AAA Mini Line - 04/11/09 (#881)

Galavision video quality is awful for this show, at least on my system. If you like really bright reds (and really dark everything else), this is the video for you.

Previous: better shots of Roldan being bloody from the chair shot. Vampiro resigns as commissioner of AAA as well.

Rey de Reyes open. They waste no time showing footage of Wagner turning up, teasing it for later. Also, for the first time on the show, we actually get the brackets for the Rey de Reyes. They have a larger stage setup with a bigger video screen (though they haven't figured out the WWE bit of putting a curtain behind it so we don't see all those empty seats – somewhat because some of those seats aren't empty.)

Promos: Abismo Negro, Latin Lover, nothing from the rudos.

Match 1: Black Abyss vs Ozz vs Abismo Negro vs Latin Lover in a Rey de Reyes semifinal
Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso, 03/15/09

Winner: Latin Lover
Match Time: 6:04
Notes: Last match for Abismo Negro. Possibly last TV match for Black Abyss, though I'm less sure about this now. Black Abyss and Abismo manage to face off without fighting before the match. Bleeping during Latin Lover's entrance – they're covering up the words in his music, I think. Pepe Casas is ref. Abyss and Abismo are wearing cloned outfits, with slightly different colors. Abismo quickly runs thru the rudos to start, ending up sending Abyss in a tope on Ozz. Latin Lover comes in and is all ready to fight, but Abismo stokes the crowd, stalls and tags out as they go to break.

Ozz and Black Abyss mostly exist to be crash dummies for Latin and Abismo. Not a good night for Abismo. He does a bad middle rope moonsault for a miss and later he and Ozz blow a tombstone reversal bit, notable for not being edited out. Black Abyss gets a shoulder up doing his pinfall, then hangs around on the apron for a moment to make me think maybe it wasn't three. Latin stand watching on the apron while Abismo eliminates both rudos over about four minutes, though does try an Abismo chant at one point. After the blown tombstone bit, Abismo nearly drops Ozz on his head on a powerbomb for his elimination. Latin jumps Abismo and immediately gets him in a casita for the final fall. Very compressed at the end, obviously to save Latin for more later on.

Latin asks for a handshake from Abismo after the match, but I guess Abismo had a change of hear since last timethey tried to do this, because he just walks out.

Promo: Latin Lover, moving on.

Noti AAA (with Dr. Morales this week)

Promo: Elegido, Nicho & Joe Lider, Silver King (bidness is bidness! - also already cutting promos on Parka) – no time for Alan

Match 2: Joe Lider vs Silver King vs Alan Stone vs Elegido in a Rey de Reyes semifinal
Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso, 03/15/09

Winner: Silver King
Match Time: 7:58
Notes: Break before this one gets started. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Noted rudo Silver King finds a group of fans who want to cheer his name. He is so the AAA Dr. Wagner!

Silver King becomes this year's first dummy, breaking up pins in an elimination match. He did save Joe Lider from an Alan Stone powerbomb, so I guess the idea is he wants his sometimes pal around longer. Lider and Alan are left alone in the ring for a long stretch, which ends when Elegido breaks up a Lider pin (presumably for the same reason, though then they probably should've set that up in those otherwise pointless pre-match interviews.) Elegido and Lider botch something so bad that it's clipped up obviously – the possibilities are endless – and then Silver King proves himself a goofball by breaking up Lider's resulting pin. Lider/Silver King is the worst of the three Silver King matchups, but then we didn't see whatever went wrong with Elegido and Lider's obviously dead tires. Alan breaks up his pin after a DDT (so now everyone doesn't know the rules of the match they're in) and fights with Silver King for a moment. Silver King grabs the ripes on a dropkick, but gets clothesline out by Elegido anyway. Alan throws a pointless clothesline at Elegido, who easily ducks it enroute to a bad looking tope on Silver King. Lider resurfaces to give Alan a move Lider can't seem to decide if it's meant to be a backbreaker or a powerbomb until the last second. It gets two. Corner sequence ends up with an Alan plancha that's rolled thru. Alan gets the headscissors cradle for three directly after.

Elegido comes in with a twisting clothesline, and Alan pops up so he can feed himself into Elegido's sit down powerbomb. Again, one move and we're done. Sensing that'll be a pattern tonight.

