AAA on Televisa #915 (12/05/2009)
Recapped: 12/13/09

Previously: Mesías wants yet another shot. Giant closed captioning logo, even though there is no closed captioning track. Maybe there is in Mexico. Joaquin gives it to him. Wagner promo. And that's all the previously.

This week: Cibernético tries to talk, but Konnan sees an open microphone and dives right in. Also, matches.

Vignette: Cibernético catches up with Nicho & Lider, who seem unsure of him. Cibernético gives them money, and now they're cool. They're the most extreme trio in the world, and all on the same page. Well, this won't last. Nicho suddenly starts spotting the invisible camera and making faces.

Vignette: Polvo, Yuriko, and Cristal talk trash about Pimpi. A stable of Exoticos? That'd never work.

Match 1: Pasion Kristal, Polvo de Esterllas, Yuriko vs Aerostar, Laredo Kid, Súper Fly
Auditorio Miguel Barragan, 11/18/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 6:02
Rating: seen better
Notes: So they do a promo about Pimpi, and they're facing the Air Force. Way to stay on point! On the other hand, who'd imagine the three prime members of the Air Force actually teaming up? No entrances, no captains, Piero is the ref. Four sided ring.

First matchup is Aero/Yuriko. Usually reversal, then Aero whiffs on a headscissors, though that's a two person deal. Yujiro ends up kissing Aero, but then gets sent out on a springboard headscissors, and Aero follows with the inside springboard tope con giro that's sweeping the nation. Someone's going to get hurt when the catcher doesn't move up enough – Yuriko adjusted late there. Laredo and Polvo are next, almost all Laredo offense. He gets in an Asai moonsault after a short run. Replay of that, and cut ahead to Yuriko stomping Laredo down. Super Fly has clearly been in and out. Yuriko has a brutal clotheslines, and gets in a lot on Laredo one on one, including a tope rope 'rana. Polvo and Cristal try for stereo dropkicks to Laredo, but Cristal is too late and dropkicks nothing. Super Fly in, as the rudos have figured out this should be the beatdown part. Yuriko holds up Super Fly for a Cristal missile dropkick. Powerbomb for Aerostar, and held sitting on the mat for a Polvo missile dropkick. Laredo whipped to the corner, and clotheslined weakly by Polvo. Super Fly randomly storms in, and dropkicks Polvo. Polvo no sells that and walks Super Fly to the other corner. Whip, Laredo puts his partner on the top rope, Yuriko runs, slows down, run and gets a Laredo Kid. Super Fly gets in a headscissors on Cristal, and Aerostar gets in a springboard armdrag on Polvo. This is not so good. Spinning backbreaker for Yuriko, and a dropkick to the head. Polvo and Cristal dropkick out Laredo and Super Fly, but Aerostar ducks a dropkick and uses Yuriko to dropkick Polvo. Cristal and Aerostar battle, and Aerostar ends up with a double springboard tope con giro to the floor on Polvo. That was pretty cool. Super Fly gets Cristal out, and Super follows with his dive, which looks good. Laredo in, and running into a Yuriko missile dropkick. Yuriko doges in again, and Laredo stops him with as swinging kick from inside the ring. They both climb up top, seem to have positioning issues, but still manage to the moonsault side slam. Laredo does his pose then cover, one two three.

Still To Come: What is Wagner' conditions? What happened at Cibernetico's press conference?

Vignette: Nicho & Lider are still in the back. Lider's got to put on his lotion. Who's the women with the unfortunate back tattoo way in the back that we're clearly not supposed to be seeing? Phone's ringing, but Lider can't find it. Ah, now he can. It's a text message – and thru the magic of television, we can see Joe Lider's text message as if it was a prepared on screen graphic. (The “phone clock” says 10:08 AM – wow, Lider and Nicho get to buildings early!) Long story short, Konnan's offering more money if they work for him instead of Cibernético.

Vignette: One transition later, Nicho & Lider have switched out of their gear to street clothes, and now it's pitch dark. It gets late early in Mexico. Anyway, this is a whole second vignette to establish Nicho & Lider will betray people for money. Amusing how Konnan thinks has to talk them into this – he could've skipped right to “I'll pay you double”, because they're sold right there. And now they're off to drink.

Video Package/Promos: Alex & Rocky. Rocky speaks Spanish! Who knew! Alex still thinks he's feuding with Joaquin, which would be news to anyone watching this TV show. Alex makes fun of Rocky's nickname, so I'm sold.

