AAA - 11/22/08

This is the Antonio Pena Memorial, part 1. 3 matches, no clipping.

Previously: Mini Charly Manson won the minis title, and was never on TV again. The bigger Charly Manson on last year's Torneo de Antonio Pena. He won't win this one, but one of these people will. And, in the main event, control of AAA vs Konnan disappearing as a TV character. We'll pretend there's some drama in that one. Hey, why not run down the matches twice to be annoying. 

Antonio Pena video package. It'd be nice if they had a second one. 

Match 1: Mascarita de la Muerte, Mini Histeria (c), Mini Chessman vs Octagoncito, Mini Charly Manson (c), Mascarita Divina 
Estadio Beto Ávila, 10/24/08

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 8:05
Notes: No entrances! They're in a hurry, this show where they have three matches to stretch two hours. Mini Histeria is announced as being captain and from Veracruz, which gets a little applause. He was working around here until he got this gimmick. If Mini Charly has the belt, we don't actually get to see him with the belt, which would seem to be the point of having an actual physical belt and all.

And this is clipped to start! I fear how long the other two matches must be, or what crap we're getting in between them. Octagoncito is crewing around with Muerte as they come in, and there's either another clip or a very disorienting camera switch as he does a walk up the ropes armdrags. Spinning headscissors into armdrag sends Muerte out. Chessman in, Octagoncito rolls under him,  flips off him and gets him with a spinning armdrags and a slow spinning headscissors. Histeria in and missing a clothesline before running into a backbreaker. Crowd is deathly quiet or horribly miced. The picture is way dark too, but the announcers are the same volume as usual, so I don't think it's me.  Divina takes over on Histeria with a plancha. Corner whip, reversed, Divina climbs to the apron, waits for Histeria to stop reeling from hitting the corner, and comes in with a spinning armdrags. Divina spinning headscissors to send Histeria out. Long crowd shot, and Divina is just finishing off Muerte with a spinning headscissors into an armdrags into a spinning headscissors as they come back. Mini Chessman gets in chest shot and  yells at the crowd long enough get them to yell back. Mini Chessman slaps Divina to the outside, and Mini Charly comes into take his place. Chessman and Charly now he we have a situation. A situation they promptly clip out. 

Mini Histeria clothesline Mini Charly one and goes nuts. Whip, reversed, Histeria waved by, then slid out. Charly fakes the dive, and evades an attack from Muerte. Charly chants are the only thing getting a reaction. Charly hits Muerte, Muerte hits Charly harder. Whip, Charly back with a spinning headscissors. Charly teases dive, does not dive again. Exciting to watch a guy not dive. Mini Histeria wants a handshake from Divina. Divina thinking thinking punked out from behind. Divina gets press slammed into Chessman's upraised feet. Octagon in and slapping everyone until he gets slapped and stomped down. Double hiptoss, Histeria legdrop. Charly in, Chessman oblivious and posing in the corner. Chessman hasn't updated his face-paint, by the way. The other two double drop toe hold and double dropkick Mini Charly, Chessman ignoring it. Divina back in, and ends up getting the boost dropkick for the comeback. Superkick to Histeria. Corner slap. Corner whip, charge, no one's home, Histeria inside cradle one two no Charly makes a save. Quite a comeback, lasted all of one move. Mini Charly stays in and chops Histeria around. Mini Charly misses a clothesline, but powerslams him on the next pass one two CROWD SHOT. Yea, fine job hiding someone screwing up there. Muerte is in and working over Charly when they go back to the ring. Double underhook suplex, one two Octagoncito is in early, holds up, and then dropkicks Muerte at the right time. Slaps. Whip, Muerte tires a 'rana so Octagoncito can give him a running powerbomb. There is no reason. Mini Chessman breaks it up with no count. Pee Casa didn't really bother. Devil's Wings on Octagoncito, and Mini Chessman going up - top rope splash misses. Octagoncito off the ropes, double clothesline and both go down. Histeria and Charly cover, one two no. Charly superkicks Chessman out (so much for that) and Histeria chops Octagoncito out. Histeria and Charly have the big sequence, wait, no, they're just going to try and get chants for each other. Fine then. Charly off the ropes, slides under, Histeria off the ropes, slides out, and ducks down. Mini Charly just waits for him to stop ducking down, and gets him with a springboard plancha. Muerte and Divina come in, and again, they try to get the crowd chanting for one of them instead of actually fighting. I think you'd give up on the crowd making a noise at this point. Doesn't work anyway. Divina superkicks Muerte and takes him to the floor with a swinging headscissors. Muerte waits, and Divina gets him with a top rope moonsault. Octagoncito in with a springboard plancha on Mini Chessman. Nice spinning headscissors to send Mini Chessman out, and Octagoncito niftily uses the Tiger Mask fake spin to land on the apron - everyone needs to steal that spot, it's so much quicker/better than the slingshot over the ropes. Asai Tornillo! Captains back in again, counter, counter, Mini Histeria misses a right, Mini Charly Manson German suplexes him and doesn't really have his shoulder down all the way the whole time, one two three anyway. Slight reaction. Eight minutes! See you in two months.

