AAA on Televisa #992 (05/28/2011) 
Recapped: 05/25/11

Previously: Aerostar wiped out on a dive. Motorcycles were stolen. Perros beat Clowns. Jeff Jarrett said things. LA Park was not happy with Zorro.

LA Park is knocking doors open looking for Zorro. Konnan tries to calm him down, but LA Park is not happy with the loco man who cost him the match. This is not a game! Konnan tells Park to clam down, his priority is Mesías, not Zorro

Match 1: Mascarita Divina, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs Mini Chessman, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/30/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 6:23
Rating: bleh
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Pairs are Octagoncito/Histeria, Charly/Chessman, Divina/Psicosis, clipping form one to the next as soon as they roll out. Octagoncito is really good at keeping the pace fast, the other two not as much. As soon as Divina is done with Psicosis, the other two rush in – to take a plancha. Octagoncito immediately walks into a (relay fake looking) double back elbow to start the beatdown anyway. Rudos really not on the same page for people who you'd figure work together a lot – maybe it's just Mini Chessman not on the same page as the other two. Mini Charly almost makes a comeback until Histeria cuts him down with a kick. Vipers get a double straight jacket armbar submission on him, other técnicos break it up with a dropkicks. Double slap and double Indian Deathlock on Psicosis, other rudos break it up. Mini Chessman does a mini spear. Could use work. Jesus Zingia knows English moves names, but has no idea what moves they correspond to. It's very weird. After a replay, Octagoncito is already headscissors people around. Top rope springboard plancha on Histeria wipes them both out. Mini Charly springboard dropkicks him out and follows with a plancha. Divina gets Chessman with a flying headscissors and a quick 'rana (spiking Chessman) for the pin.

Divina is bucked over at the pin. He recovers and gets his arm raised, but Psicosis shows off his belt to the camera. Chessman is helped to the back.

Jeff Jarrett vignette #2 (re: Konnan)

AAA on tour.
05/18: Gimnasio Miguel Barragan, SLP
05/26: Auditorio Augstin Millan, Toluca
06/18: TripleMania

Crazy Boy! Is still looking for new Mexican Powers!!! He's telling this two kids, who re probably supposed to look interested. Anyway, Crazy Boy is going to party, and the kids like to roll and dance like Crazy Boy does. It's almost as if they're making a kid's trio with Crazy Boy, hmmm.

Match 2: Aerostar, El Elegido, Laredo Kid vs Alan Stone, Decnnis, Súper Fly
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/30/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 9:15
Rating: OK
Notes: Clipped to Elegido's entrance, with Alan dropkicking Elegido in mid dance and the match starting that moment. Piero is referee.

Hot start slowed down by Elegido returning to clothesline Alan and stopping to dance. Alan picks things up, but his sunset flip fails. Super Fly charges with a kneelift, and takes high backdrop. Elegido lifts Decnnis up in a torture rack, does a hip swivel, and then drops him. Tag for more dancing. Laredo Kid is next, mostly with Super Fly. They try to do a big walking the ropes headscissors things, which doesn't work at all, but doesn't stop them from showing it in slow motion again. Oh well. Aerostar works hard at getting the crowd to clap before he'll actually wrestle, and that leads to Super Fly just beating him up. Aerostar's escapes are more noteworthy than his offense (thought there are nice rope flip armdrags.) Announcers are totally talking about Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, TNA and Konnan, and then occasionally this match. Aerostar sends Decnnis out with a double spin headscissors (Decnnis gong over the top rope or no reason) and follows with the inside springboard plancha, looking great. Alan clothesline and boosts Laredo as he comes in. Elegido calls Alan on, and the other two rudos just past him, and hit him form behind. Alan gyrates over Elegido as they go to break.

TripleMania ad.

Decnnis drops Laredo with a Gori Special, Alan drops him with a Michinoku, and Super Fly drops him hard with a tope rope senton. Whatever happens with Aerostar is clipped out. Another big clip with Elegido in. Aerostar back in, and taking a slingshot hold/springboard legdrop. Laredo corner whip, Elegido flips him to the apron, Aero flipped in, Elegido sits him on the top rope and hammers Decnnis with a clothesline. Aero headscissors on Super Fly, Laredo springboard dropkick on Alan. Triple dive tease, but the rudos run off. Elegido backs Alan to the entrance, and we all know técnicos are never able to step foot on the entrance to attack someone (I guess.)