Match 2: Alex Koslov & Ozz vs El Elegido & Rocky Romero
Auditorio Miguel Barragan, 11/18/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 13:29 (7:01+6:28)
Rating: not too interesting.
Notes: No entrances but at least we have no captains to ignore. Hijo de Tirantes is the ref, so this is pretty obvious.

Alex & Rocky star out, doing the normal early reversals, but then switching to evading/escaping each other's finishes. Rocky hides in the ropes, and Alex throws himself out trying to hit Rocky. Tags to Elegido and Ozz. Crowd still loves them some Elegido. I think he has new tattoos, but I dunno. Hijo de Tirantes fasts counts for the rudos, including off an Ozz standing moonsault. The thing about those fast counts is they never works for the rudos except for the moves they would've worked with anyway. Anyway, Rocky argues, Alex clear shim off the apron, and the rudos start the beatdown. Alex takes Rocky over to the announce desk, which is always a great way to make sure the announcers are talking about you. Elegido makes a random comeback in the ring, and the camera can’t even be bothered to show it, because Alex is near the desk. Ozz or Hijo de Tirantes cheated o knock down Elegido down, and no one watching on TV can tell, because they never show it, but the fans and the wrestlers in the ring all react to it. Luckily, Alex brings Rocky back in. Alex chokes out Rocky with his flag. I don't know if I'd do that with my flag, but maybe it's a different thing for Russians. Rudos pretty much keep separate. Alex gives Rocky a nice suplex. Ah, now the rudos work together on a whip, this is going to end up badly. Elegido sent into a corner, rudos take their time with Rocky, chest slapping him and looking around. Whip, Elegido lifts Rocky to safety, Alex exchange into Elegido's boot, Ozz charges into Elegido's boot, Alex walks over and Rocky eventually jumps off to get him with a 'rana. Timing there wasn’t the best, though maybe Elegido didn't get out of the way as quick as she should. Elegido side steps an Ozz charge, causing Ozz to go to the corner, and then tries to boost Rocky into a splash on Ozz, but Elegido's too far away. Rocky ends up on his feet in front of Ozz, so he jumps again for a slash. Whatever works. Clothesline for Alex, clothesline for Ozz, clothesline for Alex, clothesline for Ozz. Elegido sets up for a dive, but Ozz runs off, so Elegido's just forced to dance. Elegido grabs the ref, but that's going nowhere.

Clip. Alex is doing his hat dance for the crowd, but Rocky steal his hat and matadors Alex with it. Crowd gets into it. Rocky puts on the hat and start to do the dance, but Alex forearms him down from behind. Ozz kicks him form outside too. Crowd starts to chant Rocky! Break.

Alex batters Rocky with forearms, but Rocky fires up after them. Dueling forearms to the face. Crowd does not get into it like an indy crowd. Rocky off the ropes, under, springboard back elbow connects. Alex reclines on the ropes, and Rocky obliges with the 619, but Alex ducks that. Rocky backs up for no reason, but it gives Alex room to knock him down with a leg lariat. Chop. Corner whip, Alex charges in, no one's home, Alex turns out, Rocky backdrops him. Punch for Ozz too. Rock y off the ropes, sliding under Alex, kick is caught, enziguri misses, back heel kick does not. Alex rolls out and walks away, and falls down on the announcer’s desk so he can talk to them. Replay of the kick. Crowd chanting for Elegido because he's been tagged in, but they show the crowd instead of that. Back to the ring just in time for Ozz to get the sunset flip, but Elegido actually punches out of the move instead of getting his tights pulled. Alex broadsides Elegido with a forearm, and he and Rocky punch him into the corner. Corner whip, Ozz whipped in after him, Elegido puts him on the top rope. Alex comes over, and Elegido gets in a slap battle with both of them, then dives Alex into Ozz's crotched. Ozz falls off the corner, Elegido trips him to setting a position, and trips Alex into his groin. Ozz rolls out, Alex changes Elegido, and Elegido gives Alex the stop sign! Elegido – goes to one knee? Before we can figure out where this can possibly be going, Alex kicks him and stomps him in the mat. Disappointing. Whip, revered, Alex sunset flip, Elegido rolls thru, Alex covers up, so Elegido walks behind him and kicks him in the back of the head. Elegido celebrates by beginning to strip. OK. Tag to Rocky, who jumps on Alex with a silla. Right hands. Did Dr. Morales just forget Rocky's name? Alex jumping enziguri puts down Rocky. Alex walks Rocky near the ropes, and randomly decides to suplex him to the floor, except just as randomly, they both end up on the floor. Other two in, Ozz dropkicking Elegido in the knee. Crowd quieter than they’ve been for the most of this match. Ozz slams Elegido and makes a flipping motion. Quebrada, no one's home. Elegido covers, Seen worse. Elegido gets Ozz with a DDT. One......Hijo de Tirantes has to move around the pin to check he other side, and Ozz kicks out. Chest slap. Reversals lead to Elegido's trunks getting pulled down (ah, we can get the finish – Elegido manages to go 180 so everyone can see) and Elegido dropkicking Ozz out. Ozz fixes his hair as Elegido start to run – and Alex pulls Elegido out instead. Alex holds Elegido waiting for Ozz, and the thru the ropes tornillo actually hits the right man. Odds were low on that one working. Alex and Rocky left in, Rocky fired up, Alex worried. Slow chest slap battle. Rocky whipped into the corner, Alex charges into his feet, Rocky to the middle ropes, and off with a flying DDT. Hijo de Tirantes run around the pin for a while, start to count, Rocky is still surprised. Replay, and another headscissors to 619 position. This one hits. Rocky hits his fireman’s carry gutbuster finish. One, and Hijo de Tirantes breaks up the pin. Why did he count one? False sense of security? Rocky thinks about hitting Hijo de Tirantes, and Alex cradles him from behind, onetwothree. Okay, forget what I said about fast counts not helping ever. Alex might have had the tights there too. Rocky is immediatly up and angry, then disappointed. More threatened violence.

