AAA Mini Line - 04/18/09 (#882)
Recap: 05/03/09

Black text on a white screen, with music underneath

Abismo Negro, uno de los maximos simbolos de la AAA, de la lucha libre nacional y mundial, lamentablemente fallecio la semana pasada.

Con 37 anos de edad y 23 como luchador, Andres Palomque, conocido como El Rey del Martinete, dejo su lugar entre nosotros, pero siempre sera recordado por su talento y carisma.

AAA y toda la famila luchistica lamentamos la perdida no solo por el gran luchador que significaba, sino tambien por el buen companero y el gran hombre que fue en vida.

Descanse en paz, Abismo Negro

Abismo Negro highlight package. The footage here is just from the last few years – the fued with Mr. Niebla on, plus bits from the usual opening video. AAA puts a black ribbon in the upper left hand corner, which gets partially obscured by Galavision's usual logo.

Dr. Morales welcomes to us to the show from AAA's offices. Two Abismo Negro masks are on a desk in front of him, and Dr. Morales hosts all the in-between segments for this portion of the show from there, with the same Abismo Negro vignette we just saw playing on a flatscreen behind him. Dr. Morales looks very affected throughout. In this one, Morales talks about Abismo, and others who've passed away at the top of AAA – Love Machine and Antonio Pena. Break.

Abismo Negro highlight package, similar vintage.

Dr. Morales talks about Abismo's start in CMLL as Furor. It seems like he throws it to some footage or picture of Furor, but all we get is an Abismo Negro death graphic, and back to Dr. Morales.

Dr. Morales talks about Antonio Pena's concept of Winners.

Winner's entrance from TripleMania III.

Dr. Morales talks about the set of matches that led to Super Calo vs Winners in a mask match at TripleMania III.

Highlights from Super Calo vs Winners, mask vs mask, June 30, 1995. We see about three spots in the match, and hear Mucha Crema announce the stipulation Winners does a tope con giro thru the ropes. Super Calo's pin is shown, though not the move that lead to it. Winners takes off his mask mid dance and hugs Super Calo. Break.

Dr. Morales talks about the idea behind Abismo Negro and...

Abismo Negro's debut, 01/10/1997. The gear changed, but the mask is there.

Versus the Brennan Twins in a cage, 03/01/1998. Martinete onto a chair on one.

Dr. Morales talks about Abismo and the Vipers, and we see them entering in camouflage gear from a TripleMania, the highlights from his debut match.

Brief words with Abismo Negro's wife, son, mother, older daughter, and younger daughter.

Abismo Negro highlight package.

Arturo Rivera talks about Abismo Negro from another part of the AAA offices, setting his Rey de Reyes win.

And we see that, Abismo Negro vs Cibernético from March 5, 2000. Cibernético looks very little like he does today, beside the mask. Tigre Steele's interference for a DQ make the clip a bit odd, but they end with Cibernético putting the corner on Abismo's hood and Abismo vowing revenge.

Abismo Negro on entertainment TV shows.

March 15, 2009, Abismo Negro beating Ozz but losing to Latin Lover at Rey de Reyes.

Arturo talks about Abismo Negro going to Japan, as we see highlights from Abismo & Electro losing the national tag titles to Perro and Hector.

Quick interviews with Marisela Pena, Joaquin Roldan, Octagon, Copetes, Mini Abismo Negro, Elegido, Fabi Apache, Killer Clown, Super Calo, Zombie Clown, Laredo Kid, Piero, Tiffany, Oriental, Estrellita, Sexy Star.

Scenes from the funeral, as an AAA banner and a Abismo Negro mask are laid on the coffin. Other luchadors are scene in the group shots, including Santo.

One more clip of Abismo Negro's entrance.

Arturo tries to fire us for part 2 of Rey de Reyes, though Abismo Negro memorial graphic airs before each break.

The usual show preview airs here, teasing the trios title match, the hair match, and the Rey de Reyes final.

Video Package: X-Pac vs Zorro

Match 1: Zorro ©, Teddy Hart, Jack Evans vs Alex Koslov, X-Pac, Charly Manson ©
Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso, 03/15/09

Winner: Rudos (Zorro on Charly)
Match Time: 8:53 (3:25+5:28)
Notes: No sign of Nikki. Though this match is clearly about those two people up there, Charly gets last entrance. Ever at Rey de Reyes, they get stop people from jumping the barrier and hugging whomever they want. Why does Charly's shirt say “R”? Copetes is ref.

