AAA on Televisa #948 (07/24/2010)
Recapped: 07/25/10

Previously: Rage Against the Machine? In 2010? Also, when the angle is it's the evil guys who are trying to take over? Octagoncito won the minis title. He's not on this show. Jennifer pinned Mari. Escoria knocked out Chris with his loaded stick. Vampiro/Wagner. Jack informs 187 that Konnan is not in the building. Poor Kenzo. Park related violence.

One of a tone of Verano de Escandalo ads. Wish I knew what the card was.

4 sided ring.

Match 1: Chikayo Nagashima, Fabi Apache, Meiko Satomura vs Christina Von Eerie, Jennifer Blake, Sexy Star
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 06/20/2010

Winner: tecnicas
Match Time: 6:49 (2:49+4:00)
Rating: better than I figured.
Notes: Piero, still totally bald, is referee. Jennifer still has the broom. Shouldn't Mari be carrying that? Arturo dose not quite get the pronunciation of Von Eerie right, oh well. Mari Apache enters with Sexi, who has her own broom, and who slaps Mari in the back of the head for shaking hands with a fan. She's also got her title. Odds the announcers know which one is Chikayo and which one is Meiko? Meiko is the dark haired one, it just too me a second to look that up on Google. Is Mari wearing her gear under her maid outfit? Christian demands Mari help take off her vest, and the rudos all yell at Mari. She is going to kick them SO HARD. Rudos grab Fabi by the hair and demand Mari hit her, but Mari's not going to do that. Rudas grab Meiko and Chikayo, and Mari's okay forearming and kicking them. Fair enough. Fabi asks some questions, which just gets the other rudas to grab her. Mari decides maybe she should leave, good call.

Beatdown on Fabi, while Mari goes to the back and returns with drinks for the girls. Jennifer takes her drink, sips the drinks, throws the rest of it at Mari. Christian does the same thing, and Piero yells at her – probably for lack of originality. Rudas are now working over Chikayo (called Satomura – shocking!) but video breaks away from a replay of the rink being thrown at Mari. Codebreaker/backcracker one two on Meiko. Fabi rushes in and kicks down Christina, but the other two get a hold of her. Announcers have figured out which Japanese girl is which, by the color of their outfit! HOORAY. Break.

As AAA likes to do, Fabi makes her comeback within 10 second of the return from break. Dropkick gets the blonds, and the Japanese women in to stomp everyone. Sexi is thrown around by the hair. Meiko has a cool European uppercut. Meiko follows with a sort of handstand double kneedrop to the back of the head. Fabi missile dropkick, Chikayo missile dropkicks, Sexi star is getting killed. Christina in, and Fabi throws her around by her mohawk. Double drop toe hold, dropkick to the face, kick to the face by Fabi. Meiko kicks Christina in the shoulder, knocking her over to Chikayo, who kills Christian with a t-bone suplex. This is much more fun the usual. Blake takes kick after kick to the spine. Blade ducks a clothesline, and the rudas pull the johsi girls out. Blade manages a super kick to Fabi, but Piero is slow to appear – one two no. Don’t know where he was. Rudos in control on the outside, but Fabi grabs Blake inside. Devil's Wings, but Von Eerie breaks up the pin. Sexi grabs Fabi, while Von Eerie brings Mari in by her hair. Now they want her to hit Fabi. Mari is still not up to this idea. Arguments ensue. Americans check on the Japanese girls, and end up pulled back outside by them for more violence. Lots of forearms. Von Eerie goes back first into the barricade, which the crowd approves. Whatever happens with Mari gets missed in the process - they just pick up with Fabi powerbombing Sexi Star, one two three. Crowd is thrilled, Apache hug.

Backstage, Alan wants to now if Chris has calmed down. Chris has not, still angry at Elegido for costing him that match two weeks, though the graphic makes it sound like they won. Chris is sick of not winning.

Match 2: Alan Stone & Chris Stone vs Cuervo & Ozz
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 06/20/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 7:25 (4:17+3:08)
Rating: better than last week
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Rudos jump the Stones as they're shaking hands with the fans. Ozz has a new outfit with one arm strap. It does not work for him. Stones are wearing non-matching outfits this week.

Stones appear to quickly turn it around in the ring, but Alan totally bites the dust on a pescado, and the rudos destroy. Sect looks pretty good, including a sweet powerbomb/neckbreaker combo on Alan which might've quite hurt. Chris had to break it up after that. Fireman's carry, top rope senton, middle rope moonsault somehow doesn't get three. Break as the attack is ongoing.

