CMLL Guerreros del Ring on CAN52 #217 (01/16/2010)
Recap: 01/17-18/10

Match 1: Fabián el Gitano ©, Leono, Tony Rivera vs Bronco, Puma King, Tiger Kid ©
Arena Coliseo, 01/10/2010

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Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:42
Rating: better than these have been of late
Notes: Tiger Kid talk. For the captains, someone's finally figured out it's a good idea to skip the accomplishments if they haven't accomplished anything (see Tiger Kid.) Fabian's Cibernético win is mentioned as DL in 2009, which does ring a bell, and Solar' been added back to his maestros.

Tony and Tiger Kid start. What a técnico team. Tony quickly grabs an inside cradle for zero, then they battle around on the ground without holding anything longer for a second. Tiger Kid puts on an armbar, but Tony armdrags him, before Tier Kid backslides him for zero. Tony responds with a rollup of his own for zero, and it's back to a standing start. Tiger Kid works an armbar, then drags Tony over an puts on a headscissors on the mat, but Tony breaks free. Circle. Tony's hair is – brown? I was going to say it was his natural color, but I really have no idea what that might be at this point. More quick mat exchanges, which are well done from these two but go nowhere before tagging out. Leono and Puma in. hooting at Leono from the second he comes in. Basic stuff, as usual. Puma appears to have black tape on his chin, or maybe that's a band-aid. Whatever it is, it's strange. They don't last long, Puma being sent out via Leono waking up the ropes armdrag. Puma slides out, and runs up the ramp to safety. Leono struts! Maybe more of a silly walk, Fabian and Bronco in. Bronco kicks the bottom rope, angry, and it's too easy to make jokes. Fabian's tearoff pants come down before he wants and he has to pull them back up, which is funny. They end up in a chest slap fight, and Bronco definitively wins via huge big boot. Bronco stomps Fabian many many times after.. Whip, clothesline misses, Fabian gets him with a springboard armbar. Off the ropes, tope barely makes it thru the ropes but gets to Bronco. Everyone else ends in – Tony Rivera getting Tiger Kid with a plancha to set up Leono's double armbar, while Tony finishes off Puma with an off the middle rope chinbreaker. That's the fall.

Leono Bio. Leono apparently had a cut kid in a Lion outfit with him for his entrance. That's actually entertaining.

2: Tony and Tiger start, Tony missing a wheel kick but getting Tiger with a hiptoss. Puma knocks Tony down with a chest slap. Tiger powerbomb is reversed into a Tony faceslam, and Tony manages a slow bodyscissors armdrag. Tony does a pose as Tiger recovers on the floor, but shoots the Crowd a look like he's unhappy with them. Bronco and Leono in – I think there's actually a Leono chant. Evade, until Leono gets a bodyscissors bulldog. Leono with an iffy headscissors that sends Bronco to the apron, Bronco blocks his punch and knocks him back, then goes up – top rope plancha comes up empty. Leono superkicks Bronco out of the other way, and does his own roll into a pose. Puma and Fabian in. Crowd is chanting or Puma, so Fabian dances and pulls off his pants. Fabi tries a shoulderblock, but Puma pulls him down buy his hair and kicks him about the mat. Whip, Fabian flips off the middle rope to escape, though he really didn't need to. Fabian hiptoss. Spinning backbreaker, and Puma claims a foul, then gets up and takes another armdrag. Fabian puts on an armbar/neck crank submission, and is so focused on it, he doesn't notice Tiger Kid kicking him in the face. I don't know how you miss that, but Fabian just holds onto to the hold. So Tiger kicks him hard, in the thigh, and that does it. Chop knocks Fabian down. Puma clears to the técnicos from the apron. Tiger knocks Fabian out, and the rudos come together on Tony. Whipped, rudos try to do some leapfrog spots but the timing is just confused, Tony ends up running the ropes about four times, and finally Puma takes him down with a jumping toe kick to the head. The fall has been going for about 3 minutes, now a good time for the second fall ring girl. Leono held, hanging off the middle ropes, and the rudos dropkicks him questionable low. Everyone loves doing the questionably low dropkick. Fabian's turn, and he take s a double flapjack into upraised feet. Tony in, and chest slapped right onto his flack jacket. Triple boot sends him out. Leono back in. Bronco lifts him up, and drops him in the middle of the ring. Rudos decide to reposition themselves before doing their moves. Puma adds a running splash, then gets Tiger on his shoulders, and swings him forward into a big splash on Leono. Tiger briefly covers, then sits up, and isn't touching Leono at all. This does not stop Tigre Hispano from counting one two Tigre Kidd stops him and asks him what he's doing. Back to Fabian. Corner whip, into Bronco's big boots. Fabian stumbles backward, and Tiger Kid dropkicks him in the backside. Great timing on the dropkick, and the crowd approves. Bronco rolls Fabian onto his back to set him up for the next move, then lets go. This time, it looks like Rodolfo Ruiz who is counting Fabian down despite no one actually touching the man – one two three. NEW REFEREES PLEASE. Meanwhile, Puma knocks Tony Rivera way from helping, then runs towards Fabian. Tiger sweeps his partner into doing a shooting star press (every little bit of spin helps, I guess), and the rudos cover. Rodolfo Ruiz doesn't want to count, because he just counted that three, but angrily does it again – one two three. You can tell his totally ticked off, but it would appear to be his fault. Referees at least know Fabian is the captain and are waving off the fall, but the rudos are paying no mind. Tony is tossed in the middle of the ring, and Bronco adding a screaming top rope splash. Referees just refuse to count this one. They've hit their quota.

