AAA on Televisa #961 (10/23/2010)
Recapped: 10/14/10

recap packages and such. Militia and Wagners and Perros and Octagon and such. Perro/Mesias is the last hyped match, for what it's worth. The silly countdown is back!

Backstage: Metal, Octagon, Mesías and Joaquin are meeting. Octagon is in street clothes, but Parka is telling how he can't wrestle in the match. Too hurt, I guess, even though there are no wounds or bandages on his body and he doesn’t appear to be favoring any body part. This is as close as they come to selling in AAA. All Octagon's friends want him to be in the hospital, but he insists this is an important night and he needs to be there with him. Joaquin tells him he's not wrestle and he needs to recuperate. Huddle for AAA. Prayer for AAA? This show often causes me to pray too.

Match 1: Alex Koslov & Christina Von Eerie vs Fabi Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata for the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 10/01/2010

Winner: Fabi Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata
Match Time: 9:29
Rating: good!
Notes: Fabi's entrance seems to last 10 seconds, and I assume that means they're doing short entrances. Pimpi's out next and walking around for minutes, so maybe not. Christian has a huge mohawk this week. Did they give out thundersticks? A bunch of people seem to have them. Tirantes is referee. Pimpi comes to the steps to assault Alex before the match, but Tirantes shoos him away. Tirantes has quite the Gronda/monster shirt on. Alex doesn't want to give up his title before the match, which is a reoccurring pattern in matches where he doesn't get the title back. Break during introductions.

Arturo may or may not know Christina's first name. Fabi and Christina start, and Fabi immediately pulls Christina in a Indian deathlock. Christina escapes to a headlock, just long enough for Fabi to get free to set up a figure four. Hair pull for added fun. Tirantes rightfully argues that, and Fabi argues with him out of habit, I guess. Christina headlock takeover, Fabi rolls her onto her back, and switches to a sort of facelock on the mat. Snap mare, chinlock. Von Eerie isn't getting owned here, but Fabi is easily getting the better of it. Armbar, and Fabi front hands and armdrags out of it. Fabi poses, gets broadsides by Alex. Alex throws a jumping kick towards Pimpi, but it doesn't quite connect. Pimpi wisely keeps fighting out, wildly slapping until Alex subdues him with forearms to the back. Running turnbuckle smash. Stomps. Alex screams at the crowd and Christian kicks Pimpi around a bit. Hey, Arturo does know Christina's name, that's always good to hear. Pimpi fights back with slaps on both rudos, sunset flip, Alex rolls thru dropkick to stop that. Fabi in, and Christina rushes in and forearms and chops her a bit. Corner whip, Alex handspring jumping forearm to the face is pretty awesome. Von Eerie has to follow that with her own corner charge, and, the sort of enziguri sort of dropkick doesn't hold up. Pimpi snap mared, Alex off the ropes, knee drop. Alex gets his Russian flag, as Christian chokes Pimpi a bit. Alex holds up the glad, and then puts it down in another corner. That was odd. Christina chokes Pimpi in one corner while Alex brings in Fabi and forearms her in the opposite corner. Von Eerie walks over and whips Alex into a running forearm on Alex. One more whip, and Pimpi gets her backside up just in time for Alex to ram into it. Alex charge again, comes up empty, and is trapped behind Pimpi and Fabi dropkicks Christina and grabs her by the hair. Corner whip, reversed, Pimpi flips Fabi to the apron. Pimpi moves out of the way of Christina's charge, Christina stops short of Alex, turns, and gets speared by Pimpi. Low speed spear there. Alex dropkicks Pimpi, Fabi top rope plancha on Alex. Fabi off the ropes, over, under, and stopped by Alex's stop sign. Fabi is powerless to do anything but stop. Alex feels himself up, Fabi gives the crowd another look. Alex poses for both sides. Long crowd shot, crowd reacts to something we don't see, and Alex runs into a quebradora con giro. Running thrust kick by Fabi on Alex, and another crowd shot. This time, Christina is back in the ring with Fabi. Hmmm. Ruda corner whip, tecnica gets a kick in as the ruda charges. Fabi and Tirantes argue. Powerbomb? This looks like a bad idea, but Christina punches her way free and turns it into a faceslam. Pimpi runs into to break it up, detours towards Tirantes, then comes back to pull Christina off of Fabi. Before he can do anything, Alex takes him out with a top rope forearm. Chop fight goes Pimpi's way. Casadora armdrag doesn't go quite right but they get the armdrag/headscissors combo (with Von Eerie) eventually. Alex comes up slapping, but Pimp hooks the wrist and slaps back. Crowd very excited for this. Pimpi climbs the ropes and armdrag Alex towards his partner. Pimpi gets up, goes for the kiss, Alex ducks - and Von Eerie takes it! Both Pimpi and Christina are disturbed. Alex throws Pimpi around by the hair and pose. Fabi comes in, fired up and slapping. Fabi poses, Alex grab her by the hair, and Fabi slaps him once more. Kick to the butt, and Alex is on the mat. Fabi picks him up, corner whip, reversed, Alex kicks Fabi as she rebounds out, running up the corner Tornado DDT. One – Pimpi again takes the long away around to break up the count. Crowd really wants that kiss. Corner whip, reversed, Pimpi flips to the apron, shoulderblock for Alex, Pimpi up top – missile dropkick connects. Cover, but Christina breaks it up with a pin. Whip, reversed, Christina runs into a spinning slam. Not quit the backbreaker he wanted. Christina was moving really slow, and is slow getting up. Dropkick sends her out, and Fabi drops her with a apron top con giro. Nice to know you, Christina. Alex is left in with Pimpinela and very concerned. Slap fight, Alex ducks and gets in a jumping enziguri. One two NO. Alex holds his head. Alex picks up Pimpi, crowd chants for Pimpi, Alex is distracted by the chant, and Pimpi gets in the kiss! Alex slaps Pimpi, up on his shoulders, pounding Pimpi's head. Alex yells something about Russia, Pimpi drops him with a safe electric chair suplex, Fabi adds at top rope splash, both cover. Tirantes thinks about it, counts, one two three. Nice to know you, Alex.