Video Package: Torneo Antonio Pena, with Gato, Silver king, Aerostar, Escoria doing promos. Mesias's promos are recycled (though they always sound that way) and they use Elegido and Pirata talking about each other. Why do they have that totally botched moonsault landing shown in there? This is one of the modern AAA video package of random highlights with absolutely no narrative. Here's stuff they did, there's no context, a lot of it has nothing in particular to do with this match, but they are highlights.  

Match 2: Histeria vs Gato Eveready vs Extreme Tiger vs Pirata Morgan vs Aerostar vs Alebrije vs Elegido vs Mesias vs Psicosis II vs Scoria vs Silver King vs Crazy Boy vs Cuervo in the 2nd Torneo Antonio Pena
Estadio Beto Ávila, 10/24/08

Winner: Mesias
Match Time: 35:40
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes gets to be a referee. I think I did this all as one super long match last year, so that's what we'll do this year. Again, the darkness on this is so bad, they'd be better of fighting in a street alley. There might be a handy EXIT line to make it a bit brighter. 

In case you're wondering, this is indeed Histeria's first TV match in 3 months. His first move is to pose. Gato off the ropes, waved by, slides under, and standing there to taking a jumping side kick. Walking pose. Gato off the ropes, leaps to roll over Histeria's back before Histeria even bends down, waved by, spinning headscissors. Gato up and over, no, didn't do it well enough to get over, and Histeria lets him roll back down the way he came. Gato ducks a clothesline, waved by, hangs in the ropes, Histeria charges and throws himself out. Gato leaps to the apron, kicks at Histeria to keep him there, and knocks him over with a springboard tornillo. Pepe Casas is hanging outside the ring, because - uh, I don't know. Both back inside after replays, Gato waved by, tossed up, and down with a 'rana. One two no. Gato off the ropes, let's look at Pepe Casas, and miss Gato doing a five step cradle. Hey, look Piero is also here for no apparent reason. Gato's roll up got two, though I was sure that was the finish and they were going to miss it. Gato bump Histeria, off the ropes, charging into a tilt-a-whirl, Gato escapes onto his feet. Gato tells Histeria to catch him, and Histeria catches Gato on a standing plancha attempt. Fallaway slam variation. It doesn't matter. Histeria point to the crowd, thinks about moving Gato, doesn't, and does a quebrada onto Gato's lower body. Gato probably wishes he got moved into more comfortable position. One two three. That's Histeria's first win since June. 

Speaking of people going nowhere, Extreme Tiger is next out. He's still using the FdT music. Familia of One. Tiger slide in, and is immediately dropkicked. Histeria slaps Extreme Tiger in between yelling at the crowd. Crowd still is coming off really quiet. Tiger gets enough of an rest to throw a clothesline. It fails. Histeria grabs him in waistlock, German suplex, Tiger lands on his feet, and still gets flipped on a clothesline. Dropkick to the head for more. Histeria celebrates, perhaps having decided to live up his TV time as much as possible. Shot to the back, yell at the crowd. Whip, Tiger grabs the ropes, Histeria charge again, and Tiger boost him to the apron. Histeria's got to stop doing that. Tiger trips him onto his knees, then runs off the ropes and comes back with a dropkick to knock Histeria to the floor. That was a lot of work for something that was shot badly. Camera man might have hit someone and fell down there. Tiger waits for Histeria to get up on the outside. You'd think for a dive, but Tiger just lets Histeria back up on the apron before attacking. Chop is blocked, and Histeria jawbreakers him over the ropes. Histeria slingshot con giro in misses, Tiger off the ropes, and flapjacked. Histeria boots Tiger in the face as he tries to get up. Histeria looking tired, probably not going to last all 13 men at that pace. Layout reverse DDT. Cover, one two NO. Histeria drags Tiger in position, moonsault hits knees. See, don't aim for the lower body! Tiger takes his time positioning Histeria, as Histeria around being moved moved, spinebuster, and Tiger goes up. Top rope - low blow legdrop? Senton? Move that was shot from a horrible angle? Who can say. One two three.

