CMLL 52MX - 05/16/09 (#183)

Match 1: Mini Warrior, Mini Damian 666 ©, Mini Violencia vs Mascarita Dorada ©, Shockercito, Bam Bam
Arena Mexico, 05/10/09

  1. tecnicos
  2. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 7:45
Approx Rating: good for how long it lasted
Other Match Notes:

1: Violencia and Dorada to start, from what we see, but Dorada's not in a hurry to accept the handshake. Lockup, no shoves. Lockup, no, and Violencia lifts Dorada up and tosses him down. Quite the face paint on Violencia today, a yellow base with blue ovals around the eyes. Warrior pokes at Dorada form outside and yells to the crowd as the two in the ring think about locking up again. Dorada waistlock, Violencia hammerlock, on top for a zero leg cover, Dorada out in a hammerlock, Viola escapes but gets armdragged. Both up and facing off, Dorada with a takedown and a toe hold, but Violencia is in the ropes immediately. This time, Violencia gets poked by Bam Bam on the outside. Violencia with a takedown, Dorada counters into an armdrags. Armbar by Dorada, another armdrags as Violencia gets up, and Dorada tosses him by his hair. Warrior comes in to check on his partner, and the crowd gets in on him. Lockup, whip, Dorada bodyscissors into an armdrag. Violencia rolls out, Dorada teases following. Shockercito in, and blown up by a Mini Damian dropkick. Big chop. Headbutt. Chop. Corner whip, Damian charges in, Shockercito escapes in time, shoulderblock, off the ropes, under, Shockercito spinning headscissors into another, spinning Damian across the ring and out. That looks great. Shockercito follows with an Asai moonsault. Long crowd shot here, and the other four are mixing it up when the camera switches back to action. Bam Bam gets Warrior with an armbar head crank combo, and Dorada hits nice springboard moonsault on Violencia for the fall.

2: Bam Bam and Violencia are in mid chop fest. Bam Bam gets whipped, flipping run, whipped again, Violencia tries a shoulderblock, but Bam Bam pulls him down by his hair. Headscissors sends Violencia out, and Bam Bam holds up rather than dive. Dorada standing on the top rope and waiting for Warrior to stop hugging his partner and face him. Warrior does, and Dorada gets him with a spinning headscissors. Dorada waved by on the run, up and over faceslam. Shoulderblock to Warrior, springboard tope knocks Warrior down. Whip, reversed, here comes the consecutive spinning headscissors – a one, a two, a three and an armdrag! Dorada off the ropes, stops short, and rolls back into the center of the ring. Which allows Damian to knock him good with a dropkick. Damian celebrates while Shocker comes in to face him. Damian off the ropes, over, knocked down y by a Shocker dropkick, by complaining about a foul. Chest slap knocks Damian into the ropes. One more. Whip, reversed, Damian tosses Shocker up and drops him with as shoulder powerslam. Damian feeling very proud of himself today. Chop. Corner whip, Shocker back with a plancha, but Damian catches him and cracks him with a side back breaker. Chop. Whip, clothesline misses, Shockercito back with a spinning headscissors. Shockercito wasting no time – but the dive is still cut off by Warrior kick from the apron. Shockercito falls out of the ring as Warrior and Violencia come in Bam Bam manage to bump them into each other and use Warrior to dropkick Violencia out. Warrior comes back with jabs on Bam Bam. Whip, Warrior chases Bam Bam but bites on the Tiger Mask fake, while Bam Bam runs back the other way straight into a tornillo on Violencia. Dorada in – Dorada out with a tope into an armdrag on Warrior, who loudly bounces off the sideboard. Shockercito and Damian in, Shockercito off the top for a nice headscissors. Shockercito charges Damian in the corner, Damian tosses Shockercito up, and nails him with a foul uppercut. Everyone saw that, that's the match.

Shockercito is the winner, but he's still down. Damian celebrates losing.