Later, Pimpinela Escarlata and Fabi Apache are really happy to win. Pimpi seems particular proud of her accomplishment. “Thanks, AAA.”

The Militia talk strategy before their match. Not only are they wearing camouflage pants and facepaint, but Alan Stone has found a camouflage cowboy hat. WIN. Billy holds Decnnis back when they go to leave – who's the new member of the Militia Decnnis has been talking to. Decnnis lets him in on the secret: it's Cibernético. Decnnis is just going to say that and leave, but Billy holds him back. Billy has more questions about this, but Decnnis wants him to just focus on winning the Copa and the mask tonight. Billy looks doubtful as Decnnis leaves. Oh my god, they're doing the Billy Boy leaves the Militia angle already. Maybe he and Super Fly can pass in the night.

Match 2: Aerostar vs Chris Stone, El Elegido, Laredo Kid, Decnnis, Alan Stone, Billy Boy, Súper Fly in Copa Pena with masks and hairs on the line
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 10/01/2010

Winner: Aerostar
Match Time: 15:43
Rating: good
Notes: Militia salute on the stage. Chris Stone has found himself a beret that completely coves his hair. I wonder if that'll be handy at some point in the near future. Alan's mirror does not appear to be camouflaged. Air Force entrance appears to be clipped. They're in their Air Force jump suits, so they're wearing camouflage too. It's always embarrassing when you end up wearing the same thing to a party. Elegido gets last entrance. The usual pan shot of the front row shows the Roldans (also usual), but the guy next to them shows off his five beer cups. That man has been working hard. Elegido is treated as a bigger star than the rest of these goofs. Fireworks on the ring! Militia punk Elegido in mid dance. Tirantes is in ring referee, and Tropicasas is hanging around outside.

Teaser: Perro Aguayo Jr. puts his boots on.

Rudos all beating up on the técnicos. Ring is cleared pretty quick. Aerostar flips nicely on a clothesline. Double spinebuster by the Stones, and they make a wish. Double press slam, and Aero is tossed out over the top backwards. Guess they don’t have that DQ here! Laredo in, and missing a dropkick. Huh. Actually, it looks like ringside people are checking on Aero. Maybe that was a dumb idea. Laredo ducks a double clothesline, but gets lifted into a four man pump powerbomb. It looked like Laredo didn't have any idea how to take that. Billy kills Super Fly with a dropkick to the face. Backdrop sends Super Fly to the floor, right in front of Aero. He at least is sitting up, that's a good sign. Elegido gets in a short or two, but the rudos all beat him down. Everyone takes turns slapping him, and the rudos start a mock chant for Elegido. Elegido ducks a double clothesline, and hits one of two guys with the double clothesline tries. Aero gets Alan with a headscissors, Super Fly gets Chris with a missile dropkick, and Laredo gets Decnnis with a Spinning headscissors, sending Decnnis rolling out. Técnicos pose in the ring, then wander to their corner. I guess this is now a tag match!

