AAA on Televisa #953 (08/28/2010) 
Recapped: 08/31/10

Previously: lumberjack strap match, won by the rudas. Clearly, this sets up a title rematch! Apaches did beat up the rudas after. A Militia was formed. Konnan knows Tigre Cota's name! I've run out of sarcastic exclaiming points for this intro, but AAA does get to reuse old Barrio Boys posing bits. Silver King defeated Dr. Wagner. Cibernético threw a fit about being beat up, which we didn't actually see last week. Cibernético punches a wall, I’m sorry we missed that. Damian and Halloween had the match won, then Mesías made the save. This makes more sense edited.

Four sided ring this week.

Match 1: Alex Koslov & Christina Von Eerie vs Aerostar & Fabi Apache for the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship
Plaza de Toros el Relicario de Puebla, 08/06/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 9:40
Rating: better than the last one
Notes: Two hours = entrances. Alex enters last, and demands his music be stopped, so he can sing the national anthem on the way to the ring. Hey, he actually gets to sing it this way. Oh god, that last note, the most horrible thing I've ever heard. Piero is ref. Break before this gets started. Christina turns down Alex's hug.

Long chain wrestling opening with Alex and Fabi, going over three minutes. Probably the right two people. Fabi outwrestles Alex, Alex offers a handshake, Fabi thinks about it, Alex grab her by the hair, but Aero breaks it up with a springboard dropkick. Quebradora for Von Eerie, and Alex changes and is thrown out. Rudos regroup. Técnicos try to flank them on the outside, rudos run in, técnicos rush in, and rudos drop them to get control. Odd bit where Christina whips Aerostar, leapfrogs him, and just starts posing before turning around into an Aerostar forearm. It's right after they take control, so it's way too easy to be a comeback spot, but it leads into a Christina dropping him with a spinning DDT. Fabi manages a slap on Alex, and Alex foul kicks her. She's hurting, but manages to backdrop Alex out as the announcers debate if Alex should be disqualified for that. Alex recovers, and breaks out the old tapatía around the ropes, setting up a Christina dropkick to Fabi’s face. Técnicos make a proper comeback with Fabi reversing a whip to toss Aerostar into a dropkick on Christina, and dropping Alex with a backbreaker. 619 sends Alex all the way across the ring and out. Aerostar crushes with a no hands tope. Christian escapes a corner charge and comes off the top rope with a clothesline for a near fall. This is much better than last title match at this point. Fabi's backslide gets two, and she dropkicks Christina out for her own tope con giro. Weird edit makes it look like Fabi runs herself into the post – I guess it was Christina, but she's down too. Back inside, Aerostar does a spinning headscissors into a backbreaker, which he just barely pulls off but is a great idea. One two NO. I can't want to see who in CMLL steals that! Speaking of, Aero drags Koslov to the corner for the Stuka tornado splash, but decides to go back up for more. This time, Christina shoves him off it and into the ring. Aero gets up, Christina grabs him, but Alex dropkicks and gets his partner. Piero checks on her, Alex ducks a clothesline, Aero waistlock, Alex's mule kick hits Aero's leg on the first try, then connects for a foul on the second. Piero turns around to see the pin and nothing more – one two three.

Recap: Elegido & the Stones.

Backstage, Super Fly complains to Laredo Kid about not being on the last two TripleManias or Verano de Escandalos. (He was on last year's TripleMania, in a dark match. They did an angle! They showed the angle on TV, I think.) Anyway, he's been talking to Decnnis. Laredo thinks Super Fly is being dumb again, but Super Fly notes you've either got to be AAA or Legion, and AAA hasn't been doing much for them. That's almost a rational argument! Laredo points out Super Fly has been on the major shows, fighting Electroshock (Super Fly laughs!) Super Fly complains the Air Force is too low and deserves to be a higher level, but Laredo Kid declares he's AAA all the way. Super Fly sounds like he's going the other way. I would actually like the slow burn to a Super Fly turn if it wasn't the second year in a row. Where's Octagon?

Wait, why is Super Fly even here? He's not on the show. Though I guess that makes his case.