More teasers for Cibernético/Konnan.

And here it is. Cibernético is doing a press conference at a gym (where else is Cibernético going to be), talking about how much Antonio Pena means to him, and that's why he had to walk out of AAA. Think that's what happening, I'm too busy trying to figure out exactly how many earrings he's got in. Did he waked up one day and say “you know, 5's not really enough”? Oh, there’s the Konnan run-in. Security does a poor job of holding him back, and no one can stop Konnan from yelling. Konnan is such the crazy man here, unable to have a discussion like an adult. People eventually figure out they should hold back Cibernético too, and then one guy decides the expensive microphone should be actually near Cibernético so we can make sure we can hear this (though there's no real problem of this.) All the press takes many pictures, so this appear to be working. The debate here is “you're washed up” and “you were never very good to begin with”. Can't wait to see the match! Is Dorian video taping this with a hand camera, or is that someone else? Why would he be doing that? Talking, talking, talking.

To continue this string of talking, the next segment is the Wagner/Mesías contract signing. Suit jackets for both. Crowd behind Wagner. Mesías says they don't need paper, they can do this on their word. Wagner has his conditions – this is the last battle between them, it's the dome and it's no rules. Wagner's great giving his rules, I have to say. Mesías agrees, but he has one condition – one on one, no interference, and they find out who's better. Wagner agrees, and agrees to do his catchphrase. Shake. That was relatively painless.

Zorro’s ranting – to himself? Still very crazy.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Silver King vs Chessman, Teddy Hart, Zorro
Auditorio Miguel Barragan, 11/18/2009

Winner: WagnerManiacs
Match Time: 13:16 (3:24+9:52)
Rating: squash
Notes: Joined just as Wagner is getting to ringside, because the fight is on before they get to the ring. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. No captains announced.

Brawl, control by the Legion. The crane camera they like to keep going to show a big swath of empty seats near the entrance. WagnerManicas randomly take back control – at first, I think there’s a clip, but they just turn the tide out of nowhere. This allows them to do their own brawling beatdown for a while. The Legion ends up back in control just as randomly. There's no build to a turnaround spot any of these times, it's just someone's turn to get in a bunch of moves, and this time it's Zorro and Chessman's at first. Teddy is happy to join in, adding something like a springboard 450 senton just before a break.

Or not – Arturo Rivera hits the street to ask Regular People who they think is going to win. These are obviously and features people Acting with a capital A (and may be TV people from other show for all I know), but ok: Wagner, Mesías, Wagner, Mesías.

Actual break here.