Back in the ring, Aero gets Super Fly with a top rope headscissors. Decnnis gets Aero with a split legged faceslam. Laredo gets Decnnis with a casadora into a DDT, but that's not coming off clean. Not Laredo’s night. Alan blows up Laredo with a missile dropkick. Elegido sticks with a clothesline. Armdrag, armdrag, swivel. Super Fly cuts Elegido with a plancha, but Elegido tosses Super Fly behind him in the corner. (Sort of misses, close enough.) Elegido holds Super Fly in a time killing hold, while Laredo and Decnnis come back in. Laredo tries a casadora into a small package, one two NO. Laredo crotches Decnnis on the top rope and kicks him off to the floor. Clip – wow, Laredo's dive is cut out. This really is not Laredo's night. Aerostar in with a flying armdrag and a casadora bulldog on Alan. Decnnis still hasn’t gotten free or given up. Aero drags Alan in position and heads up. Top rope shooting star press – not the prettiest one, but effective. One two three. Jesus Z, who's been calling every flip “shooting star press” for the last three weeks, does not make a noise here. Sigh. Elegido finally lets go of his hold!

Laredo is nowhere to be seen as the other two celebrates. Wonder if he's been stretchered off already, because the técnicos don't even look for him. Super Fly recovers, attacks Aerostar. Alan helps out, but Elegido turns the tide and runs them off.

In a quiet, dark corner, Zorro reads out of Santa Bibla. Seems worried about traitors.

In Dorian's office, he's sure he can control Jeff Jarrett though Konnan still thinks this is a bad idea. Dorian wants Konnan to make peace with Jeff Jarrett. He's coming to SLP, and they've got to put their differences behind, whether Konnan likes it or not.

Video packages: Cibernético and La Parka pranked each other. Also, fire.

Match 3: Cuervo, Espíritu, Ozz vs Billy el Malo, Cibernético, Escoria
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/30/2011

Winner: Bizarros
Match Time: 10:25
Rating: OK
Notes: Dark Family charge the Bizarros! That's optimistic of them. Escoria is back to wearing his Dark Family red tights this week. Who's ever in charge of the graphics doesn't know which one is Cuervo and which one is Espiritu. Ref is Tirantes.

Dark Family hold the ring, crowd shot, and it's just back to one on ones in the ring. The offense starts out with just the lesser Bizarros taking the offense (nice Espiritu tope on Billy), but then Cibernético actually mixes it up with Cuervo for a few spots. This is mostly Cibernético standing in the middle of the ring while Cuervo runs around, but Cuervo goes for a drop toe hold. Bizarros makes the save before he can get on a casita, and then suddenly they've jumped out to Ozz and Escoria. Wheel kick sends out the rudo, Ozz celebrates, is clotheslined by Billy. Billy starts the Bizarros chants. Avoidance, Ozz kicks is caught but he flips out of it and powerslams Billy on the next pass. Ozz and gets Cibernético with an armbar takedown, but lets Cibernético roll out so he can pose. Ozz tries to tag out, but Escoria ambushed him with a clothesline and the beatdown starts there. Bizarros get metal chairs for the usual spots. Creatively at play: Espiritu is sat in the middle of the ring, and then hit hard in the head with a chair. Ozz is hit with a chair on the ring. Break as the Bizarros are setting something up.

Back for more chair shots. Espiritu is bleeding. Ozz is bleeding pretty heavily. Cuervo is bleeding less so, but he's catching up. After heavy chair shots to start, the beatdown gets up to big moves, then lesser moves, then Cuervo and Espiritu make well timed entrances to cut off corner charges. Everyone hitting everyone with moves includes with Ozz dropping Cibernético with a frontcracker (Cibernético) struggling and Billy slowing Ozz down with a kick. Another clip here, and Ozz and Billy go in and out until Ozz can set up his tornillo, which doesn't seem to get it's usual distance. Escoria slides out so Cuervo can play Ephesto. Espiritu and Cibernético are left in, and Espiritu actually gets in a dropkick to the knee and punches to the head. Espiritu wastes time trying to get people to clap, just so we know she's going to lose. Whip, reversed, Cibernético with the choke hold, Espiritu lifted up into – a powerbomb? Okay. One two three.

Cibernético immediately gets the microphone to tell us that was easy. He's taken out three of Parka's men, just two to go. This is the power of the Bizarros. Blah blah blah.

More Jeff Jarrett. I'm pretty sure the only thing Jarrett knows about AAA is there is a La Sociedad, and Dorian has Konnan running it. Partner is teased, but not shown. That's probably for the best. It is kind of weird that Jarrett's teasing his partner when the announcers have been telling us Scott Steiner is coming all show long.

