AAA on Televisa #954 (09/04/2010)
Recapped: 09/06-07/10

Is it a major show? Then it most be time for a over dramatic introduction. Lots of war of footage to hype the title match and (I guess) the trios match. Random countdown because? This aired on the screen at the show and they're showing it again here? They show a dictionary definition of war. Showing dictionary definitions of words is the definition of pretentious.

Hey, it's Konnan and Dorian. No one actually wrestling in a match is out with them, because they are totally unnecessary to this group. I can't tell if that's mic feedback or horns, but it' s distracting us from whatever they’re saying. Dorian's going on and on and the fans are paying no attention, so Konnan yells at them to a reaction. Anyway, the point here is Joaquin made the mixed trios for all the championships (he has?) but Dorian is making it just for one title. I don't know why it's just one title (except that's how they booked the finish) – either Dorian believes his team is going to win or does not, there's no sense in splitting it. Konnan's really just Dorian's stooge here, which is interesting to see. I have no idea why they needed to do this promo for a stipulation we didn't know actually exist.

Joaquin Roldan, in AAA's offices, talks about the history of Verano de Escandalo and says AAA is ready for war with all the groups that oppose them.

Match 1: Alex Koslov, Christina Von Eerie, Sexy Star vs Aerostar, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache in a AAA's Reina de Reinas Tournament match
Plaza de Toros La Concorida, Orizaba, Veracruz, 08/14/2010

Winner: Mari Apache
Match Time: 8:23 (5:11+3:12)
Rating: good
Notes: I think Christina has new music with more screaming. 3 matches on a two hour show = entrances! Long, long entrances. Arturo making the sound of the helicopter in Aerostar's music is great. Apaches, not realizing how much time we have to kill, enter together. AAA manages to caption the right girl with the right name, always a challenge for them. Break before the match starts. You know it's a major show when Copetes turns up as referee. Rudos jump the técnicos, as they tend to. Copetes waves for the whistle, and eventually they blow it.

Beatdown is about usual. Fabi start the comeback by backdropping Aerostar, kicking away Alex, and watching as Aero springboards in with a dropkick. Women end up together, and there's a nice bit where Sexi and Christina accidentally collide into each other. Alex rushes in, takes a backbreaker from both the girls, and Aero adds a springboard splash. Técnicos opt to celebrate rather than win the match, then get on Copetes (who's done nothing wrong, yet.) Aero does the intimate by flipping but, but blows a flip in the corner and lands on his butt. They just move onto another corner whip, with Aero deciding to turn the usual spear of the post bit into a spinning around the outside ring post to the apron to avoid a charge. Aerostar is a creative dude, but he’s not great at landing everything. Here, he comes up way short on a springboard headscissors, so much so that they sort of turn it into a silla. 619 finishes off Alex for now, but Christina decks Aero from behind and forearms him. Whip, Christina goes for a ‘rana but Aero pushes her off, Aero’s clothesline misses, Christina spinning DDT is in slow motion but at least in connected! One two no. Christian rears back and hits Aero as hard as she can with a forearm. Whip, quick reverse, Aero grabs her by the head, teases it to the crowd, and kisses her. So his plan is to make Fabi jealous, I see! Savvy veteran move. Anyway, Aero goes for another, but Alex makes the save for his love via superkick. Replay, break.

Seems like they've advanced a little bit during the break. Mari takes down Sexi with the wheel kick, then hammers her with a forearm to the jaw. Sexi's very good and rolling with it. Sexi's kick is caught, enziguri is not. Swinging fisherman’s suplex! That’s her move! One two NO! Maybe that’s not her move. Mari clotheslines Sexi and crawls towards her corner. Mari isn't getting there before Sexi can roll out, and Alex grabs the tecnica. Mari can forearm him in the face juts as well. Alex manages to duck one and slap Mari, which immediately drops her. There’s nothing more devastating in AAA than a slap in an Apache match. I've seen piledrivers sold less. Anyway, Alex barely realizes Fabi is in, miss a clothesline, and Fabi pulls him into a German suplex. Director can't be bothered to use a shot where we can see Copetes make the count, but Christina breaks it up anyway. Christina picks up Fabi. Pedigree! Why not. Copetes with a faster count, one two Aero breaks it up. Aero literally runs into a Koslov jumping enziguri. That's a tough move to run into. One two kickout. Whip, Alex misses a clothesline, Aero comes back with his spinning headscissors into a backbreaker. He still can't snap that off smoothly, and probably can't snap that off with anyone but Alex, but it's a fine idea. They're both out after a replay (dive clipped?) and Fabi & Christian are in, momentarily. Fabi missile dropkicks Christina out, then follows with the apron tope con giro. Meanwhile, Aero has climbed up all the way on the light tower, grabbing the overhang. Aero dives off with a plancha...and 90% misses Alex, landing hard, face first, on the floor. That looked exceedingly ugly. Alex tried, but didn't stop his fall at all.

