AAA on Televisa #998 (06/26/2011) 
Recapped: 07/07/11

Previously: Argos appeared, was mostly edited out, but changes the balance in the war with the Milicia maybe. Perro Aguayo Jr. yells about Dr. Wagner. People won matches in the trios tournament.

This week: IWRG vs Milicia, Argos/Elegido vs Milica, Perros vs Bizarros, and scenes from TripleMania.

Match 1: Argos & El Elegido vs Alan Stone & Decnnis
Arena Naucalpan, 06/09/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 13:09
Rating: eh
Notes: Alan has his belt and his mirror. Not sure which one means more to him. Hijo de Tirantes enters with the Milicia, that seems a bad sign for the other team. Argos brings a couple masks with him, but doesn't of letting us see them before he throws them to the crowd. Elegido's entrance is shorter, but just as long. Why are the girls in the Milicia shirts cheering for Elegido? Got to support your own!

Alan jumps Elegido without ever taking off his belt or his hat. Decnnis hits Argos with the back of the mirror and the rudos get the better of the brawl. Beatdown. Argos lands heels first on a backdrop; who would figure he'd be the first guy to have something to go wrong on his team? Tirantes helps out, because this is one of those days he feels like helping on. Decnnis gives Elegido a leg DDT. Argos escapes a corner charge, trying to start the comeback, but is wheelbarrowed into a frontcracker. Break. It sounds like most of the match commentary was taped already, but the bits leading into the break are new.

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07/31: Guadalajara

Decnnis is mocking the Elegido chants. Probably not a good idea, this close after a break. Spinebuster, catapult hold, and a springboard legdrop. Decnnis covers (!) but only gets two. Argos lightly slapped around, but knocked off the apron hard. Elegido grabs the ropes on a whip, Argos plancha both men, they toss him, but Elegido get in the double clothesline. No particular reaction. Crowd has lost interest. Argos booted into a double dropkick both, técnicos have trouble with a high five, rudos duck down to avoid dives, técnicos slap them on the back and get them to blame each other. Técnicos kill time threatening to punch Tirantes. Argos gets the first showcase (running front flip, check!), but gets a negative reaction. Elegido does a headscissors/armdrag spot that requires a lot of help, and then a springboard clothesline but that needs some careful editing. Back to Argos, who powerslams and fireman slams Decnnis before going up for a moonsault (“star shooting press”) but getting caught by Decnnis' boots. Spinning back elbow sends up a two count for Decnnis,a fast one at that. Elegido breaks it up, Alan gets him with a springboard forearm for another fast two. Not fast enough. Rudos drop Argos with a two man press slam, but are taken out by a double clothesline again. Armdrags, double clothesline only hits Alan, but Argos gets Decnnis with the double rotation headscissors instead. Crowd noise is really weird. Another break?

Back to see Argos run up a corner and plancha Decnnis. Alan and Elegido back in. Punches and forearms back and forth. Alan sort of leapfrogs over a backdrop, jumps on Elegido's shoulders, punches a bit, but gets dropped in an electric chair suplex. Argos add a top rope twisting senton one two three.

Guapito is out, and frantically waving people out. The Milica hit the ring and take out the técnicos really quick. Can't have a técnico win without getting attack afterward, I guess. Pimpinela, Laredo Kid, Sugi San and Aerostar rush thru the crowd to make the save. Crowd reacts to that more than anything in this match. Many minutes of both teams teasing more fights, then facing off in the ring. Super Fly finally gets the microphone, talking about war and such and what he and his friends are going to do. Then Chris Stone gets the 2 fall sign, walks around with it, and get chased off by the técnicos not in this match. Elegido & Argos celebrate in the ring. Replays.

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Match 2: Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro, Eterno vs Chris Stone, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana
Arena Naucalpan, 06/09/2011

Winner: Team IWRG
Match Time: 12:21
Rating: good
Notes: This is a good taping if you're a fan of the Milicla theme song. Tito is now painting half his face green. Team IWRG gets one entrance and “Grupo Revolucion” graphic. Dr. Cerebro is wearing his mask. Pepe Casas is ref.

Announcers are as unsure of which one is Dr. Cerebro & which one is Cerebro Negro as always. It's Dr. Cerebro who has a long mat battle with Tigre Cota to start, with his partners rushing into break up submissions. Milicia go on attack after the second, starting the beatdown. Eterno explains Eterno is a 'punk'. Was he Punker? That would be too great. Cota lands his flying elbow drop on Dr. Cerebro. Santana lands the guillotine senton con giro on Eterno. Cerebro Negro takes corner charges and a top rope headscissors from Chris. Rudos are a bit lax there, and Dr. Cerebro dropkicks out Tito, superkicks Cota, and still gets caught by a Chris walking the ropes headscissors. Break.