It takes a little longer to get the next pinfall, because both Silver King and Elegido stop to stoke the crowd, who is into it. Sunset flip for obligatory mooning spot – Elegido spins around to show everyone his butt, except it's blurred. Silver King enziguri's him, slams him, but a top rope moonsault is too far (and I'm not even sure Elegido moved.) Two count on the following pinfall. Elegido is gassed, and needs break before punching. Slam, and Elegido's headed up, but not before polling the crowd. Silver King rushes the corner, knocking Elegido backwards into the ring, landing hard. Silver King covers, but that's also two. Death Valley Driver, one two three.

Promo: Silver King, still already talking about Parka. Wait for him to move on first, dude.

Promo: Super Fly (hoping 2009 will be better than 2008 – plus revenge on Electroshock), Electroshock (too distracted by the Lady Apache tattoo to pay attention to what he says, but I think it's about his opponents), Octagon

Match 3: Nicho vs Electroshock vs Super Fly vs Octagon in a Rey de Reyes semifinal
Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso, 03/15/09

Winner: Electroshock
Match Time: 6:11
Other Match Notes: Ref is Copetes

Electroshock and Super Fly start off, Electroshock taking a headscissors badly and looking bad throwing himself out of the ring. Good time for a break.

Octagon and Nicho makes the last bit look really good. Octagon takes a bump off a corner clothesline, which might have been his first of 2009. He immediately reallies for the Russian legsweep/escalera combo, and Nicho's getting paid for about a minute of work.

Octagon armdrags Electro all over the place, Electroshock slowly taking Octagon's usual routine. Elector's just too strong for the side legsweep and gets in a crummy forward roll, then sits on top since he can't hold it. Copetes fast counts 3.

Super Fly gets a super slow too count on a headscissors cradle, but Super Fly moves out of the way of a top con giro. Super Fly manages to roll thru, then go back in and hit the handspring dive on Electro, though Elector's too close to the ring and gets bumped on the way over (Super Fly landing on his feet.) Super Fly gets a off the top rope 'rana for what should be three, but Copetes screws him again. Bodyscissors cradle is blocked into a cristo, but Super Fly manages to reverse that into a bodyscissors cradle. Copetes slow counts him one more time. Crowd is really excited for the near falls, and now I'm annoyed about the outcome. Super Fly manages to dropkick Electro into the corner, charges in, but is put on top and then pulled off for a valaguesa – that's it.

Promo: Electroshock

Promos: Kenzo Suzuki (multilingual!), Super Porky, La Parka (who reminds us Porky is his friend – that was the big idea when Porky came in, and they never really did much with it – anyway, Parka's going to do anything to get to face Silver King.) Nothing for Escoria

Match 4: Escoria vs Kenzo Suzuki vs Super Porky vs La Parka Jr. in a Rey de Reyes semifinal
Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso, 03/15/09

Winner: La Parka Jr.
Match Time: 7:57
Other Match Notes: Escoria gets a single candle for his entrance! Not as cool as Ozz's hat. Or Porky's guitar. Pepe Casas is ref

Unlike all the other fights, this one breaks out into a fourway off the start, and the rudos get the first beatdown of the night. Tropicasas appears fine with this, counting a Kenzo pin on Parka while Escoria works over Porky elsewhere. They do switch partners, and the crowd is behind Porky as he exchanges chops with Kenzo. Porky has people run and jump into his stomach to start the comeback. A fine offensive tactic. Rudos get control back for last of anything else to do (Parka disappears during this), though this match is already about as long as the other ones. Kenzo and Scoria do manage to double suplex Porky. Kenzo his his knee drop, Scoria adds a top rope legdrop, both cover, one two, three Parka grabs Kenzo to pull him off, but he's too late.

Scoria gets a little offense on Parka, but misses his tornillo moonsault. Parka covers him and that's enough for the pin.

As Casas is getting Escoria out, Kenzo fouls Parka and covers him. Pepe Casas doesn't count, but Kenzo lets go to celebrate for whatever reason. Kenzo freaks out on the crowd, maybe for pointing out the foul. Parka actually takes a suplex, and Pepe Casas counts this time – one two no. Kenzo argues the count, then turns into a Parka fujiwara for the finish. (It's no Panther armbar, somewhat because Kenzo forgets to throw a clothesline to set it up.)

Video Package: Mesias vs Chessman

Match 5: Chessman vs Mesias for the AAA Mega Heavyweight Championship in a cage match
Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso, 03/15/09

Winner: Mesias
Match Time: 31:22 (13:56+7:56+9:50)
Other Match Notes: Can't even get the match started without a promo from Mesias. The no ring lights, flashing lights from the entrance, make this impossible for me to watch at points – it's just different shades of blue with red turnbuckles. Why is Mesias doing this promo – to build up the match they're having right now? Mesias hits the catchphrase, Chessman hits Mesias and DDTs him to start the match. Ref is Copetes. No opening whistle?