Crowd is quiet as Mari and Sexi are back in. Sexi manages to knock down a charging Mari with a high kick to the face, but Mari kills her with a double choke bomb. Copetes takes his time staring to count, takes his time counting, and counts three, then stays laying on the mat and acting as if he's going to count four. Confusing, but that’s the pinfall.

Gran Apache comes out to celebrate with his family and give Copetes a hard time. Aerostar is having trouble putting weight on his left knee, but it's Sexi Star who looks to be getting the stretcher ride out. Fabi gets her title. Oh, wait, is the stretcher for Alex? He's down and grabbing his head, the girls seem fine. Replay of the dive – oh, yeah, Aero's body weight came down on Alex. That was horrible for everyone, though at least they got a few angles of these for once. Alex doesn’t take the stretcher, but needs help walking to back (not so much help that he can't reach out at the fans.)

Octagon and Heavy Metal have a rock session in the back, although we miss out on the music. Metal talks about all the young wrestlers, and about Electroshock destroying him. Octagon gets in about five words, and two of them are Antonio Pena.

Match 2: Heavy Metal & Octagón vs Electroshock & Último Gladiador
Plaza de Toros La Concorida, Orizaba, Veracruz, 08/14/2010

Winner: Heavy Metal & Octagon
Match Time: 9:04 (1:30+4:08+3:26)
Rating: usual for this feud
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Gladiador has his tag team title. Metal has a guitar - but he gives it to a fan? Seems like a bad strategy move. In a good strategy move, Electro attacks Metal immediately after he gives up the guitar. Octagon is not in a big hurry. I think Ultimo Gladiador is feuding with based on continually getting mixed with him

Metal is bleeding almost immediately. Hey, Tirantes has a new shirt. Break.

Metal's face is covered in blood. Octagon helps by standing outside while the rudos beat up Metal. Metal manages to get a shot on Electro, but UG puts him down, then handles Octagon when he comes in to get gently punched. Metal's white tights are showing his bloody well. Metal gets Electro in the corner, but Tirantes pulls him down by his hair. Hey look, Octagon's getting his mask tied in the ropes. I really need a macro shortcut for a lot of things I type, and that's why up the list. Another break while the beatdown is still going.

This time, Heavy Metal starts the comeback after the break, side stepping a corner charge from UG and clotheslining Electro. Octagon comes in for a low impact workout with Gladiador, then stands outside and leads the cheers. This helps Metal, who gets hiptossed directly to the floor. Octagon starts to hit his usual sequence of blocked punches and kicks on Octagon, then they seem to get lost, then Electro puts on a pump handle submission. Heavy comes in, and slowly saunters over, in no hurry to break up the submission hold on his friend. In his defense, it doesn't look like it is hurting Octagon in the slightest, and Metal has to deal with Tirantes. Electro slowly circle around to the back and kicks Electro. Heavy Punch knocks Electro out of the ring. Ultimo Gladiador blasts Metal with a missile dropkick. Metal shifts around on the mat, but the rudos standing him up. Metal kicks Electro off the apron, breaks free of Gladiador, and wheel kicks him out. Dive? Dive – tope con giro knocks over Electro. Other two in, there's the spinning armdrag, there's the tope, Octagon is done. Metal has the guitar, but comes back in and leaves the guitar just on the inside of the ropes. Electro gets on the apron and gets a foot in, but Metal dropkicks him out again. Metal grabs the guitar, stands on the apron, and kabongs Electro. Electroshock nods his head into it, actually. Metal and Electro come back in, Electro hurting but still running to the ropes. Metal tries to pull him into a cradle, but Electro has the ropes. Electro's wearing a red out pants and a red mask, and it’s tough to tell if the blood is from him or rubbed off from Metal. It’s probably him. Metal gets the remains of the guitar, smacks Electro a couple more times. CASITA! He needs to a cradle there, totally. Tirantes doesn't want to count, but Octagon stands across from him and points at him, and that's apparently enough. One two three.