Pirata Morgan looks like a man who wishes this set didn't have stairs. Knee issue aside, he's also got a face one after Tiger dives thru the ropes for a dropkick as Pirata gets close to the ring. Pirata tumbles around as Tiger goes back in the ring. Off the far, ropes, tope con giro comes nowhere near actually hitting Pirata, but he takes the charity bump instead. That's what Extreme Tiger bring to the table. Comically bad, and partially Pirata's fault for not actually trying. They show it from the opposite angle, just to make Tiger look wore, I guess. Both back in, Tiger working over Pirata with kicks and chops. Let's think about that. Let's stop. Pirata tied in the corner whips, Tiger backs up and does a flip off him, before adding a dropkick, over, one two foot on the ropes. Don't pin a guy two inches from a corner. Dos de Tres plug. Stomps, stomps. Tiger tries a running corner dropkick, but Pirata moves and Tiger racks him self. Pirata chokes him - to Hijo de Tirantes, this is a legal pin, and he actually starts counting. One (Tiger's shoulder is way up) two no. Can we change referees? I think Piero was trying to point out the obvious to Hijo de Tirantes there. Pirata grabs Tiger, powerbomb. One two no. Pirata lets Tiger up, Tiger charges him, and Pirata catches him in his sleeper. Nagata Lock, and that's the end of Tiger.   

Aerostar, in and springboard plancha. Why is Arturo singing Mary Had A Little Lamb? Headscissors sends Pirata out. Aero fires up, runs, no hands tope! Aero immediately waves off help. Hijo de Tirantes ain't screwing around with that countout. He's about at 17 just by the time they get to the replay. Both back in, Aerostar springboard vertical splash (no somersault, for the best), one two no. Why did Aerostar cut off his sleeves? Aerostar grabs Pirata, but Pirata reverses into an inverted atomic drop. Crowd thinks that looked like a foul to them. Pirata piefaces Aerostar, abut Hijo de Tirantes stops him and consults with the referees. Piero and Pepe Casas have different views, what a shock. Hijo de Tirantes teases a DQ but doesn't do it, what a shock. Chop, chop, Pirata's going to cover off a chop. One two no. A loss of a chop would not have been surprising for the Air Force. Sleeper, Nagata Lock, call it. Break.

Next in is Cuije, but I don't think that works, even in AAA. Alebrije is behind him, and to far behind him to stop Pirata from kicking Cuije down. Swinging kick to knock Alebrije off the apron and too the floor. More Cuije violence? The referees warn Pirata., but Pirata picks up Cuije by the belt. Big chop to the back., and Cuije takes a pratfall to the mat. Pirata grabs Cuije's legs - no, he's not. Yes he is - TAPATIA ON CUIJE! Pirata Morgan is awesome. No reaction from the crowd, they've got to never run this place again. Alebrije is sure slow getting up and in. Wait, why is Piero taking to Alebrije? If I didn't know any better, they're acting like Cuije really IS the next guy in this match and Alebrije must way on the outside. Pirata, bored, grabs Cuije by his belt and throws him around. Shot to the back. I wonder if Pirata is wondering where Alebrije is now. I guess the idea is Alebrije's very hurt by that kick. He crawls in the ring as Cuije is getting chopped but, Pirata boots him in the head (totally missed by the cameras.) Pirata tries a running boot on Cuije, but he's too short and too quick. Alebrije running clothesline, so he's back in this. One two no. Whip, Alebrije leapfrog (!), springboard reverse tope. No headbutts on the mat, though.  Alebrije is happy, then remembers to pin. one two no. Alebrije holds Pirata for a Cuije dropkick to the had. Cuije off the ropes, dropkick for Pirata gets Alebrije low. Pirata kicks Cuije over, and suplex Alebrije. Pirata grabs Cuije, and press slams him onto Alebrije. Pirata press both of them down. one two three. OWNED.