Jack and Alex look really good against each other, with their segment wrapping around the break. Zorro and X-Pac finally face off after the break, and have a kick battle. I guess that makes since with X-Pac, but just seems very strange. Zorro was able to escape the Bronco Buster, and the beatdown starts there, with out Charly getting in. It's at this point where they keep showing a non-Mexican woman in the front row with a D-Mex sign, loudly rooting for them. She happens to be sitting right next to Marsela Pena. X-Pac gets to make a short enough comeback to be thrown to the outside, and Jack follows with his handspring twist dive. Charly is in for four seconds (and looks to be limping for all of them.) Zorro assists Teddy, so he can better do his wacky offense, then does his own wacky outside in springboard dropkick while Teddy does his SSP on X-Pac. Teddy covers, despite his feet being not only under the bottom rope, but pretty much outside the ring. No matter, X-Pac is trying to fire up for a comeback after. X-Pac kicks Zorro as he charges in and double clotheslines the other two to start the comeback. X-Pac pounds on the mat to start the crowd clapping, and crawls for the tag, so he's still not clear on how this works. Charly gets the tag, rushes into hit the two people standing, and then yells at Zorro about hitting him with a clothesline for about fifteen seconds. This is one time they could've used an edit, for sure. Zorro ends up taking a bad looking clothesline, and Charly moves onto jabs with Teddy before whipping him and powerslamming him. Jack is kind enough to run into an overhead belly to belly. Zorro misses a cane shot, and ends up boinking himself on a rebound. Charly gets the cane and tease the big cane shot, but Zorro takes them down and quickly puts him into the STF – for the clean win! I like how I'm reviewing this shows so late, and the finishes are so inconsequential, I'm now occasionally shocked by results.

Zorro celebrates for about 2 seconds before X-Pac canes him in the head. It was a good two seconds. Zorro tries to flee before taking more, but X-Pac gets him a couple times as they run to the back. Meanwhile, HF2 throw Alex out, and he just so happens to land in front of the fan in the front row they keep on showing. What are the odds? Jack posts Alex, and of course we're looking at a shot of Alex while Jack grabs the fan's sign and rips it up. The only people who don't know she's a plant (and Lizzy Valiente) are the people running the cameras. Teddy and Lizzy discuss, and the end result of that discussion is Lizzy getting pulls over the barricade by her hair and thrown in the ring. Security makes no move, how lame of them. I have no idea where Charly is. The Mexican Powers music plays – perhaps Ultimo Gladiador is going to make the save? Ha, no. Juventued Guerrera runs out, runs halfway around the ring, and then slides out to chase the HF2. This does not work, a shock. Teddy takes the wrong turn for the escape, so he and Juvi run around the ring one more time to before heading to the back. Juvi stops short of going thru the entrance, because he's not so upset that he can't pose and come back in the ring. Alex give him a hug and a handshake, and then they all pose on the corners. Alex leaves as Juvi get the microphone for a promo. Why was Juvi in the back? “Yo soy AAA!” Juvi cuts a promo on the Legion, including the non-existent Nicole. They start to play Juvi's music, and Juvi just keeps on going because he forgot to introduce Lizzy.

Noti AAA

Previously: they jump back to the post title-match beatdown of Mesias, and the debut of Dr. Wagner Jr. Wagner cleans house with the Legion attacking one on one and getting taken out by leg kicks. – Silver King is actually the second guy he takes out. Konnan, of course, backs off without being kicked. Everyone has to run around to get in the right spot for the ending shots, which is funny. Silver King is held back for some reason. Wagner spends time contemplating Mesias on the ground and teasing hitting Konnan, who's stuck separated from his partners. Wagner makes the title versus title motions to Mesias, and then gets microphone to say it aloud.

Joaquin Roldan has shown up to get involved. Mesias is fine now, to better allow himself and Wagner to go face to face while Wagner talks about being the real champion. They do lots of looking at the crowd, back and forth, to get people to chant. Not as many people chant for Wagner as I thought, but that's better than zero chanting for Mesias. You know, if WWE was doing this, I'm thinking they would've have a photographer standing around right behind them. Maybe it’s because they’d do in the ring, and not on the floor. Mesias actually repositions himself so that's not the shot, what a smart move. (And then the camera guy moves right back in the way.) Mesias does his catchphrase about four centimeters from Wagner’s face.

Something's edited out here, because we get a generic shot of the crowd. Crowd does go along with Mesias' catchphrase. Konnan and Roldan get involved as Mesias walks out. The Legion seems to have shown up to be his backup suddenly, and Konnan demands to know if he's in the Legion, with his brother, or in AAA. Mesias's music starts to play, before Roldan's got a chance to say his piece. Which lasts two words, anyway.

Video Package: hair match. This video package seems to be at least half as long as some of the matches last week. Oh, heck, I'll go back and time it. (3:26) but seemed longer.