Replays. Ultimo Gladiador drags Electroshock to the back, though Electro still manages to swing wildly at the fans.

Trippy Vampiro promo about Dorian, AAA, Joaquin, Konnan – Vamprio's out for Vampiro.

Dr. Wagner and his mustache prays to a memorial for his father. Why would he have a picture of Antonio Pena there? Why does this appear to be in the AAA offices?

Match 3: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Silver KingVampiro for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Plaza de Toros La Concorida, Orizaba, Veracruz, 08/14/2010

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr.
Match Time: 15:34 (2:57+6:00+6:15+0:22)
Rating: not bad. Not something I’d need to see again.
Notes: Silver King has both his belts. This show has about 45 minutes left, which is way too long for this match. Hoping for many commercial breaks. Copetes is referee. Arturo says first all if the winner. No break before the match? Uh oh.

Vampiro thinks this is a tag match, because he leaves to the apron. Then he returns and wanders around while he other two circle out. Copetes tells him it’s a tag match and he needs to get out, and Vampiro is absolutely confused. Vampiro appear to ask someone on the outside. Wagner and Silver King are just messing with the crowd in the meantime. Vampiro starts to leave, and Wagner cuts him off. They look up, Silver King leaves, Silver King comes back in, you know, I don’t' care. Copetes puts a count to Silver King, so I guess it’s a tag, but I don't know how that count is going to help things. Two minutes in, we get a chop, the match actually starts, and no one hangs out on the apron again. Whatever. Vampiro and Silver decide to partner up, and then are about tripping over each other on the first whip sequence. Language barrier? Silver King dropkicks Wagner in the knee, and Wagner kicks him in the back. Wagner touch? Yes? Wait, isn't the storyline that they dislike each other? Vampiro appears to question this himself, or at least I like to pretend that's what he's saying. Break.

Double back elbow for Vamp. Two man faceslam has looked better. Silver King covers, but Wagner pulls him off. Silver gives him the Wagner hand signal. Chops. Crowd is quiet, until a section starts chanting For Wagner. Corner clothesline for Vampiro, and a boosted dropkick. Wagner add a dropkick to the face. Silver king start to do the dual pose with Wagner, Wagner staring posing, and Silver Kain steals the pin. Shockingly, Wagner is able to stop posing long enough to break up the pin. Silver King gets up, and slaps Wagner directly in the face. That was awesome, best thing so far. Crowd boos. Still, Wagner brothers get along. Camel clutch, Wagner adds a dropkick to the face. Silver tells Wagner to cover? One – and I guess Silver Kain stops Copetes, but they can't manage to get the referee in the shot. Wagner puts on the camel clutch, Silver Kain acts as if he's going to dropkick Vampiro, and kicks Wagner in the back of the head again. Crowd boos. I can not believe I'm typing all this play by play. This is going to be enormous. Anyway, Vamp heroically gets inside cradle, but they’re in the ropes so it doesn't matter. Silver King kicks Vamp around while Wagner rolls out to recover. Slow pace. Especially on the following whip reversal sequence. Vamp comes back with a fivearm, and both are down. Wagner opts to watch from outside. Vampiro corner big boot, bulldog (Silver takes oddly), cover, Wagner breaks it up. Kick for Vamp's face. Punch/chop fight. Wagner’s kick takes Vamp down to his knees. Wagner dances in place for a chant, and does get the crowd noise to pick up a little. Whip, hiptoss reversed into a sort of powerbomb. Crowd boos. Silver Kain wanders in, kick, toss outside. Wagner trips up Vampiro and nails him with a shining wizard. One two no. I really should’ve gone with typing nothing until Decnnis shows up. A title match isn't really a title match without Decnnis. (And I’ve seen everything that happens after that.) Vampiro pops up, flattens Wagner with a chokeslam. Break.