Elegido is in the ring without the long entrance, how odd. Pirata's clothesline misses, Elegido's does not. Elegido urgently tries to get the crowd to cheer, and works on it for a good twenty seconds. Punches. Crowd shot clip. Pirata whipped, back into a backdrop. Elegido waves his hand to the crowd as he does pretty much everything. One two no. Pirata is sat up, so Elegido can hand a spine kick. Pirata rolls out, Elegido runs out after him. Chest slaps. Lots and lots of chest slaps. Pirata turns the tables and posts Elegido. Back in, crowd shot, Pirata covers for two. Another crowd shot. I think Elegido fights out of Pirata's sleeper hold, but gets clotheslined anyway. Pirata covers. One two NO. Pirata off the ropes, running boot to the head. Both are pretty winded. Pirata sits on Elegido while grabbing the middle rope in the most blatant manner possible, one two all the refs suddenly notice. Both guys are exhausted. Pirata off the ropes (clip?), Elegido gets him with a crucifix cradle very very slowly. One two three.  Instant break.

Mesias runs to the ring, and is stomping down Elegido before Pirata even leaves. Punches. Lots and lots of punches, lots and lots of stomps. Back to the punches. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Elegido's mask is ripped up. Corner whip, Mesias spins before charging, so he misses. Elegido clothesline misses, Mesias punch, facebreaker. One two three.

Psicosis II stops to pose on the apron. He slide sin the ring under Mesias legs, but gets kicked around just the same. Punches. Psicosis thrown out, Mesias out after him to punch him more. Chops too. Back in. Clothesline. Corner whip, Psi flipped to the apron, Mesias fought off. Psi slowly to the top. but still landing the missile dropkick. Mesias knocked to the floor, Psicosis off the ropes and over - with a horrible tope. He barely made it, catching his midsection the way over. Both back in. Psicosis off the ropes, caught and face broken. one two three.  

Scoria is just going to keep entering tournaments until they prohibit him. His music seems to be played at double speed on the way to the ring. Mesias just stands there, and gets dropkicked, but isn't going down on that. Lots and lots of punches from Mesias but Mesias no-sells them. Double choke powerbomb. Chop, alls it take is one for Scoria to go down. scoria thrown out, so Mesias can walk around the ring brawling yet again. This time, Scoria's rammed into the barricade, because Mesias couldn't get the people to clear out of the way. So they just do it again, when the people do leave. CLIP. Scoria get thrown to the apron, fights Mesias off. Hey, this is familiar. Escoria up top, top rope tornillo connects. Running kick to the head. Scoria waits for Mesias to get up, which is dumb. Clothesline misses, Mesias knocks him down with one chop. Mesias poses. Scoop, running powerslam. Mesias refuses to cover. Loudly. Headbutts from his knees. Clip. Corner whip, Mesias charges in and eats boots. Scoria charge out, clothesline misses, facebreaker. One two three.   

Silver King comes in too fast to hear his music. Powerslam on Mesias, one two no. Silver King tries to get the crowd going, then tries to encourage Mesias to get up. Mesias is in no hurry to do that, and Hijo de Tirantes bizarrely blocks Silver King from stomping Mesias. Wouldn't want that in a wrestling match. Mesias is allowed to his feet. Kick, Wagner II gives him a painful looking Dragon screw. Again, Hijo de Tirantes and now Piero both stop Silver King from following up. This time, they're checking to see if Mesias is done. That looks ugly on the replay, so i can buy it, but unless they're going to stop the match, this is dumb. They eventually relent. Right hand, and out they go. Yes, three straight crowd brawling segments for Mesias. Mesias is thrown into the crowd. Clip. Silver King out with him, hitting him weakly with a chair. Piero encourages them to come back in, so Silver King hurries in to beat the count, and start a Mexico chant. Crowd shots, crowd shots. Back inside, Silver King and Mesias counter each other until Silver King lands a short clothesline. One two no. Scoop, slam. Going up? Crowd tells him to do one more. So Silver King is going up. Mesias crotches him before he can even get off the moonsault, and Silver King goes down grabbing his left knee. Up and limping. Mesias punches him. Whip, reversed, Mesias slides under, Silver king misses a clothesline, facebreaker. Gee, unique finishes here, one two three. 