Legion back in control. Look at those empty seats on the hard camera. Zorro and Chessman have some teamwork, and Teddy just stands and watches a bunch. Random clip to Wagner making an actual comeback. Yay for that. Wagner takes Teddy Hart out in the crowd for a brawl, again. It worked well last time! Announcers mark out of Electro doing something that we're not actually shown. They do show Electro about to kill Teddy with a powerbomb, but Zorro makes the save. Chessman manages to fight off all three Wagners at once, which is pretty impressive. Sadly for him, a table has been set up near the ring (though really not too near the ring), and that can't end well for him. The Wagner's get it together. Chessman holds up Wagner for a suplex, but Electroshock kicks him in the leg and Wagner reverses it to a DDT. Wagner brothers hold Chessman while Electro moves the table a little bit closer. Three man press slam, tossing Chessman out and onto the table. Chessman bounces off the table, of course. I need a macro for that. Chessman's leg gets trapped underneath hi on the fall, but he seems relatively all right for getting pressed out of the ring, bouncing off the table, and landing on what looks to be cement. Electro powerbombs Teddy hard, everyone poses, Zorro’s dropkicked out, and Wagner gives Teddy the Wagner Driver. Wagner should let Electro get the pin, but he does it himself – one two three. (Hijo de Tirantes doesn't even hesitate this time.) That's it. In the end, this was pretty one sided. Let's show some Zorro fan signs now!

Replays. Chessman gets strechered out, only the Wagners grab the stretcher and throw hi mover. Electro takes the stretcher way and hits Chessman in the head d with it. Medical personal gives up and leaves. No idea if this is supposed to make the Wagner's rudos. Chessman vanishes on a crowd shot, no idea what happened to the other two.

Match 4: El Mesías, La Parka Jr., Marco Corleone vs Cibernético, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario
Auditorio Miguel Barragan, 11/18/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 15:27 (5:45+8:00+1:42)
Rating: nothing memorable
Notes: No entrances. No captains. Piero is ref. Rudos shake hands. Like, third and fourth row seats are easily noticeable on camera side. I wonder if they’re not letting people move down? That'd be the first time ever on a lucha show.

Crowd is actually doing the ole chant for Mesías, which is also another first time. Lider and Mesías mat wrestle, and I know I'm going to zoom thru this. Thankfully for common sense, rudos quickly rush the técnicos for a beatdown. Guess I should note Cibernético's Bizarro t-shirt. Beatdown goes on and on and on. Most painful looking spot is Lider giving Marco a back suplex on the apron, as Nicho adds a top rope clothesline. Lider didn't do anything to lay Marco do flat, and Marco landed with his hip painfully. That sucked. Rudos control all the way to the break.

There is no comeback. Rudos just go their corner, and suddenly they’re working it for a Mesías hot tag. First time I've seen them do it in a mostly lucha wrestler based match. Mesías makes the tag to Parka (no reaction), and they immediately break away to show a replay of the enziguri to set it up. Guess the psychology isn’t getting over with the director either. When they cut back, the rudos have Parka down. Parka makes a one man comeback against the rudos, and then they all start brawling like a normal post match comeback. I don't know what that was, especially the whole deal was Piero keeping the técnicos out of the ring until Mesías made the tag. Técnico show case spots from there. These take a whole, so another break.

Showcase go Mesías, Marco, and Parka, and Parka's ends up with him taking both Hermandad guys out, Nicho accidentally giving Lider a chair shot to the head, and Marco climbing the light pole to clothesline Lider out, while Mesías and Cibernético are trying to do dramatic reversal in the ring. Mesías gets Cibernético in the F5, but Cibernético gets out. Mesías escapes the chokeslam, Cibernético miss a corner charge, and Mesías drops him with the jumping STO. One two three.

Video of Konnan walking to the ring – oh, it's the Koslov cam. Why it' the Koslov camera, I don't know. Mesías passes Konnan, Teddy, Alex and Chessman on the way to the back, but doesn't seem to care much. Chessman should punch him for ducking out on that singles match with him. Cibernético waits in the ring, everyone else having disappeared. Konnan's words don’t seem to match his mouth, but I think it's a sync issue. Konnan explains Cibernético is “smoke and mirrors” - Konnan does not subscribe to the theory of building up those who you're about to face. Talk talk talk talk. Why IS Alex filming this? They have plenty of cameras. So, anyway, match at Guerra de Tirantes. Chessman randomly decides to charge Cibernético, misses and eats a stunner. Pear for Teddy. Alex has an expensive camera so he's getting out of there. Konnan leaves because that’s what he does. Where's Zorro? Konnan waves for someone – ah, it's Zorro, hitting Cibernético in the back with a chair. That'll do. Legion beatdown from there. Alex films it. Lot of replays of the chair shot from Zorro to Cibernético, which would be great if they were having a match.

That’s where my recording ends. Close enough!