Super Fly, flipping, and Billy Boy start in the ring. Billy dropkicks Super Fly. Flips didn't help. Chop. Whip, Super fly under a clothesline, another flipping run, wristlock, slap, up the ropes and front flip armdrag. Crowd is deathly quiet. Billy avoids Super Fly in one spot, Super Fly gets him with a headscissors on the next spot, and Billy gets caught on the bottom rope until Super Fly's dive teases knocking him free. Chris dropkicks Super Fly out, Aero in to face him. Chris pounds Aero to his knees. They seem to have a very short conversation, and Chris tags in Alan as Laredo comes in. Huh. Tirantes talks to Aero, who wends up slumped over the ropes. Decnnis comes into hit Laredo and hit Aero while he's laying there. Aero is stood up for a corner whip and a corner clothesline. Laredo whipped in, Aero puts him on the top rope. Aero charges out, Alan boots him, Laredo comes way short of whatever he wanted but manages an axhandle. Aero charges Alan, Alan waves him by, Aero runs up the ropes and beautifully comes down with an armdrag. That looked great.

They cut from that, with Alan sliding out, Laredo sitting on the top rope, and Aero on the mat, to Super Fly doing a top rope plancha on Chris in the center of the ring and everyone else nowhere to be seen. There are people waving for help on the near side of the ring, but what they're waving about is not visible. Tirantes is one of the people out there, so when Super Fly gets Chris with a 'rana, he has Tirantes has to slide back in. One kickout, though it was more like five at that point. Chris gets Super Fly with a sit down powerbomb, one two three. Crowd is really quiet.

Elegido in and clothesline Chris. Powerslam for Decnnis, dropkick for Alan. Elegido is probably supposed to catch Billy's top rope plancha, but it actually knocks him over when Elegido loses his balance. Billy throws a walking clothesline, Elegido catches it, has trouble getting him up, tries again, sit down powerbomb one two three.

Chris shoves Elegido in the ropes, charge, and gets backdropped all the way to the floor. Elegido dive? Elegido tope. Decnnis miss a clothesline, and Aerostar returns to get him with a double spin rotation headscissors. No hands tope! Decnnis goes flying over the video board into the crowd Aerostar came from the side of the ring with the downed person, so it probably was him. In the ring, Alan flips Laredo out with a big clothesline. Dance of evil! Crowd does not approve. Alan goes all the way up – moonsault comes up empty. Laredo stomps and legdrops Alan, then goes up. Long way to go, but the top rope 450 connects. Pose!

And Chris immediately kills him with a boot to the face. Kick for Aero as he gets on the apron. Alan comes up over to help his brother crotch Aero into the post. Back inside, Decnnis flips Laredo with a backdrop. Tropicasas escorts Alan to the back as Decnnis has Laredo up in a Gory Stretch. Gori Special. One two kickout! Chops. Corner whip, Decnnis charges in, jumping kick but no one's home. Laredo off the ropes, 'rana, one two three!

Mesías dressing vignette.


Chris is left – Chris is the only rudo left. What happens if the técnicos pin him right now? Chris manage to fight Laredo off and sits him on the top rope. Over the top headscissors, one two three.

Elegido immediately pulls Chris into a powerbomb, dropping to his knees to deliver it. One tow kickout. Suplex? No, Chris reverses it a small package one two NO. That would've been really quick. Reversed whip leads to Elegido on the top rope, and Elegido coming off with a sunset flip. One two NO. Elegido misses a clothesline, Chris lands a wheel kick. Aero is really not visible during all of this. Chris carefully climbs to the top rope. Wild looking legdrop, maybe dropping the leg right on Elegido’s face. That looked like a top rope legdrop from a guy who had never done a top rope legdrop. Chris covers, one two three. Tirantes (and Chris) both check Elegido's face.

Aerostar springboards in, dropkicking Chris, and Chris is very careful not to land on Elegido. Elegido's rolled out and there's concerned. Meanwhile, Aero perfectly lands the inside out tope co giro onto Chris. Someone announces that this is mask vs hair – that may be Live Arturo, as opposed to the clearly taped one doing the commentary, who also explains the stipulation. Both guys recover on the outside. Aero rolls in first, but Tirantes is not really counting, so I think Chris is going to be okay. Aero grabs Chris as he comes in, and walks him to the center of the ring. Then he walks him to the corner – sliced bread #2. Aero going up. There are scattered screams from the crowd, but crowd him. Aero takes too long, and Chris chops him. Chris lifts Aero’s on his shoulders – middle rope Samoan drop! Chris lands on top, off course, but Tirantes doesn't count, and instead checks on both guys after they've hit the mat. Both men’s arms drop the first time, and Tirantes starts counting them both down. The crowd isn't even loud counting along, so there's something with this crowd. Everyone loves to count. Chris crawls on top, one two kickout. Chris stomps Aero on the way to climb up the ropes. Moonsault, no one home. Aero to the apron, springboard senton, one two NO. Aero goes to apron again, yells, and slowly climbs up. Chris hits him again, climbs with him again, top rope superplex. Chris floats on top to his time, one two casual kickout by Aero. Aero yells. They're trying to have a great match but the library like atmosphere is not helping. Aero up first, Chris gets him with a 'rana, Aero rolls thru, one two three. Wow, sure didn't think that as going to be the finish.

