Salazar. Hooligan has an especially cool mask on today, though he always does. He deals with Pegasso, which is un-noteworthy until the moment where Pegasso reaches in for an armdrag, and Skándalo pops him with a back elbow. Pegasso rallies a little later than planned with a dropkick, and follows Skándalo out with his running slingshot tornillo. To Fabian/Hooligan, with Hooligan gamely feeding himself into the cruz nipona. Fabian flips Hooligan over his shoulder, and then puts him in a straight jacket chinlock for the submission. Fabian's just trying to show off his mad submission skills. Cometa gets Nitro with a simple 'rana, and that's the fall.

Rey Cometa promo

Ultimo Guerrero promo, mentioning his win over Psicosis in Guadalajara

Julio Cesar talks about Sangre Chicana vs Satanico's hair match.

Angel de Oro talks about the Infierno en el Ring cage match and Puma King

2: Even more Nitro vs Fabian el Gitano. Cometa gets in against Hooligan, and is flying around immediately. Spinning armdrag, flipping run, duck under a clothesline and an armdrags to send Hooligan spinning around. Handspring dive fake, all in about a minute. Skandalo sandwiches Pegasso in the corner with a clothesline, then knocks the other técnico off the apron. Double backdrop for Pegasso. Skandalo’s partners pick up Cometa, and Skandalo adds a low blow dropkick. He hit him so hard, his Mohawk tail ended up back on his head. Fabian's thrown around by his hair. Spinebuster, chest slap down, two man tapatía set up for a dropkick to the head. Cometa in, dropped down forward, and Nitro goes up – top rope splash. One two three. Referees have to talk it over before deciding Cometa is the captain. THIS IS WHY WE NEED CAPTAIN'S ARMBANDS.

The three ruda champions tells us who they won their belts from.

Hijo del Fantasma promo

Anabel Tercera Caida promo

Miguel talks about lucha olimpica

Mascara Dorada talks about his championships, and wanting to win a hair or mask.

3: Beatdown continues, until a chop for Cometa gets Nitro. Double rebound armdrag on the other rudos. Screen is shrink up, and expands just as Nitro kicks the ropes (and the técnico) as Cometa tries to drive thru them. Pegasso tries a tope, but Hooligan and Skándalo catch him and slam him on the loud ramp. Fabian in with a plancha on Nitro, but Nitro reverses a 'rana into a powerbomb. Nitro holds onto both legs and falls back for – a double toe hold? A totally unconvincing submission? Fabian flails his arms as if his feet are about to be detached from his legs, so it's good enough for him. I guess Fabian's the captain this fall, because that's it. Fans merrily sing the Ole Rudos song.

Dragon Rojo talks about the injury. He's already back on lineups as they air this.

Group Dance

Toscano interview. Toscano's growing out his hair.

From Ras de Lona, Negro Casas talks about winning the Bobby Bonales trophy.

Preview of the next match.

Edecanes shown walking away from the match, and the lineup is shown with the match already going again.

Match 2: Hijo del Fantasma ©, Metro, Toscano vs Ephesto, Texano ©, Vangelis
Arena Coliseo, 07/04/2010

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:59
Rating: not much
Notes: Oh, yea, the music played for two seconds is supposed to tell me who is captain, assuming I can identify who the music belongs to. Referees are Rafael el Maya and Terror Chino

1: Metro and Ephesto start on the mat, but don't last long. Metro is flipped into the rudos corner, Texano grabs him with a swinging kick, and a six way fight break out. Vangelis takes care of Toscano in the ring, while everyone else fights on the ground. Everyone reassembles inside. Corner clothesline for Toscano, who they show rolling out and walking around 99% OK. Texano bites Metro on the backside for an extended time. Double back elbow, bodyscissors face slam for Fantasma.

Discussion of La Mascara, not in any match on this show, winning the Welterweight championship from Dr. X, not in any match on this show.

Puma King promo for Infierno en el Ring

Demus 316 celebrates his win.

2: Beatdown continues. Vangelis chest slaps Metro hard, and Texano is so happy with the job, he insists on giving Vangelis a hug. Texano is a great man. Fantasma's handspring back elbow looks bad – he may slip, the rudos may moves too soon – but Texano just grabs him instead of selling it. Rudos promptly accidentally chop their partners right of the ring. Fantasma takes a breath as Metro and Toscano take care of the other two with a dropkick and a running elbow, then topes Texano. Finishes all around.

Vangelis and his ABBA music, does a promo.

Sombra talks about Mr. Niebla

Ras de Lona promo.

Diamante talks about Dr. X

3: Rudos kill half a minute not wanting to start the fall. Metro showcase to start. Vangelis tries to punch with him, with fails. This ends with Texano claiming a foul on a quebradora con giro. Toscano next, sand Toscano still has his clothesline on, so this will stop soon. Texano tries to pull down Texano’s shorts on a sunset flip, but Toscano still has his belt on. Going the other way, Texano tries to punch Toscano on a sunset flip, but Toscano ducks and Texano punches the mat. Texano takes the knee bump out, Vangelis cuts Toscano off from a dive, and eats a headscissors. Ephesto finally puts a top to this with a clothesline. Chop. Corner whip, Toscano flipped to the apron, Ephesto celebrates, turn around, and eats a flying armdrag. Out goes Ephesto. Toscano teases a dive, poses, and doesn't strip. Huh. Ephesto has to adjust his mask to get some air. Fantasma and Vangelis have a pose off. Vangelis is at least smart enough to chop Fantasma while he's posing, but ends up taking a headscissors anyway. Ephesto tries to cut off Fantasma, but Fantasma stops to short and waits for him. Fantasma ends up getting him with an overhead headscissors. Texano dropkicks Fantasma, Toscano gets Texano out with a flying armdrag. Ephesto boots Toscano into the ropes. Ephesto holds Toscano, Vangelis swings and slaps his partner, and Toscano boots Metro into a dropkick. Stereo topes to the ramp side. Back to Texano and Fantasma. Crowd behind Fantasma. Texano miss a dropkick, Fantasma is flipped to apron but knocks Texano back, tope rope plancha, Texano rolls thru one two NO. Fantasma to the middle rope, loose 'rana, one two no. the other four are up, but fighting on the outside. Fantasma clothesline is blocked, Texano hooks the arm, lifts Fantasma up on his shoulder, Tornado Texano! One two three. Clean win for the rudo.

Replays of the finish.

One more group dance.

That's the show.