Crazy Boy brings a chair, which makes it easier for Mesias later. Lots of chair jabs to him. Crazy off the ropes, and Mesias kicks the chair into his face. Mesias is looking tired. Axhandle to Crazy's face. Obvious talking as they're kneeled there. Crazy Boy smashed into the corner, and Mesias stands on top of him for a choke. Wait, is Crazy Boy the last guy? Incredible drama here. Powerbomb on Crazy Boy. Mesias off the ropes, spear. Cover? No, no, he's got to wait until someone misses a clothesline before he can pin. Mesias poses on the corner buckle instead. If this is supposed to a big feat of endurance, shouldn't he be acting like he's exhausted in non subtle ways. Whip, head don too soon, Crazy kicks it. Crazy off the ropes, his clothesline misses, Crazy waistlock, Mesias just reverses it, Crazy grabs the rope and elbows free. Springboard high kick connects, sorta. Crazy Boy gets his chair back and celebrate. jab to Mesias' back, which annoys Mesias more than anything. Whip,  into the corner, Mesias charges in with a knee but no one's home. Crazy scoops Mesias on his shoulder, and drops him in a DVD. Crazy grabs the chair and goes up again. Taking his time. Crazysault misses, shocking. Crazy's down and probably pin-able, but Mesias grabs the chair instead. Hijo de Tirantes tell shim not to, but it's not like he's going to actually DQ him. Crazy up slowly, looking, looking, taking a chairshot on his head. One more for the back. Mesias in no hurry. Chair shot to the back. Hijo de Tirantes get the chair and gets to fake the DQ. Mesias gives him the facebreaker to end that. One two three. So he gave him chair shots, and then his finisher. Couldn't just pin after the chair shots. 

Oh, we're not done. Cuervo is out, and it looks like Scoria is out with him. Mesias is slow up, and dropkicked down. Now Mesias is selling exhaustion. Despite three refs there, Scoria gets in a cheap shot from the outside. Cuervo tries to pull Mesias in the middle of the ring, but Mesias grabs the ropes. Hijo de Tirantes grabs Cuervo to break this up (why?) and misses Scoria get in more shots. Clip? Mesias is suddenly on the outside, and Hijo de Tirantes is stopping Cuervo from going out for whatever reason. Cuervo breaks free, not that he needs to do with Scoria getting in shots. Cuervo adds his own stomps after Scoria's saved away. Hey, brawling by the outside. Cuervo's directed to take it back to the ring, but tries to whip Mesias, and ends up in the crowd himself. CLIP. Cuervo's helped under the apron and back in. Mesias rolls in, but Scoria stomps him while the refs are dealing with Cuervo. Hijo de Tirantes sees it, teases a DQ, and the crowd clearly doesn't want it. This because, despite the announcers seemingly rooting for Mesias, the crowd still thinks he's a rudo. Cuervo covers, one, BIG KICKOUT. Cuervo argues the count. Hijo de Tirantes and they're are more concerned with ejecting Scoria. Scoria argue this with the announcers, and everyone misses a slow/bad headscissors hammerlock cradle by Cuervo on Mesias. Only gets two. Scoria doesn't really leave. Corner whip, Mesias gets his boot up, then gets his elbow up, then runs out into a sorta powerslam. Both down. Cuervo's as exhausted from this one match as Mesias is from many. Cuervo rolls on top of Mesias, one two no. Both down still. Mesias milks the count. Both up, and Cuervo winning the punching battle. Whip, clothesline misses, Mesias slide under  a leapfrog, punches by Mesias. Mesias off the ropes, Scoria trips him up. Maybe you should've ejected him, I don't know. Cuero misses a clothesline, and Mesa waves him by, sliding him out by the chest. Scoria in the ring, in front of everyone. Clothesline misses, back elbow misses, Mesias grabs him and presses him out of the ring. Scoria lands on the apron and then the floor. Kick for Cuervo as he comes back in, powerbomb throw. Mesias going out and up for no good reason. Cuervo cuts him off with punch. Both set their feet for a while. Top rope urange? Impossible to tell from the angle they give. One two three. Moderate clapping.