Aero is joyous. Tirantes doesn’t seem to mind that the técnico won, but then Tropicasas comes in and they tease like there are going to be problems between the refs. Tropicasas raises Aero's arm and Tirantes mopes. The AAA music brings out the random técnicos. Looks like the trophy is a big statue this year. Bigger than the bicentennial one in CMLL, of course. Octagoncito, Laredo Kid, Esther Moreno, Pimpinela, Piero and Fabi Apache are out. So is Joaquin, who wants over the trophy. Aero gets carried around on the técnicos shoulders. Aerostar's pants looks like they have a split in the back, that's unfortunate. Chris tries to get away, but Tropicasas catches him. And security pulls him back. Chris gets his hair shaved rapidly only stopping to yell at Aerostar. Tirantes is the only rudo out there, and he has to protect Chris from getting into another fight. Chris actually gets his hair shaved, unlike other people in the match. Replay of the finishes as they play the Air Force music.

Laredo Kid, Aerostar, and Elegido question Super Fly for not being out there to celebrate. Elegido wasn't out there either, guess they taped this in advance? Super Fly says the win didn't involve him, but the técnico believe it was a win for the whole Air Force. Super Fly's not really impressed with the win either – it's only a hair, how many masks have they won? Super Fly's kind of awesome here.

Video: Antonio Pena mass. Did Ozz wear a hoodie to church? Of course, the Psycho Circus are in their masks, so I guess it all works here. The footage of Rey Misterio Jr. from the one Rey de Reyes turns up in here too. There's interviews from a post mass dinner too.

Video: Perro & Mesías.

Match 3: El Mesías vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 10/01/2010

Winner: El Mesías
Match Time: 17:05 (7:29+9:36)
Rating: OK
Notes: Perro has Decnnis with him. And Tirantes, though I guess he's not supposed to totally know them. Crazy Boy is with Mesías. Tirantes has a Perros del Mal shirt tucked in his pants to start the match, so this should be good.

After some posing, and there might be some of that in this match, they go face to face. Perro, looking taller this week, throws the first punch. Mesías reels but slaps Perro right in the face. Perro. Mesías. Perro. Each guys trying to out do each other on the selling there. Perro kicks Mesías in the back of the head, off the ropes, under a clothesline, Mesías head down too soon, and Perro kicks it. Perro takes off his t-shirt jacket and throws it into the crowd. Perro quiets the crowd so he can loudly chop Mesías. Taking his time. Corner whip, Mesías kips up and over, punch, chop, chop, chop. A moment in between each of them so Perro can throws his body backwards. Whip, Mesías charges in, Perro gets the boot up. Perro kicks Mesías in the thigh, backs up, and charges in to a rising clothesline. Mesías poses and gets booed. Announcers note he's not the crowd favorite. Chop by Mesías. Crowd now coming thru with a Mesías chant. Perro sneaks in a kick, turns Mesías round, tucks himself under band back suplex Mesías. One two no. Speedy count, but Perro wants it faster. Mesías rolls out to bye some time, and Perro slowly stalks him. Hey look, there's a wood panel already spray painted with Perros del Mal on it. Can’t see it coming into play. Perro hits Mesías, reaches over the barricade, gets a chair, tosses over the ropes - oops, it hit the top rope and got batted back. Crowd is amused by the failure, but Perro doesn’t even acknowledge it. Perro kicks Mesías, and holds him for a Decnnis chair shot to the head. Decnnis is very proud of himself. Replay He hands the chair over to Perro, who drops it, stomps it, and then throws both it and Mesías in. Perro slaps to the chair on the mat, then broadsides Perro with it. Long set of crowd shots.