Bronco bio.

Tony Rivera bio.

3: Rudos still in control. Tony Rivera is held on the mat for a running kick to his backslide. He limps out of the ring. Fabian rolls in, and is forearmed down. Fabián normally .looks like a bigger guy, but Bronco is much taller than him. It also helps that the Cats are holding Fabian on his knees for Bronco to batter. Whip, Cat wave him by, and Fabian comes off the middle rope with a springboard back Elbow to both. Bad headscissors on Bronco – good they're showing it in the tiny screen. Killer Kats take out Fabian with a double superkick, but Leono gets them with a double rebound armdrag, and boots Tony into a dropkick to take Tiger out. Puma misses a senton, and Tony goes out with a tope on Tiger. Leono takes down Puma, and gets the one legged campana a lot easier this week. Meanwhile, Fabian takes out Bronco with a cruz japonesa, according to the announcers. Fabian el Gitano, technical wizard.

Dragon Rojo bio.

Match 2: Astro Boy, Hijo del Fantasma, Sagrado © vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Naito ©, Sangre Azteca
Arena Coliseo, 01/10/2010

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Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:23
Rating: amusing
Notes: Captains announcement is great for the shot of Naito reacting to the edecan in a Japanese flag bikini.

1: No clip to start. Naito is in a happy mood. Everyone takes time sorting out who's going to start, and the crowd gets on Naito for his hair cut. Eventually, it ends up with Sangre and Astro Boy, who's hyper to get going. Lockup, break. Lockup, waistlock by Sangre, armbar, holding on for another, holding on to work the joint. Monito is in the técnicos corner. Astro Boy reverses to a fujiwara armbar, over on top, one kick off. Is that a new ref? Tigre Hispano is the other one. Astro Boy armdrag, armbar, and Naito breaks that up with a kick. Hijo de Fantasma confronts him, Naito shakes his butt in Fantasma's direction, then goes out to the apron and does it again. Fantasma want to know what is wrong with this man, and so do I. Naito loves doing his new dance. Lockup, Sangre trips Astro Boy on his stomach, Astro escapes an armdrag armbar for a zero cover, to an Astro Boy. Sangre trips Astro Boy, but Astro pulls of a headscissors from the mat. Why is Dragon Rojo standing on the middle rope? Who knows. More exchanges from Astro Boy and Sangre and up with Astro Boy back to the armbar, and Naito breaking it up again. Naito retreats to the safety of the rudo corner, and Dragon Rojo gets him to do his dance once again. Lockup, no, Sangre just kicks Astro this time. Whip, reverses, zero leg trip by Astro, Sangre takes the bump in the oddest way possible, Astro covers and totally expects the kickout immediately, Sangre lays there instead, one, two, kickout. I dunno, and neither does the referee, who stopped counting for a second, expecting the kickout. Sangre armbar, twist, Astro Boy rolls forward to reverse, back to a seated armbar. Will Naito break this up again? Too close to the técnico corner, I think. Astro Boy switched to more of an elbow lock as they stand up, and holds Sangre with his arm behind his head. Naito sneaks over to help, but he's yelled at by the referee to go back to his corner. Camera prefers watching Naito than the match, so something is missing in here, but Astro Boy ends up back with that kneeling armbar, and this time it's Dragon Rojo leaning in to break it up. Now, zero leg trips, standoff, Sangre throws a punch, Astro Boy armdrag him off, a dive tease pose. Naito in, Fantasma in, Naito out, Dragon Rojo's ready to take Fantasma on, but Fantasma wants Naito. Naito's too busy talking to the front row to participate at this time. Lockup, break. Circle – actual break!