Vampiro trips and wipes out while bodyslamming silver King. I think he might have wanted backbreaker and couldn't do it or something. Very odd. Wagner Brothers are lined up next to each other, and Vampiro takes a break in the corner. Is he going up? He think about, then goes to the apron, then goes up, way away from where his opponents are lined up. Wagner grabs Silver Kain on the mat, but Vampiro still jumps into Silver Kain's feet. Wagner kicks Vamp, Silvers' kick is caught and he's spun. Silver out, Wagner follows with the tope con giro. There's my man Decnnis. Also, Hernandez. They walk towards the ring as Wagner gives Vamp a dragon screw off the apron. Wagner comes back in to pose – and Hernandez climbs in and forearms him in the back. Decnnis slide Hernandez hair in as Hernandez flattens Wagner with an inverted powerslam. He's a regular Pólvora! Hernandez goes outside, collects Vampiro, rolls him in, and pulls him towards Wagner. Copetes has no problem with any of this it. Vampiro stands up. Despite Decnnis telling him to cover, Vampiro waves it off. Crowd cheers, this is the most they've been into anything this match. It's still only a polite cheer. Hernandez and Vampiro discussion turns into shoving. The discussion goes on for quite a while. Vampiro tells Hernandez to go to the back. Silver King, who's been out for two minutes from that dive, sneaks back in to cover Wagner. He's so sneaky, the director misses him, and only notices the pin when Vampiro pulls Silver King off. Silver king argues with Copetes, and while showing that, the director misses Hernandez laying out Vampiro! Some really poor work this week. Crowd hisses a bit. Decnnis and Hernandez discuss from the outside, while Wagner tries to draw from the fans. Chops by Wagner. Corner whip, Silver King clothesline, grab onto the head, and seated Tornado DDT to plant Wagner. One two kickout. Hernandez and Vampiro are discussing things on the outside - I only know this because I've seen the Dos De Tres version of this video, not that AAA can get them in the same shot. Vampiro has bloody nose? Wagner grabs Silver King in a waistlock, Silver King kicks him off, Wagner grabs the leg for another dragon screw, but Silver King kicks him free. Corner whip, reversed, Wagner charges, slips, charges again, and eats a boot. Silver Kain charges out, and Wagner almost dumps him on his head with a backdrop – he was kind of falling backwards as he was delivering it. Wagner pulls down his straps, thumb across the throat, Wagner Driver. Vampiro's clearly coming into break it up, but with a camera switch, they manage to cut out the part where Vampiro actually breaks it up, and both guys are just sitting around after. I dunno. Urange for Wagner, laying him out. Urange for Silver King, laying him out as well. Wagner is at least back on all fours, and pulling himself up. Waving to the crowd too. Crowd is behind Wagner and Vampiro. Break.

Vampiro's kick is caught, but Vampiro chops Wagner away. Vampiro off the ropes, but Decnnis swings a chair, losing it as he hits Vampiro. Wagner scoops him up, and drops him on his shoulders with a Wagner Driver. That looked more severe than normal. Wagner covers, one two three – Silver King can't break it up in time. That was less than 30 seconds since the break.

Hernandez and Decnnis rush in and Punch and stomp Vampiro on the ground. This is so concerning, they go to a replay of the finish. Neither Wagner nor Silver Kain appear concerned. Vampiro rolls out, and Decnnis and Hernandez beat him up there. Valets bring the belt to the ring (?) – Hernandez thinks maybe it's for him, but they had it to Copetes who hands it to Wagner. Hernandez and Decnnis leave, with Vampiro still down on the outside.

Wagner says this proves he's better than Silver King. Wagner wants to hear what his father said. Silver King tells the director to play it. And there's an interviewer asking Dr. Wagner Sr. which son is better. Dr. Wagner Sr. says they're both different, but Silver King is much more talented, and so Dr. Wagner Jr. had to get his mask. Well, I'm sorry, but Dr. Wagner Senor is wrong. Dr. Wagner Jr. is in shock, and Silver King demands a singles match. Crowd doesn't really care. Silver King wants to be the real Dr. Wagner Jr.

Break, Video. Show.