Mesías is down on the outside, Perro pulling him up from behind. Perro has handful of hair, and turns Mesías around so he's facing the post. Decnnis helps, and they both ram Mesías into the post. Whatever happened to Crazy Boy? Perro stomps Mesías on the outside. Oh, there he is, but Tirantes cuts him the técnico out as both Perro and Decnnis work over Mesías with punches. Mesías appears to be bleeding, which has been the idea for a while. Perro teases going over the barricade to get at someone, but changes his mind. Back in. Whip, Perro spinebuster, one two NO. Tirantes is still counting fast, yet not fast enough. Mesías has some blood on his face, but it's a small amount. Perro kicks Mesías onto the ropes so Decnnis can get in shots. Decnnis throws his hand up as innocent when Tirantes isn’t even looking and Tirantes doesn't even care, so that made no sense. Perro brings Mesías on the ropes for Decnnis to get more shots, and Decnnis is not super quick to get to them. I think Perro was stretching Mesías’ wrist over the bottom rope, because Mesías is grabbing it now. Perro leaves the ring to walk around for a bit. Break!

Hey, why not show all the big surprise for next week in the preview for the cage match.

Perro is still conversing with the fans, dumping a near empty beer cup over himself, when Mesías broadsides him with a forearm. Chops on the barricade, Perro tries to fight back, but Mesías just tosses him over into the crowd. Mesías tart to walk to the ring, goes over the apron, and Perro knocks him back over the barricade. Mesías rolls back in, Perro behind him with a chair. Perro slowly scoops Mesías and slams him. Thumb across the throats. Going up. Very slowly. Mesias stops him with a rabbit punches to the head, and climbs up on the second rope. Superplex. Both men down, and Tirantes does his one arm drop again. Mesías up to his knees first, and Tirantes helps Perro. Long crowd shot here, helpfully it's editing something because it's a bad time otherwise. Mesías has a very bloody right elbow area. What happened there? Mesías punching. Clothesline, shoulderblock. Mesías is fired up. He takes some of the blood of his elbow and rubs it on his forehead. Well, that's one of doing it. Mesías grabs the chair and shows it off. Perro says no, but Mesías cracks him in the head anyway. Perro does a good job of getting his arms up at the last minute. Decnnis jumps on the apron to argue, and gets hit just as AAA cuts to a replay of the Perro chair shot. Tirantes teases the DQ – yea, now you're going to do the DQ. Mesías with a reverse rolling waistlock, one two no. Not as fast as Perro was getting the count, but fair. Mesías picks Perro up, but vertically suplexes him and bridges. Replay of the chair shot at Decnnis – it was much more of a toss. Perro whips Mesías, leapfrog, Mesías slides to a stop and gives Perro a backcracker one two no. Mesías starts walking around, stares at the crowd to get them to make noise, and goes back to Mesías. Perro reverses something, cradle, one two kickout. Mesías off the ropes, clothesline by Mesías. Mesías tells Perro to get up, off the ropes, and Decnnis trips him up. Decnnis against pleads innocent to Tirantes, who probably doesn’t mind. Mesías is distracted, so Perro spins him around and blatantly fouls him. Tirantes looks around, counts, one two kickout. Tirantes can’t believe it. Crazy Boy storms to the ring to argue. Decnnis shoves him and nails him with a jumping kick. Perro kicks Crazy Boy too, who's smart enough to roll out. Decnnis after him, and Perro comes out to help. Crazy Boy's lifted up, and crotched into the post. Replay of the foul on Mesías. Perro walks around outside. He's got the wood panel, so I guess we're close to the end. Decnnis has another white table, and has a bit of trouble sitting it up.

The wood panel is set up in one corner, the table is set up in another. Decnnis sends Mesías up in a third corner, but Mesías kicks him away, drops down to the mat, and tosses Decnnis out. Decnnis almost gets nailed with ad rink as he's laying there. Mesías lumps down, and Perro readjusts the table. Perro punches Mesías into a corner, and grabs his arm as if he's going to whip him. Perro never does, and Mesías just takes off running on his own, then slides to stop in front of a wood panel. Perro charges, and Mesías powerslams (tosses) him into the wood panel. Mesías covers, Tirantes puts his hands on head, looks around, drops down, counts 1, thinks about it some, gets back up, and debates the subject with Mesías. Perro still hasn’t kicked out. Replay. Perro's suddenly up and punching. Perro grabs a chunk of the wood, and smacks Mesías with it. Perro adjusts that table one more time. Not really clear who the crowd is behind here. Perro sets Mesías on top, and climbs up to the top rope to join him. Tirantes looks away from the action for no obvious reason, and Mesías fouls Perro before powerbombing him thru the table. Tirantes turns around quick, counts without thinking, one two three, then realizes what he's done.

Replays. Arturo makes sure to note the foul.

Short hype for next week, and they're done.