Match 2: El Elegido, Laredo Kid, Relampago vs Alan Stone, Chris Stone, Decnnis
Plaza de Toros el Relicario de Puebla, 08/06/2010

Winner: técnicos (by DQ)
Match Time: 6:44 (2:38+4:06)
Rating: weird, not great
Notes: Alan Stone enters with Elegido, for no particular reason except the angle they're about to set up. Piero is ref. Elegido gets the microphone, demanding vengeance for Alan's brother turning on him in DF. Alan refuses to believe his brother has turned his back on AAA unless he sees it for his own eyes, so cue Decnnis & Chris Stone. One entrance for the two of them, but Chris has found Alan's old mirror! Someone's surely getting hit before the end of this segment. I think Alan has no idea what Relampago's name is. Alan demands an explanation from his brother. Chris says AAA & Joaquin has been horrible for their careers, so he's joining the other side. Will Alan stand with his brother, or with them? Chris calls Elegido garbage, and Elegido tackles Chris before he can finish talking about what an awful luchador he is. Alan stands with his hands on his hops, then tries to break it up. Elegido asks Alan to back off so he can continue punching. Alan pulls him off, but Elegido breaks away to go back punching. Alan thinks. Everyone but Piero has left the ring. Alan goes over to the fight, goes past the fight, grabs the mirror and connects with Elegido's – arm, missed a bit. The idea is still solid. Announcers talk about how Alan hit Elegido right in the head. Decnnis comes in the ring to welcome Alan to his team, but Laredo and Relampago run him off. Slow motion replay of the mirror hitting the elbow, which I don't believe is part of the head. Hey, the opening whistle. What would've this match been if Alan hadn't turned?

Rudos take control. Elegido takes a chair shot directly to the head and is bleeding after. Elegido eventually recovers, so he and Alan brawl outside while the other four have a regular even match in the ring. It's odd. Alan returns to take off Laredo's head with a clothesline. Break.

Alan returned to beating up Elegido on the outside, so Relampago got his own run off offense, including a nice top rope tope con giro. Laredo took out Decnnis with a twisting springboard moonsault, which actually just cleared the way for Elegido get back in. (Though Decnnis dropped Tiger with a powerbomb into the ramp.) Elegido recovered from near death to dropkick Chris out. Alan helps by dropping the chair to beg off, and Elegido manged to knock down all three rudos . Samoan drop for Chris, and more mounted punches. Normally, this would seem dumb to not go for the pin, but there genuinely feels like there's more important things than wining for Elegido here. Alan puts a stop to it with a jumping backcracker, and the rudos pounded Elegido together while keeping the other técnicos out. Piero gets shoved away when he tries to break it up, which is probably the end for this match. They do it a second and and a third to make it clear, and Piero fights his way thru the rudos to call the DQ.

Notability, Elegido's music never plays – they just go straight into Konnan's music, as Psicosis, Black Abyss, and Alex Koslov rush the ring to beat up the técnicos some more. Konnan trails behind to oversee. Alex gets in a belt shot, while Abyss and Psicosis get in a tag move they’ve been waiting months to do. Konnan welcomes the Stones to the Sociedad; amazing how it took two weeks from the time they started using that name on TV (and even longer when it was taped) for it to be mentioned on the website. Decnnis thanks Konnan for beating a great leader. Alan Stone says hello to his new partners and taunts Elegido. 187 and Joaquin Roldan walk to the ring, and their presence alone (also, a bat and chair) is enough for all the rudos to bail. Joaquin says he's not interested in the guys who left, and thinks 187 should get five minutes with Konnan if they win tonight. I guess he's make that the stipulation, based on how Konnan is reacting. Roldan starts to pull out his wallet, but Lider screams about how they’ll do it for free to get at Konnan. Rudos pose on the stage.