Chris starts the comeback right after the break, ducking under a clothesline sunset flipping Cuervo, and rolling him back into Ozz’s kick. Crowd not behind the Stones, who are content to brawl, but do pick it up the pace after a while. Near fall after Chris Stone's walk the ropes splash, but the other rudo breaks it up, and Cuervo works over both Stones brothers with punches. Alan fights back and Chris helps slide him out. Alan planchas Cuervo to take him out, leaving Ozz and Chris. Chris gets a headscissors and a boot to knock Ozz down, but Tirantes grabs him and holds him up. It's not just getting in a way, Hijo de Tirantes talks to Chris and points in Alan's direction. Huh. Chris seems to be distracted by it, and that's all Hijo de Tirantes really wants. Ozz foul kick, Hijo de Tirantes will wallow it. Completely unnecessary pumphandle piledriver, one two three. Alan returned about at five.

Backstage: Heavy Metal apologizes for losing to Piero. Piero says it's okay, he thought he was done for after Hernandez did that top cage splash. (Hey, at least they showed it again. Chessman's move does not get shown.) Moving out, Heavy Metal is now feuding with Electroshock over a title match they had in Los Angeles, California. I have no idea what they're talking about. Meanwhile, Ultimo Gladiador and Electroshock plan. Ultimo Gladiador is a great toady.

Match 3: Heavy Metal, Octagón, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Electroshock, Silver King, Último Gladiador
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 06/20/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 7:24
Rating: ok
Notes: Piero is ref.

Usual showcases, with Octagon getting in his pinning armdrag right off the bat. Pimpi next, and Heavy metal is fighting with Ultimo Gladiador when they go to a long crowd shot, and returns with Silver King in and Ultimo Gladiador hustling to the back. Huh. He returns with a chair, so I guess it wasn't a big problem. Gladiador hits Metal in the head to break up a pin. And the rudos beatdown the técnicos from there. Metal takes another unprotected chair shot to the head, though the rudos are making sure not to go full out on those. Metal is bleeding, though they don’t focus on it while Electroshock works on it for an extended time. Ultimo Gladiador returns with a table. Announcers are thrilled they're using someone else's table. Silver King and Ultimo Gladiador se set it up while Electroshock continues to chop Metal and rip his shirt. Other técnicos are no where to be seen. Ah, there they are, taking out the other rudos with double topes. Electro and Metal back in, Electro puts his head down too soon on a whip, one two kickout. Replay of the dives. Electro stomps Metal, and shoves down Piero from getting involved. Metal bodyscissors cradle one two no. Crowd is making a lot noise. Electro shoves Piero again and goes back to punching Metal in the head. Whip, Metal slips thru Electro’s legs, trips him up, struggles one knees, waits, waits, waits, director gets bored and switches to a shot of SK and UG stomping Octagon on the outside. What happened there? Back in the ring, Electro is in control, and ties up Metal in the Electro-Lock. That'll do.

Metal is bleeding even more, but the rudos aren't done. Electro takes him out to the apron, and tells the others where to set up the table. Powerbomb thru the table, and the table actually breaks this time. Hooray. Clip ahead to Metal being put on a stretcher. Replay.

Hey, it's Konnan. The Legion members for the next match are in the ring. Blah blah TripleMania, blah blah Arizona, Konnan introduces the third man – Super Crazy. Who enters to the Perros music and is wearing the Perros shirt.

Match 4: Extreme Tiger, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario vs Alex Koslov, Chessman, Super Crazy
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 06/20/2010

Winner: Técnicos
Match Time: 11:26 (2:05+4:28+4:53)
Rating: funnier the usual
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Tiger slides into the ring first, and gets stomped down. Bad plan! 187 waits until their music plays, then they run to the ring. Konnan joins the announcers.

187 turn the tide, but Nicho misses a corner dropkick and Super Crazy gets a run to put the rudos back in control. Lots of action, and they mix things up by waiting until just before the second break to start the comeback. A bit more up and down (or more move/break/your move/break) in the third segment, but still pretty hot. Nicho picks up the win with an Arabian Facebuster on Alex, and Konnan is a million times more focused on getting that move name and telling us it was invented by Sabu than his guy getting pinned. Hijo de Tirantes hesitated and counted a slightly slow three, but he did count.

