CMLL Guerreros del Ring on CAN52 #218 (01/23/2010)
Recap: 01/26/10

Dancing. This always seems less impressive in Arena Coliseo, because you can see the people sitting feet away and not reacting.

Miguel talks about Inquisidor.

Match 1: Delta, Leono v, Metatrón vs Apocalipsis, Durango Kid, Inquisidor ©
Arena Mexico, 01/17/2010

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Winner: tecnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 11:00
Rating: Delta is good, but this wasn't too much otherwise.
Notes: Lots of random people! Announcers do ring introductions for everyone – Durango Kid is billed from LA. Apocalipsis has a new mask since the last time I've seen him on TV. Never saw Leono was originally Mustang Negro at the start of his career; surely they've said it many times and I haven't been paying close enough attention. Actually, that's a pretty cool name. They're still insisted Leono debuted in 1998; I'd give up and go with it at this point if Leono hadn't said earlier that he debuted in 2003. Maybe he was covering up the old gimmick then? It would kind of explain it.

1: Circle. Metatron and Inquisidor start with chain wrestling, as they pick everyone far away way to show this match. We're not missing much. They're still reversing armbars and putting on legscissors as the fall graphic takes up the screen. Circle. Inquisidor takedown, Metatron rolled to his feet, whip, reversed, Metatron leapfrogs over, off the ropes himself, Inquisidor monkey flips him – camera shot is from walking around the ring, making this really tough to watch – Metatron lads on his feet, Inquisidor waved by and back with a sunset flip, Metatron rolls thru, Inquisidor blocks his kick, Metatron helpfully turns around, Inquisidor inside cradles him one two no. Hey, look the hard camera. Inquisidor tries kick, Metatron catches it, spins the rudo, and clotheslines him. Metatron celebrates landing a clothesline. You know, if wasn't trying to get a red on these guys and they were Leono-level familiar, I would've blown off hits match after that camerawork to start this match. They clearly could care less about this match, just about the wacky angles they can shoot it from. Corner whip, reveres, Metatron jump to the second rope, runs away from the charge, and armdrag for Inquisidor, Inquisidor armdrags him back, standoff. Inquisidor start to offer a handshake and pulls it away. Tags to Leono and Apocalipsis. Lockup, break. Lockup, double wristlock, Apocalipsis flips Leono down and sits on his arm. Leono kicks free, and ties up Inquisidor legs. Front facelock, Apocalipsis escapes to an armbar. Good time for them shrink this match to 1/10th of the size of the screen to show the apartment you can win. I need a timeout here, because the show isn't even 7 minutes in and I'm about done with it. Announcers refer to Leono as very charismatic. That would be a lie! Apocalipsis and Leono go thru more simple stuff, Apocalipsis get sent off after a hamstring kick, Leono does the roar pose, and everyone boos. Hooray. Delta and Durango Kid in. Two people chant for Durango. Técnico off the ropes, over, under, waved by, flipping over, up and over – no, Durango stops him from going over, but Delta just and comes off with an overhead headscissors. Durango misses a running clothesline and seems to be having lots of issues with his mask. Delta runs up the corner, hops to the top rope, and pulls Durango with a 'rana. Durango out, Delta goes to the ropes on that side. Quick leap to the top rope, and off with a nice looking Asai Moonsault. Didn't get a lot of distance on it, but it looked good. Metatron gives Inquisidor a very light gutbuster – that could use work. Same thing for the middle rope pump sort of tornillo. One two three. Technical wizard manages to pull off the one legged campana just long enough to Apocalipsis, but just barely.

Hijo del Fantasma promo

Leobrado talks about Cavernario Galindo

2: Metatron and Inquisidor are fighting as the match resubmits. Metatron has a springboard flipping armdrag, and a walk up the ropes flipping armdrag – the last one is a bit of a struggle for both men. Metatron follow Inquisidor outside, but backs off when they get close to the rudo corner. Wise move. Announcers are talking about Fuerza M, including Metalik becoming Mascara Dorada. Crowd turns on Apocalipsis and Leono's chest slap battle, which is not as nearly as epic as they're pretending it is. Leono and Apocalipsis actually have pretty good chemistry together, but everyone still hates Leono. Inquisidor gets Delta with a flapjack and a dropkick to the face, and decides that's enough of run of offense to start the beatdown. His partners have no idea, and he waves them to help out. Three man faceslam isn't so hot, but Apocalipsis and Durango Kid have a nice double dropkick to the face. Inquisidor goes after Delta's mask. While the other guys take care of the other técnicos. Rudos end up triple booting him out. Sudden break.