Outside: Decnnis, who's hair seems a lot darker than it did in the ring a few seconds ago, catches up with Brazo, who talks about not being around for six weeks and Decnnis becoming the leader of his own rebels in the meantime. Decnnis wants Brazo to be a realist and join him, Konnan and Dorian in the future. Brazo seems to have problems with leaving AAA, with working for Konnan, and the idea that this kid who he was leading around now wanting to be the leader. Brazo leaves, wishing Decnnis luck, and Decnnis is sad about how he's going to have to kill his fat friend.

Match 3: Cibernético, Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Black Abyss, Hernandez, Psicosis III, Zorro
Plaza de Toros el Relicario de Puebla, 08/06/2010

Winner: CiberClowns
Match Time: 7:02
Rating: better than the expo trio
Notes: Group entrance to Konnan's music. Black Abyss has his fire in a can. Is Konnan even out here? Black Abyss & Psicosis, clearly trying to do whatever it'll take not to be off TV for six months again, dive onto the clowns as they're walking to the ring. Abyss gets a Monster with a tope, and Psicosis gets Murder a moonsault. Zorro and Hernandez work over Psycho, but Cibernético rushes to the ring to make the save – or actually just get punched a lot, as it turns out. Hijo de Tirantes makes his first appearance of the night as ref of this match.

Murder Clown makes a 1 on 4 comeback versus everyone, but Zorro gives him a giant back suplex and Hernandez adds a top rope plancha. Rudos take turns pounding Cibernético, who's a more active participant in this one than the entire Expo atomicos. Cibernético manages to turn around whip, sending Hernandez into Psicosis, and then uses magic to cause everyone to run into his fist. Cibernético literally clears the ring, ending everyone out. Usual Psycho Circus offense run from there. Crowd seems to be very into them this week. Cibernético has no idea what he's supposed to be doing half the time, and the Clowns have to move him into position for the big sit. When they finally get him there, the Legion storm in and clear out the clown with dropkicks before safely throwing Cibernético out. Hernandez levels Murder Clown with a Super Mex dive. Other clowns come back in, clear out Black Abyss, and can't quite handle Zorro. They do send him out while showing a replay, and Monster gets Zorro with a tope con giro. Psicosis has offense, which gets edited out, and Psycho Clown dropkicks him in the apron. Psycho throws himself out a while following up, but trips Psi off the apron to keep it even. This leaves Black Abyss and Cibernético, and Black Abyss saves us all some time by jumping off the top rope directly in to the choke hold. CiberClaw (a big one), Tirantes thinks it over, counts, one two three.

Recap: Electroshock beat up Heavy Metal. No replay of the powerbomb on the floor thru a table. That seems wasteful.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr., Heavy Metal, La Parka Jr. vs Electroshock, Silver King, Último Gladiador
Plaza de Toros el Relicario de Puebla, 08/06/2010

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 8:21 (3:14+5:07)
Rating: usual
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is the ref.

Rudos jump the técnicos, though the Metal/Electro brawl is pretty even.

Electroshock climbs all the way up the light tower to get away from Metal, who opts not climb. He's not the dumb one! Random break while the rudos are still in control.

As by rule, the técnicos made the comeback shortly after the break. The other two feuds clear out for Electro and metal. Metal's dominates Electro most of this match, and they come back in for Heavy to hit Electro with a chair to the head, leave, return with a guitar, and hit Electro with that too. Tope con giro just to go completely over the top. Metal takes the remains of the guitar and hits Electro again as the other four come back in. Ultimo Gladiador gets Parka with a gutbuster – lot of gut to bust – but Tirantes can't fast count it enough. Parka drops UG with an elbow driver, but Tirantes breaks up the pin. Parka reverses a suplex into a small package, and Tirantes is to stupid to see who's pinned. The one set of people for whom the finish means nothing have the finish.

Metal and Electroshock comeback in, both perfectly fine, and start trading shot until everyone else breaks it up. Not excited for more.

There's a clip here, and then Vampiro is coming into the ring from the crowd an clotheslining Wagner down. Most everyone from this match has vanished, but Silver King is still around. Vampiro and Wagner have trouble with the urange on the first try, separate, walk back toward each other, and get it the second. Professional. Silver King decide Vampiro isn't leaving untouched hit time, jabbing him with a chair and hitting him in the back. Clip, and Vampiro is punching Silver King down. Selling! All three grab each other, back off, and stare. Security swarms the ring because they don’t want people fighting on a lucha libre show. Where was all the security when the Air Force was being destroyed after the opener last week?