Prez Roldan arrives, talks, and is about to give him his trophy when Charly Manson shows up. Charly still has a cane and very carefully steps down the steps, so he can't really be that close at this point. Piero helps him walk to the ring, and they must discuss what a dead sounding Crowd. Charly congratulates Mesias for winning and hands over the trophy, which Mesias snatches from him. Chessman's music plays, and he points at the ring. Charly, and the announcers, are trying to figure out who exactly he's pointing at. One would assume the guy he's been fighting for months, but Charly isn't sure. Chessman leaves, Charly warps up his congrats and leaves, and Mesias poses with the trophy.  

Noti AAA
- Latin Lover is back, to fight Konnan
- X-Pac continues his surprises. 

That's it.

Vignette: Jack Evans is trying the wacky smoking machine, when he's interrupted by a sneaking X-Pac. Jack warns him that the Legion guys aren't here, but they'll back soon, but X-Pac' just here to warn Jack - he's been around long enough to see what happens to people who follow Konnan, and it's never good. X-Pac doesn't have a problem with Teddy, just his dumb girl. Jack reminds X-Pac that the Legion is taking over, just like Konnan promised. X-Pac: "If Konnan gets control of this place, you don't want to know what's going to happen. You seen what happened when Hitler got absolute power, right?" Which commenter wrote the dialogue here? X-Pac just doesn't want to see Jack caught up with what's going to happen. next. X-Pac checks out before he's caught - though he stops to get a smoke from the smoker. Jack thinks he needs to talk to Teddy. Much like Zorro last week, that means we never see the conversation happen.

In Ring: Prez Rodlan talks about Antonio Pena, with a bunch of AAA wrestlers in the ring. No top guys beside Parka, of course. Moment of applause. 

Backstage: Konnan interrupts to point out he's still go the urn. Electro is there to act it out for the hearing impaired. Oh, they're in the production truck. Why are the tag belts hanging over the ring for this? They could only hang them up once?  

Match 3: Rellik, Konnan, Kenzo Suzuki, Electroshock vs Latin Lover, Super Fly, Octagon, La Parka Jr. in a cage match for control of AAA
Estadio Beto Ávila, 10/24/08

Winner: Legion
Match Time: 14:39
Other Match Notes: Entrances. Electro gets the crowd to chant for him and poses next to a sign of himself. Rellik is introduced as a surprise, but before Konnan. Konnan is in his Ric Flair robe, and has Jack and Teddy with him. And oh, and Sergio Meyer. Super Fly might as well rip up his mask himself, save some time. He goes into the cage with all four rudos waiting for him, so he's brave or not paying attention. Latin enters before Parka, for what it's worth. Latin and Sergio have a moment before Tirantes gets in between them. Prez. Roldan, Silver King, Elegido and Alan Stone walks to ringside behind Parka. Break. The universe fails to implode despite Alan, Elegido and Latin being in the same spot at the same time. (OTOH, Elegido didn't get to dance.) Tirantes is officials referee.

Fighting brings immediately. Lighting takes a while longer. Tecnico get control of the brawl. CLIP. Rudos are suddenly in control. They're using spot lights to light the cage, which means it doesn't work well at all. The tecnicos and the rudos on the side argue a bit. Lights finally start to come back on, about 2 minutes in. Tirantes bends Latin's hand around apart of the cage, from the outside. Who picked him as referee for this one? Super Fly nearly gets a move on Electro, but Electro reveres a the spinning headscissors into a face first powerbomb. Parka gets Electro with a clothesline, Rellik gets Park with a kick, Octagon gets Rellik with lots of punches. Kenzo gets Octagon with a chop. Kenzo gets Latin with some chops, but Latin still superkicks him down. Konnan clotheslines Latin and, oh my god, Super Fly actually connected on a misled dropkick! Super Fly was promptly dropkicked, but it was a good second and a half while lit lasted. This is all brawling when people don't move out of the way, so it's a lot of brawling. Roldan argues with Sergio Mayer on the outside. Jack Evans looks like he stole Gato Eveready's jacket. Rudos dominate in the ring, except with Octagon feels like doing some spots. Octagon climbs out first. That can only help. (Octagon pretty much vanishes, collecting a main event pay check for five minutes of screen time.)  

Clipping in here. Parka is held down on the mat, and Kenzo goes to the top rope. Kenzo tells them to hold there - and then climbs out and leaves. Why would you do that in this match? You don't lose your hair if you stay, you only lose if your team loses. Kenzo may be a goofball, I don't know. 