Fantasma and Dragon Rojo lockup, Fantasma waistlock, Dragon Rojo gets the ropes, Naito pounds Fantasma in the back, and quickly sneaks back out. Técnicos are aggravated – Sagrado most of all – but the match goes on. So does Naito's booty shaking. Fantasma and Dragon Rojo lockup, Dragon Rojo ties up the legs, grabs the arms and isn’t really sure what he wants to do. Best defense against Dragon Rojo may be allowing him to put on a hold. Fantasma gets up until Dragon Rojo puts a foot in his back for a standing surfboard, then flips Fantasma over onto his back. Fantasma manages a legscissors and an ankelock from there, and Naito breaks that up with the toe of his boot. Naito calmly leaves before Fantasma can catch up with him again, and Fantasma demands Naito come in and face him. Naito won’t, so Fantasma just punches where he stands. Dragon Rojo charges, takes a quebradora, and Fantasma slide out to get Naito. Naito is much too busy posing right in front of the first row to notice. By the time Naito turns around, Fantasma has grabbed Sangre from behind. Naito sings, but gets rudo partner. Fantasma gets Naito with headlock, but Naito shoves him off into the post. That starts the rudo beatdown, surprisingly. Poder Mexica clear the other two on the outside of the ring, and Naito slowly figures out he can join. Corner clothesline on Sagrado, corner by Sangre, Sangre goes to all fours, Naito tells him to move over a little, then runs and jumps of his back for a dropkick. Sangre grabs his back as if he's reconsidered the wisdom of being the boost there. Astro Boy in, Astro Boy kicked down. Double whip, waved by, drop toe hold, Naito is trying to figure out what he's supposed to do here, Sangre drags Astro Boy in the middle of the ring, camel clutch, Naito runs back and forth off the ropes in the mean time, camel clutch, Naito goes for the dropkick but stops to far past Astro Boy, so he runs and hits the ropes again, then stops again, then off the ropes a third time, roll, pose (!!! – great show of referee clearly annoyed at this point; Dragon Rojo also claps at Naito), Naito off the ropes, dropkick to Astro Boy’s face. No wonder he wanted to come back if he gets to do that. Naito has conversations with both referees after that one. Sangre Azteca and Dragon Rojo hold Fantasma, opening up a leg so Naito can kick the thigh. He confirms with both referees that he hit the inside of the leg. Fantasma corner whip, Dragon Rojo whipped in to land a clothesline, Sangre whipped in to land a clothesline, Sangre drops to all fours, Dragon Rojo and Naito screw around for a bit before whipping Naito in, Fantasma charges first, springboarding off Sangre to dropkick Naito. Dragon Rojo boots him down, but Sagrado gets him with a springboard headscissors. Sangre miss a senton on Sagrado, and Astro Boy gets him with a springboard 'rana. Sagrado goes out with a springboard plancha on Dragon Rojo, while Astro Boy gets Sangre with a tope. Fantasma and Naito in. Naito charges, right into an armdrag. Right into another armdrag. Fantasma a dropkick, and he's fired up. Naito miss a clothesline, Fantasma off the ropes, Naito tosses him up, and fouls him on the way down. Naito needs to work on that, he fell on the kick. Very obvious, referees call the finish right away.

Naito tries to push the referees off Fantasma and cover, but the other técnicos push him away.

Hijo de Fantasma bio

Naito bio – which includes mentions of Koji Kanemoto, Chris Sabin, and Alex Shelly.

2:Rudos still in control, so much that Sangre is just randomly carrying Monito around the center of the ring. Rudos are busy with Fantasma. Dragon Rojo slams Fantasma and, and Sangre throws Monito on top. Naito delights in Monito in the head. Sagrado tries to make the save for his friend, band is beat down. Naito holds Monito in position while Sangre goes up – low blow dropkick! Naito spanks him for good measure! Monito crawls to safety on the floor. Rudos beat up Sagrado instead. Sagrado is sent out after a few chops, and Astro Boy gets kicked around in his place. Astro Boy whipped, kicked by Dragon Rojo, sunset flip by Sangre, Sangre rolls it back in time for Dragon Rojo to dropkick Astro Boy, except Astro Boy moved out of the way for some reason. Everyone’s baffled for a moment, then Naito tells the referee to count since Dragon Rojo ended up on top of Astro Boy. When Tiger Hispano is slow, Naito slammed his hand down for him three times, which does not appear to work in this particular promotion. Astro Boy head for more kicks and punches. Naito off the ropes for me, but Fantasma pulled him out and slaps him around. Sagrado comes in with a dropkick for the other two. Astro Boy tossed into a dropkick to send Poder Mexica out. Monito in with the técnicos, and running out – tope on Sangre, who catches him – Sagrado wipes out Dragon Rojo with a tope, and Astro Boy climbs the ropes for a plancha on Sangre. Fantasma in with a plancha on Naito, off the ropes, cooped up on Naito's shoulders, but Fantasma spins out to a huge DDT, Naito getting stood on his head for a moment. Fantasma rolls him over, one two three.

Naito looks dead, starts to pick his head up, and Fantasma whacks him in the skull to keep him down. That worked.