Backstage, Metal yells at the camera, demanding an eye for an eye from Electroshock. Parka takes time to yell at the camera too.

After a break, Los Maniacos are angrily making it backstage when Konnan asks for them to listen to them for a second. He and Dorian have a plan coming soon, where Dorian will have total control of the promotion. Konnan notes that both Silver and Electroshock betrayed him in the past, but Konnan is such a big man he's going to let that go just to get them on the side of the Legion. Maniacos don’t seem too reception – they're the Maniacos, they don't need Konnan – but Konnan tells them to give him a call and tell them which team they're playing for, and soon.

Match 5: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Damián 666 & Halloween
Plaza de Toros el Relicario de Puebla, 08/06/2010

Winner: 187
Match Time: 6:51
Rating: not good
Notes: Halloween is accompanied by El Hijo del Halloween. Piero is ref. Nicho has a bat and swings it for us. Poor Chessman. Halloween has to do the ring announcements before we can get started. 187 are so angry at these guys that they just wait for this to finish. Damian does it English, always fun. Halloween is listed as “Silver Kain”. They make the screen grabs so easy. Break before this starts; this is going to be a late start for their main events.

Of all matches, the one between feuding hardcore teams starts with a 1 on 1 battle. It doesn’t last that way long. FdT takeover after a Halloween spear. Lider is hung in the Tree of Woe and Nicho is crotches around his head. There's an obvious clip, right into a FdT double team that fails. Maybe not the way to go. So, they just switch corners, try the same spot again, and hit the toss into a spar this time. Professional. After all of that, Nicho is able to reverse the next whip and fight back, as Lider dropkicks Halloween. Crowd not into this nearly as much as the Psycho Circus match; don't know if with was them, Cibernético, this match, or everyone just being tired. This is moving along at a leisurely pace, to set up the usual chair into chair spots. There's always a wood panel leaning against a barricade to set up a spot for later. With the chair still in the ring. Everyone just goes back into to their corners for a moment, then everyone comes back in so so they can all take turns hitting a move. Damian and Nicho get bumped off the apron and take a big jump to go thru the table. Halloween wastes Lider with a chair, sets him up in another on in the corner, and charge, but Lider pops back to life to STO him into the edge of the chair. That probably wasn't what he wanted. Konnan wander out as Lider aligns some chairs. Clip, and Lider is on on the top rope with Halloween climbing up. Lider grabs him and Death Valley Drivers him on to chairs. One two three. (Whatever Konnan stip there was here is ignored.)

Konnan put on a handcuff? AAA decides to show us an old lady. Konnan lays out Lider with a handcuff punch, hut Nicho attacks him and knocks him down. Nicho teases a chair shot, and Konnan punches him low. Alex Koslov rush into attack Lider, and sudden the non-Vipers portion of the Militia is there, plus Tirantes. Clip, and Joaquin Roldan waves Wagner and Parka to the ring. Bestia 666 and Large Perrro del Mal With No Name rushes in. Joaquin get on the apron, but ends up being pulled off and held by Decnnis and taunted by Tirantes. Cibernético appears on the stage and watches this. He's joined by Mesías. Somehow, Joaquin has gotten free and heads into the ring, in the middle of the fight. Mesías is encouraging Cibernético to rush in and attack, thought Cibernético doesn't seem to like the idea. They walk to the ring, laying out the Perros guys first. Really bad editing here – ring is full with Joaquin being held, switch to a shot of Hernandez limping to the ring, then the ring is suddenly clear of all but AAA guys, Konnan and Tirantes. Lider charges after Konnan, punching and stomping him out, only to be stopped by Tirantes. Joaquin whips Tirantes and clotheslines him. Oh god, THIS SHOW. Joaquin says Dorian and Konnan won't take over.

Recap video – which includes Wagner and Vampiro talking in the ring, not shown before - and they're done