Teddy throws a chair over the cage to Konnan, except he has horrible aim and it hits Rellik in the back of the head, then Latin Lover on the bounce. Teddy Hart is a dangerous man. Replay - Rellik had no idea he was being hit by a chair. Elector does get to kill Super Fly with chair shots, so things are going fine for him. Latin gets a comeback on Konnan and Rellik. Elector could help, but hammers Super Fly with a chair instead. That man has his priorities. With no one left to stop him, Latin climbs out. 

Parka puts Konnan in the world's worst chinlock. Super Fly may be bleeding. His mask is ripped, that's for sure. One more chair shot to the head, this time from Konnan. That'll help his promos. Electro powerbombs him. And again, in between the guys on the outside making noises at each other. Again? They're more interesting in showing the arguing on the outside than the match, so who can say. Electro climbs up top, and out.      

More arguing on the outside as Konnan gives Super Fly a chair shot. Can't let the work Electro did go to waste. We're down to Konnan and Rellik vs Parka and Super Fly, and the tecnicos are looking lifeless. Rellik and Konnan take turns stomping Parka. Latin Lover is on the cage - and he's going back in. 

While the rudos continue to work over Parka, Latin rushes to Super Fly, and tries to encourage him to get up and get out. Super Fly gets to his knees, and collapses. Latin decides to go on the offense, superkicking both rudos. Super Fly gets back up, and slowly climbs up. Latin comes over and help Fly get his legs over.

Latin should probably stop watching him and start doing something. Oops, too late, he got speared. Not that they can bother showing it. Parka goes back to his chinlock on Konnan, as Octagon accidentally blocks the camera shot. (Earning that money!) Rellik breaks that up. Whip, shoulderblock. Running boot to the head. Is Rellik leaving? Rellik is leaving. Konnan is bleeding from something in here. Rellik climbs out quick. Break

Numbers favorite the tecnicos and Konnan is bleeding. Parka and Latin take turns kicking him around. Crowd as into as they've been into anything tonight, but that's still a quite reaction compared to most nights. Latin and Parka debate who needs to go and who well stay. They come out with the brilliant idea of both leaving, and Konnan has his own tough choice of who to stop and who to let go. Konnan grabs Latin and pulls him down - by the trunks, of course, so there's some blurring going on - and Parka is free.

Both guys wave to the crowd for support, which is not what you'd expect they need to do this point. They fight for about 3 seconds before we get clips. Konnan is down, Latin is climbing, and someone hits Latin with a shot from the outside. Guess it's Electro, from the way he celebrates it. Then again, he's celebrating much. Latin grabs hi hands, but stomps on Konnan's. Hard chair shot to Konnan's head, and the crowd thinks they're about to get an AAA win. Latin walks around the cage instead of just climbing, then slips on the ropes. Konnan hits in the back before he can climbs up any. Tired chair shots to the back for Latin. Konnan spends his time taking, and Latin superkicks the chair into his face. Latin is fire dup, and climbing up. Latin climbs up to the top rope, poses, and Sergio  Mayer climbs the other side to meet him. (Tirantes climbs with him, to help Sergio's balance.) Sergio throws a drink in on Latin, and Latin falls in. Konnan fouls Latin, and climbs the cage. Konnan gets killed with drinks as he climbs over but that's it. Konnan wins.

Roldan doesn't look like someone who just lost his company, but someone who just realized got a room service bill. Electro carries Konnan off on his shoulders, but he prefers to be back on his feet to pose/collapse.

Cibernetico's music plays. For some reason, Sergio tries to slip pass the tecnicos and get to the back, but they catch on and beat him greatly. I think that's where Sergio hurt his knee, making it doubly stupid. Kenzo has to rush over to make the save. I think this is where Sergio hurts his knee. Both side end up brawling, as Cibernetico's music continues to play with no Cibernetico apparent.  Oh, there he is. Just as confused as everyone else, because he's supposed to be out here talking while everyone is standing around, except they're still fighting for a moment. When they stop, Cibernetico gets to do his promo. Konnan may be in charge of AAA, but Cibernetico's contract is with the Roldan family, so he's no long part of AAA, and he's no longer champ. Ciber quickly gives up the belt and leaves.

Five second cut to X-Pac: "and so it begins." Thanks for that. Konnan takes a bow. Replays, and we're done here.