Arturo and Roldan discuss in the ring for a bit, asking the crowd who they're rooting for. I'm sure this segues directly into the match somehow, but I kinda wish they could've cut this for the opener somehow. Vampiro comes out to join them. Vamp's back to doing the cameraman bit. Oh, Konnan's coming out with no promo in between, so this is the match.

Match 2: Konnan vs Vampiro
Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso, 03/15/09

Winner: Vampiro
Match Time: 14:06 (3:07+7:49+3:10)
Notes: Unlike the other video entrances, Konnan's background is just a picture of Cuba. He's also got a Club America cover over his head. Konnan calls out Teddy and Jack as his seconds. Hijo de Tirantes is ref and immediately getting into a shoving match with Vampiro.

Vamp gets a few shots on Konnan, or just gets close to getting them, and then HF him many times (which accuses Vamp to slightly bend over for a bit on rare occasions actually fall down), then Vamp gets a short comeback and repeat. Konnan gives Vamp a pedigree, which nearly caused another neck problem, for a near fall. Roldan pulls out Hijo de Tirantes to break the count. Hijo de Tirantes can notDQ the rudos just as well as he can the tecnicos. This starts another Vamp comeback, which is just beating up the job guys and Konnan waling out. Arturo gets involved and nearly pays for it. Rudos work over Vampiro's right shoulder specifically for a bit, as if it's going to start something where he's selling that body part (or anything at all.) Vampiro quickly fires back with right arm clothesline and such. Vamp looks so out of it, and completely exhausted, as he tossed Jack into a kick foul. Jack has to pop back up to take a double faceslam, and then a double chokeslam. Arturo weakly hits Vamp with a chair twice, and Vamp sells it more than he has for anything anyone else has done in this match. Roldan comes in for no reason, and Konnan immediately knocks him down and stomps him. Vamp inside cradles Konnan weakly, holds him pinned forever. X-Pac comes in, wearing a Staff t-shirt (not a ref shirt) and starts to count – one two, and Hijo de Tirantes break that up. Crowd explodes. Hijo de Tirantes shoves X-Pac, and X-Pac punches him down. Jack trips him up form outside the ring, and crotches him into the ring post. Break.

Vamp covers Konnan again, but Hijo de Tirantes refuses to count, and then sits back down to sell. Before Vamp can do anything on him, the HFs back again and attacking. More music starts to play as the HF works over Roldan. Marco Corleone rushes to the ring, and stone hand punches both Jack and Teddy. The ladies recognize him immediately. Marco helps Vamp up, and there's a moment of confusion before they realize they’re on the same side and hug. Vamp whips Marco into an over the top plancha onto the rudos. Vamp is extraordinary gentle giving Konnan a bodyslam. Roldan pops up, rushes Arturo to punch him a couple of times, and puts him on top of Konnan. Roldan covers, and Vamp sits on top, but Hijo de Tirantes doesn't want to count. He takes down his straps, counts one, counts two, and X-Pac pushes the arm down for the third time.

Why was X-Pac here? So he could celebrate with the tecnicos. Rudos huddle around Arturo to block the haircut. Konnan rants, Vamp gives him the stop sign and takes the mic away for a second, then staggers around the ring without actually saying anything. Konnan takes the mic back. Konnan offers up his hair instead of Arturo's, and gets bleeped a couple times. Arturo gallantly sacrifices his hair for the cause. He's the only decent man here! More talking, more Vamp going into the crowd.

Promo: X-Pac and Marco. The idea is X-Pac brought Marco in. Marco does his promo in Spanish and X-Pac pretends to know what he's saying. “Couldn't have said it better myself!” Okay, X-Pac wins for that.

Video Package: Rey de Reyes semifinals.

This three hour AAA show on Galavision appears to actually be three hours. How distressing.

Match 3: Silver King vs Electroshock vs La Parka Jr. vs Latin Lover in the final of the Rey de Reyes
Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso, 03/15/09

Winner: Electroshock
Match Time: 19:03 (12:33 actual)
Other Match Notes: Tecnicos and rudos shake. With each other, not with the opposite sides. Pepe Casas is ref, and they start out working this with tags.