Match 2: Averno ©, Texano Jr., Heavy Metal vs Hijo del Fantasma ©, Valiente, Metro
Arena Mexico, 05/10/09

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:19
Approx Rating: by the numbers
Other Match Notes:

1: Averno & Metro to start on the mat, and not really get anywhere thru it. Show more interested in a new tattoo on Fantasma. Crowd more behind Averno. Usually zero pinfall spot. Texano and Valiente next, and Texano is always looking for a handshake. Valiente eventually accepts it, but immediately takes Texano down with hand in hand. Valiente with a corner flipping run (though stepping around Texano rather than over him.) Texano misses a clothesline, and Valiente chest slaps him back three feet. Valiente charges him, Texano flips him to the apron, Valiente loudly slaps him again, then gets him with an top rope headscissors. Quebadora! Off the ropes, rolling pose. Metal and Fantasma in. Metal is wrestling in a Metallica shirt? Metal checks out the crowd before locking up, then discusses something with Texano – a tag? Texano's not thrilled about being in, instead. Fantasma is like whatever, and all the fans behind the rudos corner watch Heavy Metal start come in the ring to attack Fantasma from behind. Since he's spotted, Heavy Metal decides to tease going in many times instead of just actually doing it. Finally, Averno just does it himself, knocking Fantasma down from behind. Texano and Averno make sure he stays down, then leave Metal alone in the ring. Whip, reversed, Metal grabs the ropes, Fantasma misses a dropkick but rolls to his feet. Metal puts on an armbar, decides that's enough for now, and pulls Fantasma back to his corner so Texano can take over. Heavy Metal, everyone! Fantasma whipped, double clothesline misses, Averno tosses him up into a dropkick on Texano, who hangs in the ropes by his feet. Fantasma misses it, too busy taking out Averno (who slides an takes out his partner.) Fantasma tope on Averno, Metal waiting – for – I don't know, a opportunity to miss a charge on Metal, I guess. Metro holds him in place while Valiente springboards in to hit a plancha on the returning Texano. Texano manges to shove Valiente into the other two guys, then scoop him up on his shoulder for his headcrusher, 1, 2, 3. Everyone does figure out he's not the captain in relatively quick fashion, and Metro comes in. Averno holds him in a catapult so the other two can do running legdrops, and that'll do it.

2: Beatdown. Averno slams Metro on the ramp. Double elbow for Valiente. Fantasma brought in, legs held apart, and Metal adds a a running low blow senton, sort of. Odd spot. Valiente chopped around and thrown out. Not much here. Metro starts the comeback by kipping out a corner charge, then leading Averno and Texano into a double chop on Metal. Valiente gets Averno with a missile dropkick, Texano misses a senton on him him, and Fantasma does the ramp running clothesline on Texano. Fantasma directs Valiente into a big tope on Texano on the outside. Fantasma gets the cross armbreaker on Metal while Metro manages a German suplex on Averno for the fall.

3: Match already going, Fantasma getting Texano with a headscissors and sending him scurrying up the ramp. Valiente and Averno in. Valiente off the ropes, over, under, flipping over a Monkey flip, springboard flip escape – running out of escapes! So, he gets Averno with a monkey flip to put a stop to that. Averno crawls out of of the ring, and Valiente charges after him – clothesline misses, Valiente gives him a backbreaker on the floor Going for the mask? No, the ref warns him off. Metro and Texano have a chest slap battle. Shoulderblock by Texano, off the ropes, and cut down by a Metro dropkick. Texano goes out, and take another tope, this time for Metro. Everyone's got one. Metal misses a dropkick on Valiente, who takes him own and puts on a half crab. Averno breaks that up. Fantasma in and hopping in excitement to face Averno. Fantasma off the ropes, under, waved by, Fantasma bodyscissors shoved off, Averno hammers him with a clothesline. Devil's Wings, one two three. That turned out to be easy at the end!