There's barbed wires stretched across the top of the cage, plus tuns of stuff for them to use and break in the cage, so I can safely ignore all of this until someone goes thru a table. Seriously, 9 minutes in, and nothing of importance has happened – they do moves, it actually seems better than usual up to here, but you can pick up at this point without missing anything the matters. Chessman eventually rakes Mesias' head on the cage, then pulls down some of that hanging wire to open up Mesias forehead more. Not that the blood stops Mesias from making his usual comebacks.

At the 15 minute mark (following a some bad brawling – they've been good before, so maybe it was just the big bump they took throwing them off), Scoria and Ozz show up to help Chessman. Last we saw, Scoria and Ozz weren't friends with Chessman or Mesias, so why they're throwing in a bottle of water is beyond me. Chessman's mist spit at Mesias doesn't look good, but I'm thinking it's my picture. Chessman sets up tables, so we're getting lose to the part where I need to pay attention. Mesias stops short of being whipped into one, but Chessman spears him thru. Chessman lays on top of Mesias, and Copetes is low to get around to count – one two Copetes is slow on three. No idea why Copetes is cheeting Chessman.

Both are slow to get up. Chessman positions the other table, whips Mesias, but Mesias reveres his clothesline into his STO. Mesias poses on his knees instead of covering, then heads out the (oddly) open door. The Sect try to stop him, but he kicks them away – then Chessman spears him off the apron and into a conveniently placed wood panel leaning on the barricade. The Foreign Legion makes their way out and starts stomping Mesias, though there's so many guys that they have trouble all getting on him at once

After a break, Latin Lover, Abismo Negro, and Aerostar run out before they get tired of watching people run out. Somehow, Latin Lover and a chair is enough to get the whole Legion to flee around the ring one way, where Abismo shoots fire at them. Aerostar climbs up the cage rather than help, actually, and waits until Latin herds the rudos back around to the aisle so eh can do a plancha onto them (who are a little to far away and don't catch him so well.) Abismo and Latin back up the rest and help Aerostar up, who seems to be limping. Is there still a match going on? Latin eventually hits Black Abyss with a chair just to do something. Arturo is with the rudos, so we can already see him bald without having seen the match. I think Konnan must've hurt himself in the retreat, because things don't get moving again until they start slowly helping him to the back. Rudos leave, tecnicos walk off, back towards the ring, and there's still nothing happening, so time for a replay.

After all that, Chessman is covering Mesias, in the ring, no idea how or why, but Copetes isn't around to count. When he does, Mesias kicks out big, as if the previous 20 minutes have been worthless. Oh, wait, they were. Still have that table waiting for Chessman to bounce off it. Chessman light tubes Mesias in the legs, then tries for the head with another, but Mesias gets it and breaks it on Chessman's (heavily covered back – he's smart.) Mesias looks to leave the cage again – I don't know why, nor do I know why that door is till open. Mesias hangs around on the apron while Chessman crawls over, and then they battle on the apron with headbutts. Chessman beats Mesias enough to get to to floor and shut the door on him repeatedly. Time to climb to the top of the cage. They both kick at each other while hanging form the top, then climbs around to the side that's near the charitable. They climbs to the top, on top of a randomly installed corner scaffold, Mesias teasing falling off the cage many a time, then perfectly fine the next. Mesias tire to pull Chessman off the scaffold to the floor, but Chessman just lays down and holds on. Mesias finally joins him standing on the scaffold instead of hanging onto it, grabs Chessman in a choke, then shoves him off to the table. The table breaks (!) but Chessman this hit with his legs into of his body. Mesias lands on top of the scaffold – diving would be a bad idea with all that table fragments down there, but I think that's what the fans expect. Mesias poses and climbs down to cover instead. One two – sloooooow three. Yay it's over.

Mesias celebrates with a fan, but Konnan's music plays gain. All the rudos from earlier run back out to stomp down Mesias again. No idea where the tecnicos are. Lider gets the title belt, which is scary. Dr. Wagner's music starts to play – doesn't sound like there's a big pop for it or him seeing (of course, there's a weird edit in here.) Just as he stops posing and heads towards the fight, that's the end of the shown.