Julio Cesar Rivera talks about Metatron, mentioning he's the brother of Trueno. Julio Cesar really loves talking about past characters today.

Juan Carlos talks about Durango Kid

Rudos still in control. Whip, Leono is lifted up and held for Apocalipsis top rope senton con giro. Metatron takes corner charges. Inquisidor connects on a whacky spinning kick, Durango Kid sets Metatron on the middle rope, and pulls him off with like a flipping snap mare. That seemed a bit much, but anything to get yourself noticed. Delta back in to get stomped around. Rudos in no hurry. Delta's adjusting his mask as he's whipped, and still manages to duck a lame attempt at either a double clothesline or a double chop from Durango Kid and Apocalipsis. Inquisidor ends up taking it for real. Rudo boot down Delta, but Leono and Metatron come in with springboard armdrags. Técnicos run, - topes on the rudos. Inquisidor and Delta back in, Delta powerslam, one t-kickout. Inquisidor dramatically swings at Delta, but pulls up before actually hitting him, because Delta was supposed to grab the arm. Delta figures it out a little bit late (but they do the best to hide it). Step over leg DDT looks impressive, even for that move. One two kickout. Well, okay, but finish any time? Inquisidor rushes in to a quebradora. Delta leans over and goes for Inquisidor’s mask, but Inquisidor reaches up to pull of Delta's mask first. The mask is untied, but Inquisidor has trouble getting it off, and has to pull Delta all the way down to do it. Inquisidor covers, but Rafael el Maya saw that. The other ref comes over and start to count, but Maya stops him and pulls Inquisidor off the pin to award the DQ. That will not go on the best of tape.

Averno promo

Julio Cesar talks about La Mascara being Brazo de Oro Jr. He can't stop! Someone forgot to even show the La Mascara video clip for this one.

Match 2: Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara, Sagrado © vs Averno ©, Mephisto, Negro Casas
Arena Mexico, 01/17/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:31
Rating: OK
Notes: What is 16:07:24 (or maybe 27), and why is it on Sagrado's hood? Averno and Fantasma do prematch promos.

1: Mascara and Sagrado start off with quick paced work, ending with Mascara sends Mephisto out with a headscissors. Mascara slides out after, and Averno ambushes him with stomps and punches. Rudos take over form there, Averno beating up Mascara and Fantasma on the outside while Negro knocks Sagrado around the ring. Averno brings Mascara back in, just to put him on the top rope and untie his mask. Negro takes Sagrado out and posts him. Fantasma and Mephisto are MIA. Mascara mask nearly falls off as he falls back into the Tree of Woe. Averno untied it pretty quick. He’s got years of practice. The other rudos hold Mascara for Averno to kick. Double rebound hiptoss for him. Mephisto adds a loud kick to the chest, and Averno gets the pin just off that. Fantasma rushes in, but doesn’t even get a shot in. Double drop toe hold, Negro adds a camel clutch, and Fantasma gives.

Leobardo talks about Negro Casas by talking about all the time he's lost his hair.

Miguel talks about Hijo del Fantasma

2: Rudos still in control. Averno goes to pose, and Mascara tries to go after his mask. The other rudos work him over, with Negro battering Mascara via kicks to the chest. Fantasma’s turn isn't so interesting. Mascara comes back in for more. Announcers now talking about Averno being Rencor Latino. They're clearly in a mood. Mascara ducks for a double clothesline spot, except it turns into a punch and a kick for Negro. Sagrado comes in with a missile dropkick on Averno, Mephisto misses the senton, and Fantasma get him with a quebradora. Fantasma rushes out, impaling Negro on the first row. Sagrado tries to go up and over Mephisto, Mephisto blocks it before he gets all the way up (or Sagrado just wasn’t going to, Mephisto kicks Sagrado away, but Mascara gets him with a plancha. Mascara bodyscissors into a campana on Averno for the fall. Meanwhile, Sagrado slams Mephisto and goes for his springboard moonsault, only Mephisto is inching his way over because Sagrado set him up way too far way. Mephisto actually gets to the right spot just in time to be hit. And that's the fall.