Silver King jumps Parka, but Parka turns it around and gets most of the offense. Parka works a chinlock when he tires in 90 seconds, which is an odd thing to do when he's got Latin standing there waiting for a tag. Latin and Electro come in to give some tease of action, and maybe pass a message. Parka walks over to Latin's corner to yell at him, and not actually out tag out. Parka is gassed, and Silver is the only one taking bumps. Parka ends up clotheslining him out. Latin tries to jump him for some reason, and they have one of those brawls where they hit each other and neither guy actually goes down. Electro is awesome, coming in and intensely rooting on the fight, and of course ending up with a double chop. Parka drops Latin with a clothesline, but Electro dropkicks him downward puts Latin in a kinda half crab. Parka just stands there, watching for a bit, then walks to the apron as Silver King sets up a table on the outside. Parka waits until Electro's hung Latin in a tree of woe, then gets whipped into a tope on Silver King. Silver King is trying hard with Parka here. Electro chops Latin down, and pulls him in a suasitca. Parka breaks that up with one punch. Parka stand around nodding until Electro takes him down and puts him in a knee bar. Latin come sin and puts Electro in a headscissors, and then everyone just lets go. Parka elbows Electro as he gets up, and helps him up to elbow him down again. Electro tries to pull Parka into a small package from the mat, but Parka just out right refuses to go for it. And insists laying down on top. Silver King hits him in the back anyway, and then fouls him while Pepe is messing with Parka. Silver and Electro discuss instead of covering, and Silver King gets Electro to bring Parka out to the apron for him. Ah, their table is set up below. Electro lifts up Parka, and Silver King barely gets a hold of him for a martinete thru the table. Silver King never really had control of him and Parka's head was much lower than usual. Crowd and Electro go nuts. Parka shakes on the floor while Silver King is just out. Silver King gets his feet, his knees must've hit first. Silver King and Latin in, though Pepe Casas is threatening to DQ him for the marinete. Meanwhile, Parka is being put on the stretcher – I guess he gets to say he wasn't actually eliminated here. Silver King wanders back outside and attacks the people helping Parka until Electro pulls him back and stops him. I guess Electro's only with this sort of thing when he's the one doing it? Silver King goes back in the ring to argue a bit, and then wanders around ringside like a mad dog. Parka is very carefully helped onto the stretcher as security tries to force Silver King to the back. Latin Lover finally comes out to check on Parka as the stretcher is picked up. Electro helps carry it for a bit. Electro and Latin come back and poll the crowd a bit before break.

Punch battle. Dramatic punch battle at that. It lasts about :25 before Kenzo Suzuki runs out and to the ring. Why does he want to beat up Latin Lover? Why is Electro holding him back? Electro orders him out of the ring, but Kenzo is still arguing the point when Elegido and Super Fly (Elegido's music plays) run in, and Latin has to back them off. Latin asks for a microphone and doesn't get it. Electro does get his, and says he wants to win this himself. Latin agrees, and everyone's sent to the back. Where they don't go – they just hang around ringside and cheer on their guy. Back to posing for the crowd. After about a 2:30 break, the match gets going again.

Lots of cradle and reversal spots, which blows up Electro quick. Latin tires a punch to step up a small package which works once, but gets caught into a Fujiwara on the second try. Latin pounds the mat in pain, but grab the ropes (which only inches away to start.) Electro holds on for as long as possible. Electro puts on a horrible STF. The facelock only exists in theory. Latin slowly, slowly, slowly crawls to the ropes, the hold coming apart on the way. The guys on the outside push and stove, and Electro rolls out to yell at Kenzo for fighting when he told him not to. Back in, and Latin blows a Code Red, if that even was the idea there. He just falls of Electro’s back (maybe Electro just didn’t go with him?), who eventually recovers to turn it into a seated pinfall. Two count. Latin superkick sends Electro out, and Latin follows with a plancha. Latin brings Electro back in, Electro waves him by on the charge and dropkicks, Latin holds the rope sand puts Electro in a sharpshooter. Meanwhile, Kenzo's trying to get in to break the hold, and it takes both tecnicos to stop him. No matter, Electro's slowly climbing to the ropes. Latin tries a casita, one two NO. Latin punches. Corner hip, charge in, Electro flips him to the apron, Latin punches him away, Latin plancha connects, Electro rolls thru, one two NO. I'll be, that was a fairly decent exchange. The kind they appear to learn in week three of wrestling school, but, whatever, it still counts. Latin off the roes, into a powerslam, Electro ties the legs and puts on a kneeling abdominal stretch – and Latin gives. That's it.

Last year, it was Electro and Kenzo doing the big celebration for Zorro's win. This year, it's Kenzo celebrating under the fireworks and confetti, because Electro is passed out on the mat. A grueling 7 minute match against Latin, I guess. Roldan, who has no power at all in AAA right now by storyline, comes out to give Electro the sword. Not Vamp. Not Konnan. Not even Marsela Pena. Latin Lover gives Electro credit for the win. Electro gives a short heartfelt speech about how long he's been in AAA and how much this means to him, and that seems like a good way to bookend the show.