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Back. Chris Stone slides out to celebrate for no reason. Inside, Santana whips Cota for no reason (??) and Dr. Cerebro trips Cota and pulls him out. Eterno flying armdrag on Santana goes wrong – I think that's on Santana, actually. Cerebro Negro superkicks Tito on the outside, and Eterno adds a misaimed tope con giro. Crowd chants for Eterno as the rudos are all down too much to be hurt. Replay of Eterno hitting the barricade on the dive. Eterno and Tito back in, Eterno backflips over Tito only to get clotheslined. Corner whip, Eterno steps to the middle rope, Tito charge in, Eterno blocks his punch and pulls him down by the hair, backflip back to the mat, armdrag and dropkick sends Tito out. Chris dropkicks out Eterno, and Cerebro Negro in to deal with him. Chris machete slaps down Negro twice, gets caught and slapped back the third time. Headlock, shout off, back with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, waved by, clothesline misses, and Negro headscissors him out. Cota shoulderblocks Negro, off the ropes avoidance, Cota clotheslines him. Corner whip, Cota charges in, Negro flips him to the apron, Cota clotheslines him away, and comes in with an armdrag. Cota yells, and turns to see Doctor springboard dropkicking him. Corner whip, corner clothesline in, bulldog out. I think the announcers think this guy is named “Cerebro” and have no idea what the other guy's name is. Negro with a Gori Special. One two NO. Santana dropkicks Negro before he can go for more. Whip, kick to the midsection, double underhook piledriver, one two Doctor breaks it up. Corner whip, reversed, Tito charges into a boot, Tito charge into a into the Cerebro Driver! One two Cota breaks it up and needed to, because Tito's still down. Cota powerbomb, turning it right into a sharpshooter. Eterno take a look and dropkick its from the side. Eterno grabs Cota in a reverse facelock, then picks the leg to turn Cota upside down – wow, that's a better way to get into the Cereberina! Someone tell Guerrero Maya. Eterno drops Cota on his neck, calls it over, and covers - so of course Chris Stone breaks it up. My video has a little bit of an issue here, but Dr. Cerebro almost pins Chris Stone after a missed corner charge, Chris drops Dr. Cerebro with a heel trip but his quebrada eats knees, and Dr. Cerebro gives him the Maya version of La Cerebrina for the win.

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TripleMania results, narrated by Jesus Z. Octagon video package is shown more clearly here. Heavy Metal getting stitched up counts as exclusive footage, I guess. Reina de Rings get a lot of time. First segment only takes us up to Parka/Cibernetico.

More TripleMania results! We get to see TNA celebrate the win. Jeff Jarrett has a bottle of Jack Daniels that he doesn’t seem to ever drink from. Jeff Jarrett promo, I'm fast forwarding.

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Match 3: Charly Manson, Cibernético, Escoria vs Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween in an AAA World Trios tournament semifinal match
Arena Naucalpan, 06/09/2011

Winner: Perros
Match Time: 11:35
Rating: eh
Notes: Perros enter first. X-Fly is with the trio that's in the match. Why does Perro's shirt have a hood? Only 3 Bizarros, so far. Brawl starts when the Bizarros hit the ring, X-Fly participating and helping his team get the edge. Referee is Piero and not at all in control of this one.

Crowd behind the Perros. Perro pours a beer on himself. Issues! Halloween drops Charly with a death valley driver in the middle of the ring, decides the best way to follow up is a low blow headbutt. X-Fly and Perro work over one guy on the outside, while Halloween and Damian work over the other two in the ring. Some where editing, cutting to Perro choking Charly with a shirt just as Cibernético is about to be hit. X-Fly lands his top rope senton con giro on Charly, then runs out of the ring like he's worried about being caught. What match does he think he's in? Perro content to punch and slowly wander around. He's turning into his dad! Cibernético starts the comeback, flipping Damian to the apron and clotheslining the other two. Charly topes X-Fly as Cibernético and Escoria takes care of the other two. Bizarros take the crawling into the crowd, though no one's made it to the freezer yet. Perro mostly lays on the stairs and gets hit.

AAA upcoming schedule – no one can say they didn't know when the shows were happening!

Everyone heads back to their corners, and Charly and X-Fly start off. X-Fly is just in this match, no explanation, taking monkey flips to the floor. Charly gets offense on the other three Bizarros, Perro takes an accidental double chop, and Charly's sequence ends in a weird edit. Escoria, Halloween and Damian play around about handshakes. Crowd LOUD behind the Perros, and everyone's acting as if they expected it to be the other way (except Perro Jr.) Halloween takes the chest slide out, and Escoria fakes a dive. Escoria taunts Perro Jr. in, then tags Cibernético. Crowd wants to see this go down. Perro has to pose a bit first. Circle – and the other Perros rush in and beat Cibernético down. Cibernético immediately rallies back up and spears the two Perros not wearing hoodies. Perrito rushes him from down and knocks him to one knee, but Cibernético spears him off a whip. Perro is down and rolling out. And then they just tag people from there, back to Halloween and Escoria. Crowd chanting for Halloween, but he and Damian just bumble a bit and take Escoria slingshot tornillo. Cibernético gives Perro a stunner, which Perro sells by just sitting on his knees for a bit, and then standing back up so Charly can stake him down for el Pozo. Cibernético leaves the ring for no reason, and Charly lets go before getting the hold on to dropkick someone off the apron. Bestia 666 is out, and he and X-Fly brawl with Cibernético on the outside, quickly getting away from the stairs. Inside, Halloween mists a corner charge on Escoria, and Escoria barely gets him up for a back suplex. Communication issues there. Twisting quebrada one two Halloween is in the ropes. Halloween up first. Whip, reversed, Halloween puts his head down, Escoria kicks it. Cuervo is out, Escoria punches him off the apron, but turns into Halloween's spear. Halloween puts a char on top of Escoria, and holds it there for Perro to run in and double stomp. One two three.

Ozz and Espiritu are out, and brawling with Los Bizarros, though Ozz does too far well. Psycho Circus rush the ring to fight with lose Perros, surprisingly even despite the numbers. Camera sticks with Monster Clown, which is not the world's great idea. Everyone gives up fighting pretty quick. The Infarmundo shirts look nice. Replays. Lots and lots of time killing, and replays to wrap up.