Crowd is very anti técnico. Técnicos celebrate, then go after the rudos. Mascara pulls off Averno's mask almost all the way, and it falls off when Mascara hits him from behind. Referees strongly warn Mascara, but nothing’s going to come of that.

Juan Carlos takes about the masks Atlantis has won.

3: Rudos are still regrouping. Sagrado and Negro get into a chop fight. Negro wins with a kick. Single leg, off the ropes, over, under, quick turn and clotheslining Sagrado down. Negro struts, and gives a stop sign to the técnicos. Headlock, no, Sagrado gets his own, shot into the corner, Sagrado kips up and out, then kips back in to the corner (?), Negro backdrops him to the apron and heel kicks him to kick him there. Sagrado hung over the middle rope for kicks to the chest. Negro poses too much, and Sagrado chest slaps him way. Springboard plancha back in, Negro off the ropes, quebradora, gutbuster, and Negro claiming a foul. That's just a distraction for Sagrado and the camera, who both miss Averno and Mephisto coming in with a running back elbows. Rudos taunt Sagrado, who traps them both in wristlocks, springboards off the ropes twice, and sends them both out with an armdrag. Sagrado fakes the dive and poses. Crowd boos. Crowd is restless. Negro Casas is the only one left in, but he's in no hurry to come in. This does give Mascara time enough to strip off his shirt. Mascara and Negro have a short posing contest. Chest slap, Negro winning with his heel kick. Multiple kicks to the chest. Whip, Negro puts his head down too soon, Negro moves in time to avoid the kick and points to his head, Mascara swings, Negro ducks under and points to his head, superkick and down goes Negro. Negro rolls out. Mephisto in, sunset flip, Mascara rolls thru and dropkicks him in the head, one two no. Mascara backdropped to the apron, superkick for Averno while he's there, and a swinging kick for Mephisto as he charges in. Mascara top rope armdrag, off the ropes, spinning armdrag sends Averno out. Mascara slides out after him, and Averno misses a clothesline and runs right into a quebradora. La Mascara gets cheers! Negro and Fantasma in, with Fantasma doing a hip shaking dance. Does he have a new tattoo, or is that just a shadow on his stomach? Not looking close enough. Another slap battle, Negro winning with an eye poke this time. Off the ropes, quick stop, and Negro gets in a clothesline. Negro offer his armpit to the ref, who declines. Negro tries a running kick to chest, but Fantasma ducks under, leaps up and dropkicks Negro out. Fantasma bounces off the ropes, but is quickly clotheslined down by Mephisto. Mephisto stomps him in the mat, then goes to the middle rope to celebrate stomping him into the mat. Corner whip, Mephisto charges in, Fantasma moves, Mephisto hits the corner, Fantasma charges, monkey flip and Mephisto flies across the ring. Fantasma look out of the ring, then sees Averno charging - just in time to still get tripped. Averno puts him Fantasma in a camel clutch, Mephisto of the ropes, Fantasma ducks down, Averno somehow gets kicked in the head. Odd, that. Mephisto misses a clothesline, Fantasma superkicks him out. Fantasma claps to the crowd, who doesn’t much respond to him. Headscissors for Averno sends him out, Fantasma slides out after him, and Avernos stops him with a chest slap. Averno holds Fantasma for a dive, but someone's got to get there. Mascara misses a dropkick on Mephisto, Mephisto charges and gets backdropped to the apron, Fantasma breaks free and knocks Averno away, Mephisto knocks Mascara away and tries an Asai, but Fantasma seeps him off the apron. Fantasma hold Mephisto, and Mascara runs – tope gets his partner by accident. Sagrado and Negro in, crowd behind a hyper Negro. Negro charges, quebradora by Sagrado, casita, and Averno and Mephisto both break it up. Whip, waved by, triple pump powerbomb. One two three, that's the win for the rudos.

Replays and we're done.