Damian 666 and Halloween rush the ring, and the announcers would talk about it if they could get in a crowd over Konnan yelling about the Legion. Nicho is laid out. Lider takes the Valagueza. Tiger gets powerbombed in the corner by Chessman, and put in the Tarantula by Super Crazy. Halloween chops Tiger while he's hanging there, and they all kick him.

Hijo de Tirantes celebrates being Hijo de Tirantes in the locker room, when he's interrupted by El Apache, still angry about Hijo de Tirantes part in Mari being a maid and Piero getting his head shaved. Any more, and it'll be violence – is that clear? Tirantes, very threatened, says okay, but is upset about it later.

In the bathroom, Konnan explains to Hernandez and Zorro that they're working with the Perros to take care of AAA, though he's not sure about LA Park. Zorro says he (and his cross) have Park taken care of. Konnan can't believe “Nicho and that bug eyed Lider”, getting into their face about the streets, because they're LAX. Konnan puts Hernandez charge of taking care of 187, and Hernandez says okay amidst a lot of bleeps. They're going to be more violent than ever.

Match 5: Cibernético, Dr. Wagner Jr., La Parka Jr. vs Hernandez, LA Park, Zorro
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 06/20/2010

Winner: técnicos by DQ
Match Time: 7:52 (2:43+4:11+0:58)
Rating: chaotic, at least they remembered to have a finish
Notes: Random camera switches for LA Park’s entrance. It's not to the beat, it's not consistent, they just do it for a while and then they don’t do it, and then they do it some more. They do it again with Cibernético. Arturo announces LA Park as the winner of TripleMania. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Rudos jump técnicos. Most interesting thing about the first segment was Zorro explaining the idea of a catapult to Hernandez thru a series of gestures. That set up a cane shot to the head, and a LA Park bulldog that did not go so well.

Again, the return from the break starts the comeback, mostly by La Parka, but he moves out of the way (literally) so Cibernético can get his moves in on everyone. Wagner dragon screws Park, dragon screws Zorro, but Hernandez says no and won't go. Parka helps by clothesline Hernandez in the back, and Cibernético axhandle Hernandez in the back, and Hernandez takes a bad looking dragon screw. Tirantes takes his required kick to the legs. Second break after dives by most – Wagner with his apron tope con giro on Park, Cibernético with a plancha on Hernandez, Parka with a tope on Zorro.

Tirantes tries to help Park versus Wagner, and fails, getting rolled into a Parka boot to the head. Wagner Driver on Park, but Los Perros run in, puling Hijo de Tirantes out and going after Wagner. Spear by Halloween. Hijo de Tirantes returns long enough to raise Wagner's arm up, so there' the match.

Park comes back in, knocks Halloween and Damian out of the ring, then punches Super Crazy away. Zorro comes in and takes Parka out with a superkick. Hernandez brings Cibernético back in and forearms him. Silver King and Ultimo Gladiador rush out, and dive Zorro a two man code breaker. Chops for Hernandez, double dropkick on Hernandez, and snap kicks for him. Maniacos go after Wagner next, code breaker by Gladiador, top rope twisting moonsault by Silver King, middle rope leg drop by Ultimo Gladiador. Vampiro is next out, walking to the ring with a chair. Ultimo Gladiador backs away, Silver King seems not to be aware of Vampiro coming in, but does leave Wagner to him. Chair to Wagner’s gut, chair to his back. And chair to Ultimo Gladiador’s head. Vampiro points at Silver King and gives him the thumb across the throats, then walks out. Silver King is confused. Vampiro gamely keeps on walking unaffected, even when people pelt him in the head with garbage. Legion and Perros come back in the ring and work over the técnicos. 187 run out for the save, not sure where Hernandez went. Not doing his job! Halloween is slid out, Damian is slide out after him. Konnan is possibly the last guy here, but he’s staying outside. Two man spinning DDT on Zorro. 187 are still doing moves, but Konnan sends Hernandez and the Perros back in, and they manage to take control of the situation. Cibernético recovers, the Parks fight on the outside. Alan Stone, Octagon, Pimpinela, Extreme Tiger run in, and the rudos finally run off. Hijo de Tirantes I caught in the ring, but they let him go – only for Gran Apache to slap him and throw him back in! I've lost count. Whip, backbreaker. Tirantes rolls out and huddles with Park.

Replay and recap package and we're done.