AAA on tour.
05/18: Gimnasio Miguel Barragan, SLP
05/26: Auditorio Augstin Millan, Toluca
06/18: TripleMania

Match 4: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Damián 666, Halloween, X-Fly
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/30/2011

Winner: Psycho Circus (by DQ)
Match Time: 12:36
Rating: usual
Notes: X-Fly has two belts and one dog. The dog does not look like he wants to be there. Psycho Circus have their IWRG trios belts. Monster Clown abducts a child – who's wearing a Sin Cara mask. Perros attack early. Clowns are labeled “Psycho Circus”, “Murder Circus”, and “Monster Circus”. Ref is Piero.

Prop warfare. Big clip to the comeback spot, where Murder spears Damian and Halloween thru a wood panel propped up in the corner. Usual Psycho Circus spots, with extra belt whipping. X-Fly is very bloody and I'm not sure why. Rudos retreat to the stage, and Monster actually walks up and fights – X-Fly, because everyone always picks X-Fly to fight. Piero diffuses things, and they clip ahead to everyone back in the ring. Psycho gives Damian a hanging front cracker – much more more to the face than the chest, covers for two, and is frustrated when it's not three. Crowd shot to break.

Damian comes back to drop toe hold and dropkick Psycho Clown. Murder breaks it up and big boots Damian in the corner. Murder does an odd middle rope legdrop, but Halloween breaks it up. Damian rolls out, Halloween leaves, and X-Fly comes in. Murder Clown boots him, punches him, and bounces off the ropes. Other rudos trip up Murder from outside, and toss in a large metal garbage can for X-Fly. X-Fly lays it in the middle of the ring, I guess the spot where he wants to be powerbombed on it. X-Fly and Murder fight over it, then accidentally boink it into Piero. Both guys are upset about it, but Murder flattens X-Fly in the corner. Barrel set up. X-Fly pressed off the top rope and dropped into the can, which crunches easily and smoothly. That's good, better than X-Fly. Piero still down. Murder Clown goes up, splash just this the can, X-Fly rolling out. Those two roll out as the Perros run the Clowns into each other. Psycho is knocked down with the rest the can, and Monster takes a thrown chair shot to the face. Perros construct a chair table, but send Monster the other way. He throws Halloween into the post as he charges, but gets caught by Damian and set up on the top rope. Damian is bleeding pretty heavily here, how did I miss that? Damian tries to pull Monster off for a valagueza, but that's fails, Damian losing him rapidly. They pretend it went find. Damian slowly climbs to the middle rope, stands there for a bit, and finally Monster comes over to powerbomb him off. Monster sets up a chair on the table, then another. No apparent reason why. Damian gets up, Monster clotheslines him, repeat. Monster leaves the ring. This is going for a while with no one else getting involved. Monster gets up on the apron, and Damian gives him a running sunset flip bomb to the floor. OK. In the ring, Halloween kicks the returning Psycho Clown and tires to powerbomb, but gets lifted into an Air Raid Crash. Replay of Damian's powerbomb on the outside. Psycho lays Halloween on the table, in the midst of the chair. There's now ay Psycho can jump on him without hitting one of the chair Monster set up. doesn’t matter, because Damian returns to crotch him. No idea where X-Fly and Murder Clown have gone too. Perros set up more chairs on the table, because there's not enough chairs here, and try for a double superplex, but Psycho crotches Damian. Halloween rallies, but he's superbombed thru everything by Psycho Clown. Psycho covers, but Piero's still not up. He did roll off the ring, but he's not recovered after five minutes. Bestia 666, carrying a bag of something (?) and a chair (because we needed more) runs in and pulls Psycho Clown off the top of the pile. Stomps a plenty. Piero is back up in and in the ring now. Perro Aguayo Jr. is in now, in such an undramatic way that I thought it was a security member running in at first. Camera people knew, they were rushing over. Perro gives Psycho a chair shot to the back. THIS is too much for Piero, he calls for the DQ. I'd like to know what the system is here.

Perro destroy Psychos. Murders comes in and he's worked over. Monster is somewhere around. After a clip, Perro Aguayo sends a message to Dorian – Perro doesn't need Dorian, Dorian needs Perro. He wants a meeting about their situation with Konnan and Dorian.

