CMLL Guerreros del Ring on CAN52 #225 (03/13/2010)
Recap: 03/30/10

Match 1: Fabián el Gitano & Leono vs Puma King & Tiger Kid
Arena Coliseo, 03/07/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:59
Rating: ehhhhh. Plain rather than bad.
Notes: Crowd behind the rudos, the most obvious reaction ever.

1: Tiger & Fabian start off. Crowd reacting to something that's not the match, because there's a big cheer as they're going thru normal spots. Later, they seem to be more interesting in chanting against each other than the match. Most entertaining of the exchange is Tiger Kid running around the ring and the up the aisle to evade any dive. Puma chant for Puma when he's in with Leono. Leono does not have the mask on his back this week. Just basic armbar reversals and snap mares. Announcers are trying to explain it as classic libre libre, but it’s more like basic lucha libre. I'm antsy, but the crowd is also entertaining itself. Back to Fabian and Tiger, and they have a dance. Fabian wins that, good for him. Springboard drag sends Tiger out, but Fabian is completely lost when it comes to his next spot with Puma, just kind of stopping in the middle for a clothesline. Puma takes him part with kicks, superkicking out. Leono in, and monkey flip Puma cross ring. Superkicks ends Puma out. Tiger things about coming in, then drops to the floor, and Leono drops on a plancha on Puma. Fabian and Tiger back in, and Fabian locks on the rolling cruz nipona for the submission. Announcers say that's the hold of Sugi Sito, which is the most interesting thing of this fall. Countout for the other elimination, with the countout actually being shown.

2: Fabian and Tiger start this fall too, with Fabian springboard flipping escapes a charge, pulling Tiger Kid down by head, then dropping him with a quebradora. Three dropkicks cause Tiger Kid to plead foul. Fabian does a dance, gets boos. This match, I could do without this match so far. And I like the Cats, like everyone else. Puma is pretty obviously feeding his arm for Leono headscissors, which isn't so great. Leono gets another headscissors and a superkick, then dances and tags. Tiger Kid begs off, setting up a sneak attack by Puma. Puma superkicks Fabian, and Fabián takes the bump on the back of his head. Maybe not the way to go. Tiger rips up Fabian's mask. Fabian is handing hanging form the corner, and Tiger adds a dropkick to the backside. Kicks for Fabian. Rudos lead the chants for themselves. Break.

Leono thrown around by his hair. These rudos are normally capable than more than this, and I would’ve thought this tag match was a big opportunity, but the only guy who seems even as good as normal is Leono. Rebound double armdrag starts the comeback, with Fabian boosted into an awkward dropkick on Puma. Tiger hits Leono in the chest with a superkick, but Fabian kicks and forearms him. Fabian with angry kicks and forearms. Crowd boos. Whip, under, Fabian looks the wrong way, Tiger dropkicks him in the back of the knees. That looked not fun. Tiger makes a spiny motion. Casita, one two three.

Leono in, taking down Tiger and putting on a stretch muffler. Crowd is chanting for the rudos’ victory, not realizing this match is still going on.

52MX decides this is a good time to shrink the screen and show the edecan. Puma runs into an armdrag, runs into another armdrag, whiffs on a third armdrag, and Puma boots him in the ribs. One two no. Leono gets in a quebrada, and calls for one more spiny. Puma chops free, and a chop fight break out. Or doesn't – Puma foul kicks Leono, clotheslines him down, and covers. That’s not going to work. The other two race in, but the DQ is already called. Announcers discussing Leobrado's poor weight guessing skills. Do not take this man to a fair.

Match 2: Máscara Dorada (c), Rush, Toscano vs Terrible (c), Texano Jr., Vangelis
Arena Coliseo, 03/07/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:24
Rating: Rudos are amusing, but not a notable match
Notes: I like to imagine this match being about Texano still angry about Rush letting him down in the National Parajes Incriedble tournament. NOT THE FLASHING LIGHTS.

1: Texano and Rush do start off with an even standoff bit, and Julio Cesar does bring up their team. Vangelis and Dorada grapple next, with Vangelis trapping Dorada in a cross armbreaker for a bit. I don't know if that says more about Vangelis or Dorada. Dorada is good when he can flip, though, but this match up goes nowhere too. Toscano and Terrible in, though Toscano wants someone else for some reason. Maybe La Comadante? I forgot she was even out there. Toscano is dumped to the apron by the rudos, and Texano cracks him with a swing kick to the back. Rudos beatdown from there. Brawling, with Comadante getting involved on the outside. Comadante can't bring herself to hit Toscano, and opts for a kiss instead. Crowd is amused. Toscano is brought back in for the giant swing/dropkick bit, and rudos cover for one pin. Dorada is clotheslined in the corner, press slammed, and Vangelis adds a top rope splash. That's the fall.

2: Rudos spank Rush. Literally. He rolls under a double clothesline and knocks Terrible out of the ring with a wheel kick to start the comeback. Dorada and Toscano springboard in, and the young guys fly out of the ring with topes. Dorada doesn't get caught much by Vangelis, or it was an armdrag and TV showed it poorly. Not sure. Toscano quickly gets Terrible with his bodyscissors back bridge cradle.

3: Texano throw Dorada high on the air on a flapjack, but Dorada still comes down to grab an armdrag. Dorada is still doing his spin on the ropes headscissors, but needed to actually grab the ropes. Dorada scares Vangelis with a handspring dive fake, and Terrible walks in the ring and mockingly claps for him, demanding the fans do the same. Terrible is awesome. Terrible is too awesome to be taken in by Toscano's hiptoss, blocking it, waving, and knocking the técnico down. Corner charges do not go as well, and Toscano clear the ring of both Renegados with headscissors and armdrags. Terrible's hamstring hits the bottom rope hard, and he tries to milk it into a DQ. One day, that will actually work. Vangelis and Rush have a rough looking exchange, Rush dropping Vangelis hard with a back suplex and Texano having to make the save for his team. Texano puts on a reverse figure four, which leaves himself open for a Dorada dropkick. Dorada cradles Texano, Terrible breaks that up. Terrible backdrops Dorada and splashes him, and Dorada actually has to kick out because Toscano misses his cue to break it up. Crab by Toscano, and Vangelis breaks it up. Toscano dropkicked out, and Vangelis just leaves, letting Terrible deal with Rush. Rush dropkicks Terrible into the ropes, then pulls him over and pins him in a double armbar/chinlock, but Texano walks in, breaks it up, and leaves. Terrible misses a corner charge, Rush pulls him in a time killing double armbar, and Dorada cuts off Texano with a top rope plancha. Dorada charges, Texano waves him by, directly into Rush. That breaks up that hold. Dorada charges Texano again, and this time he tosses him to Vangelis, who catches and cradles him while the other two hit the other técnicos and grab a hold of them. Everyone waits for everyone else, then does their moves – Northern Lights suplex on Dorada, Tornado Texano on Toscano, hammerlock/neck crank with optional bicep pose by Terrible on Rush. Pins are counted, win for the rudos.