Match 5: El Mesías, Heavy Metal, Nicho el Millionario vs Chessman, Hijo del Lizmark, LA Park
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/30/2011

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 12:03
Rating: good
Notes: Hijo de Lizmark is just here, no real mention of Zorro. Heavy Metal teases throwing his guitar in to either side of the crowd before handing it to a young fan. He's got his usual accompaniment with him. Tirantes is ref.

Beatdown at the whistle. Lizmark drags Lokillo around by his ankle, but doesn’t go anything with him before Tirantes breaks it up. Park focuses on Mesías, the other two work on the other guys. Things go well when Lizmark and Chessman hold Mesías for La Park to hit, things go badly when Metal catches Mesías, Mesías ducks a double clothesline and LA Park dropkicks out his partners. Revenge brawl on about four minutes in. Break.

Backstage, Mask Zorro is moaning in a voice that sounds a lot like Unmasked Zorro.

Longs of revenge brawling. Hijo de Tirantes won't let Nicho use a chair, which makes sense if you haven't seen the rest of the show. Clip to showcases, and Heavy Metal/Chessman looks clipped. Metal finishes Park with the dropkick the ropes, but LA Park pulls Metal to the floor by his hair, then tosses him in. Parka struts, Lizmark misses an elbow drop on Metal, Park misses an elbow drop, Metal splashes both of them and gets thrown off. Metal to the apron, but Chessman drops him on the apron by his chin and throws him back in. Powerbomb by Park. Powerbomb by Lizmark. Tirantes I arguing with the técnicos and not letting them in. Powerbomb by Chessman on Metal, but onto a couple chairs. Tirantes has no problem with this. Replay, and then metal is on the outside being hit by chairs. Tirantes still won't let Mesías in, though it probably should be his turn. He slips by the ref, armdrag Park, shoulderblock him out. Lizmark in, Mesías off the ropes, LA Park trips him up, Lizmark misses an elbow drop, Mesías covers, La Park slingshot in with a double stomp, but both guys move, and Nicho levels Park with a top rope spin kick. Lizmark clothesline Nicho, Mesías forearms Lizmark. On the outside, they're trying to load Meta onto the stretcher, but Chessman is busy hitting him with chairs a few more times. Metal is bleeding from the side of the head, that can't be good. Inside, Mesías has powerslammed LA Park, Lizmark clotheslines Mesías, Nicho connects oddly on a dropkick to Lizmark. Parka and Lizmark have more screw up spots, but chessman cuts down Nicho with a clothesline. There's a lot of cutaways to Metal on the stretcher, and they never seem to get more than two steps away. Nicho rallies but misses a moonsault (!). Crowd shot, LA Park is on the to rope, but Mesías this the rope and crotches him. This a bit chaotic. Lizmark punches Mesías, slips underneath Nicho, and powerbombs him as he superplexes LA Park. Mesías splashes LA Park, Chessman splashes Nicho, both cover, Lizmark breaks up the Mesías pin as Nicho kicks out. Another clip? Lizmark in with a chair – bet it backfires. Hey, it backfired! Chessman take the chair shot, Nicho wheel kicks Lizmark. 187 yell, but Chessman yanks out Nicho. Chessman holds onto Nicho, Lizmark pescado, Nicho gets free and Chessman takes it. Lizmark has hit his team up about a dozen times in this match. Nicho gets both of the rudos with a corkscrew moonsault from the top rope. LA Park runs to dive, but Mesías cuts him off with a missile dropkick. One two no. More crowd shots. LA Park misses a corner charge and gets himself stuck in the corner. Mesías pulls him out, backcracker. Cover, one two NO. Nicho thought that was it. Mesías a bit fired up, up to the middle rope, headscissors actually looks good! Mesías up and charging, but LA Park oles him right into Tirantes. Hijo de Tirantes is wiped out. Straight To Hell on LA Park, but there's no one to count. Mesías poses and heads up. Top rope splash – but Park moves. Tirantes is stirring. LA Park is up, but Masked Zorro is limping to the ring. Hmmm. Cane shot to LA Park, Masked Zorro leaves the way he came, and we just miss seeing Mesías' spear on LA Park. One two three.

Damian and Halloween walk to the ring, yelling at LA Park for losing. LA Park explains about the part where a guy hit him with a stick. Konnan in,and LA Parks shoves him. He's angry about the whole thing. Rudos try to keep LA Park and Konnan separated. LA Park is the only one angry, and poor Lizmark Jr. is on his own trying to stop him. Konnan eventually figures out eh should leave the ring. Replays.

Masked Zorro walks down a hallway. He stops – and picks up the book Zorro had left on the floor earlier. OK.

Ending video package recap and they're done.